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Turn Cardboard Waste Into Eco-Friendly Packaging Material

Hsm-Profipack-425-cardboard-converterDoes your company have high volumes of scrap cardboard? Then a industrial cardboard shredder is a great solution to repurpose and recycle this cardboard waste. A cardboard shredder is sort of a paper shredder for your cardboard waste. With this machine you turn regular cardboard into high quality packaging material. This is how it works.

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The shredder perforates or shreds old cardboard plates or boxes and converts it into flexible, soft and cushioning packaging material, this can be carton netting, strips or chips. With this shock absorbing and flexible material you can protect and safely ship heavy or fragile goods.

Recycle and reuse cardboard scrap as free packaging material.

Cardboard is a high quality packaging material and more environmentally friendly than plastic, such as plastic bubble wrap or packaging peanuts. So when your business uses a lot of packaging material for shipping products and you also have lots of cardboard waste, then a cardboard shredder is an ideal solution to reduce costs on packaging material and on waste collection of your scrap cardboard.

Change cardboard waste into eco-friendly packaging material.

These cardboard shredders meet de following requirements

  • Price range: $2,000 – $10,000
  • Capacity: 1-3 layers a time
  • Speed: minimum of 26 ft/min
  • Feed width: minimum of 16,3 inches

#1 | HSM ProfiPack 425


The HSM ProfiPack 425 perforates used cardboard into sustainable packaging material. You can shred any size of cardboard, because the HSM will cut off excess cardboard while the machine perforates the material.

  • Type: Cardboard perforator
  • Capacity: 2-3 layers (3/4″)
  • Speed: 39.37 ft/min
  • Feed width: 16.73 in

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#2 | HSM ProfiPack 400


The HSM ProfiPack 400 is a relatively compact sized cardboard shredder that fits on any tabletop. Recycle and re-purpose all your cardboard waste into packaging material.

  • Type: Cardboard perforator
  • Capacity: 1 layer (3/8″)
  • Speed: 26.18 ft/min
  • Feed width: 16.34 in

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#3 | Intimus PacMaster S 220


The Intimus PacMaster S 220 turns your cardboard waste, such as boxes, into robust packaging material. This cardboard shredder is able to shred high volumes of cardboard waste. You can easily move the PacMaster around thanks to the heavy-duty castors.

  • Type: Cardboard perforator
  • Capacity: 2-3 layers
  • Speed: 35.4 ft/min
  • Feed width: 16.73 in
  • Official spec sheet

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#4 | HSM ProfiPack P425


The HSM ProfiPack P425 is a powerful cardboard perforator which can shred multiple layers of cardboard per pass. The perforated netting can be used as eco-friendly packaging material. The machine can be easily moved because of the heavy-duty castors.

  • Type: Cardboard perforator
  • Capacity: 2-3 layers (3/4″)
  • Speed: 43.31 ft/min
  • Feed width: 16.73 in
  • Official spec sheet

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#5 | HSM ProfiPack C400


The HSM ProfiPack C400 is a compact and stylish cardboard perforator for shredding cardboard waste into packaging material. The ProfiPack C400 has a 1.6 horsepower motor which can shred 31.5 feet of cardboard per minute. With its weight of 46 lb it is fairly easy to move the machine.

  • Type: Cardboard perforator
  • Capacity: 1 layer (3/8″)
  • Speed: 31.5 ft/min
  • Feed width: 16.34 in
  • Official spec sheet

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#6 | AABES Cushion Pack CP316 Series 2i+


The AABES Cushion Pack CP316 is a industrial cardboard shredder for perforating corrugated cardboard into soft packaging material. With this machine you can recycle your own cardboard waste. The shredder can produce small cardboard strips and flat matting.

  • Type: Cardboard shredder + perforator
  • Capacity: 1 layer
  • Speed: 26 ft/min
  • Feed width: 12.6 in
  • Official spec sheet

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#7 | Edward 400 Net


The Edward 400 Net is a heavy-duty cardboard shredder for industrial use. With this cardboard perforator you can produce cardboard netting to use as packaging material. The motor has 3HP.

  • Type: Cardboard perforator
  • Capacity: /
  • Speed: 46 ft/min
  • Feed width: 15.75 in

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#8 | AABES Cushion Pack CP430 Series 2+


AABES CP430 Series 2+ is a high capacity cardboard shredder. The Cushion Pack is a rugged and easy to operate cardboard packaging shredder that turns cardboard waste into flexible eco-friendly packaging.

  • Type: Cardboard perforator
  • Capacity: 2-3 layers
  • Speed: 52 ft/min
  • Feed width: 16.5 in
  • Official spec sheet

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#9 | Edward 400 Chips


The Edward 400 Chips is a heavy-duty cardboard shredder for industrial use. With this cardboard shredder you can produce cardboard chips to use as packaging material. The motor has 3HP.

  • Type: Cardboard shredder
  • Capacity: /
  • Speed: 46 ft/min
  • Feed width: 15.75 in

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#10 | Edward 500 Strips


The Edward 400 Chips is a heavy-duty cardboard shredder for industrial use. With this cardboard shredder you can produce cardboard strips to use as packaging material. The motor has 4HP.

  • Type: Cardboard shredder
  • Capacity: /
  • Speed: 46 ft/min
  • Feed width: 19.68 in

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Do you want to compare and review the cardboard shredders and perforator together with your colleagues? Then download the PDF document (right click and save) which contains a convenient comparison table with an overview of top 10 recommended paper shredders.

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More about cardboard shredders and perforators

What is a cardboard shredder?

A cardboard shredder is a commercial or industrial heavy-duty machine which lets you recycle and repurpose your own cardboard waste. Don’t confuse it with a paper shredder for cardboard because these are completely different machines. A cardboard shredder, perforator or converter isn’t meant to shred cardboard for confidential reasons. The purpose of a regular paper shredder is to destroy confidential documents into unreadable particles or confetti to protect people’s privacy for instance. But the purpose of a cardboard shredder is to make your own packing and void fill material.

Reuse your cardboard waste.

Use cardboard chips instead of plastic peanuts.

See how a cardboard shredder works

This video from HSM shows how you use a cardboard shredder and what you can do with the shredded material. The model that is used in the video is the HSM ProfiPack C400 cardboard perforator, a compact but powerful cardboard shredder.

Why use a cardboard shredder?

A cardboard converter produces cardboard matting from your cardboard scrap, for instance from cardboard boxes. But some cardboard box shredders can also produce chips and strips besides netting. So you can repurpose your cardboard waste, which is environmentally friendly. With a cardboard shredding machine you can quickly make your own void fill material to protect products in transit.

Shred cardboard into chips to use as void fill.

Besides packaging material you can also use the shredded cardboard for composting or animal bedding.

Did you know that 77% of all cardboard is recycled.

Cardboard shredder or cardboard perforator?

You can choose between a cardboard shredder or a cardboard perforator. Briefly the difference is that a cardboard shredder turns cardboard into small strips or chips. And a cardboard perforator perforates a sheet of cardboard into a netting. There are cardboard shredders available which can also perforate. But more often the cardobard machine can either shred or perforate. So you need to find out which type of cardboard processor suits your needs.

Both machines repurpose cardboard waste into packaging material. But the question is, do you need void fill material or netting as a flexible, cushioning shock abosrber?

Cardboard shredders thumb-cardboard-chips

A cardboard shredder produces (long) strips or (small) chips from your cardboard waste, this machines shreds or cuts the cardboard. The strips are long and the chips are great to use as void fill and can replace plastic packing peanuts.

  • Shreds cardboard into strips, confetti or chips.
  • Use it as void fill material for packing and protecting products in boxes.
  • It avoids the reuse of cardboard boxes for confidential reasons.

Tritacartoni (also known as Klindex) is a manufacturer which produces all kinds of cardboard shredders under the name of Edward, such as cardboard chips shredders and strip shredders.

Cardboard perforators thumb-cardboard-netting

A cardboard perforator produces cardboard matting from your cardboard scrap. This machine doesn’t shred but perforates the carton. Use the netting at the bottom of a box to protect the goods or roll the product into the elastic matting.

  • Perforates cardboard into elastic matting, mesh netting.
  • Use it as shock absorber for packing and protecting products in boxes.
  • Very flexible and cushioning material.

Different sizes and models

Both a cardboard shredder and perforator come in different sizes and models. You can get a small, compact and portable tabletop shredder for small business use. Or you can get a perforator with castors for easy mobility. For heavy duty usage there are large industrial cardboard shredders and perforators for processing high volumes of cardboard waste into packaging material. These machines can process multiple layers of cardboard and contain long lasting steel blades and special gears for heavy duty cycles.

How does it work?

So how does a cardboard shredder work and is it difficult to operate the machine? Both cardboard shredders and perforators are very easy to use and user-friendly. Besides that the machines are safe to use. This is how easy it is to operate:

  1. Turn the machine on by switching the on/off switch.
  2. Grab a piece of cardboard and shred or perforate the cardboard.
  3. That’s it.
Front and rear of the HSM ProfiPack C400.

How does a cardboard shredder work?

A cardboard shredder operates a bit like a paper shredder. The machine cuts the cardboard material in tiny chips or long strips, it depends on the type of shredder. You insert a piece of cardboard into the opening of the shredder and the machines shreds the cardboard in square shaped chips. These chips fall into a plastic bag so you can use the chips as void fill material to protect products and goods in cardboard boxes. The excess cardboard is trimmed off which you can shred again.

Video: Edward 700 Chips

Video: MD320SW Strips

How does a cardboard perforator work?

The machine uses a heavy-duty cutting press, so the cardboard isn’t shredded but perforated. The result after perforating is a honeycomb like structure in the corrugated board. The structure gives the cardboard flexible properties, which makes the cardboard more shock absorbing, stretchable and gives the corrugated board extra volume. This makes the cardboard suitable to fill in “the void” between the cardboard box and your product. The eco-friendly and sustainable packing material is perfect to protect your products that you want to ship. You can perforate a sheet of cardboard in one pass and excess cardboard is trimmed off automatically when a piece of carton is wider than the opening.

Video: HSM ProfiPack Nets

Video: Edward 700 Nets

What to do with staples?

It is recommended to remove staples to prevent the wear on the cutting heads. It is also better to remove staples and other sharp metals, because you use the shredded cardboard as packaging material. The metals can scratch the product you want to ship.

What can you shred or perforate?

Cardboard shredder machines can shred any kind of cardboard. The only requirement is that the cardboard is flat, such as flattened cardboard boxes, sheets and paperboard. Thick cardboard rolls can’t be processed by these machines. Also kraft paper can’t be shredded or perforated because the material is too thin.

You can shred or perforate:

  • Cardboard boxes (brown and colored cardboard)
  • Cardboard sheets and plates
  • Corrugated cardboard (single and double wall cardboard)
  • Paperboard, chipboard or fiberboard (gray cardboard)
Corrugated cardboard and grey paperboard.

Why reuse cardboard as packaging material?

When reusing cardboard as packaging material you extent the additional value of cardboard. This is how:

  • Sustainable packing material – Cardboard is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable material than plastic. So you really protect the environment when you use cardboard as void fill material instead of plastic packaging material such as bubble wrap, EPS packing peanuts, styrofoam blocks and sheets or foam wrap.
  • Reduce packaging costs – Besides the sustainable aspect it is also economically more attractive to recycle your cardboard waste into free packaging material, since you need to buy less or no more packaging material. You save on cardboard disposal costs, since you have less cardboard to collect by your local waste hauler. Read more about reducing shipping filler costs.
  • High quality material – Cardboard is also a fantastic shock absorber and very flexible. So it is a great packaging material to protect heavy or fragile products that you want to ship safely.

Did you know that paper fibers can be recycled around 7 times before it loses it’s robust qualities?

Box full of plastic packaging material.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros of a cardboard shredder:

  • Very easy to operate.
  • Re-purpose your own cardboard waste.
  • Reduce costs on packaging material.
  • Reduce costs of cardboard waste collections.
  • Save money and save the environment.
  • Powerful motors for continuous shredding.
  • Cardboard is a fantastic packaging material.
  • The machine pays for itself because of free packaging material.
  • Feed cardboard without cool down time, it can run continuously.

A great way to reuse cardboard waste.

Cons of a cardboard shredder:

  • The machines create dust while shredding.
  • Most cardboard shredders can only produce netting.
  • The cardboard shredding machines are heavy.
  • Expensive machines.

Recommended for dispatching and warehouses

For who is a cardboard shredder? These shredding machines are used for industrial businesses or departments in the logistics sector with large stocks of cardboard waste, plates and boxes. Such as manufacturing facilities, recycling plants, warehouses, shipping departments, distribution centers. But a carton shredder can also be used for offices that receives and sends a lot of packages, such as e-commerce shops with a shipping departments where a lot of cardboard typically gets discarded.

Plastic peanuts or cardboard chips?

We recommend these machines when you have lots of scrap cardboard and can use the shredded or perforated material as packaging or void fill.

Can you use a cardboard shredder at home?

Typically a corrugated shredder or perforator is used for industrial or commercial use only. But for home use you can opt for the smaller cardboard shredder models. Such as tabletop cardboard shredders which are relatively compact.

Buying a Cardboard Perforator Checklist

Easily measure the width of the cardboard.

Tools, supplies and accessories

  • For cardboard shredders and perforators you can attach an optional vacuum kit to collect the dust. Some manufactures sell a complete kit with vacuum, while others only ships an attachment to connect it with an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner.

What is the cost of a cardboard shredder?

Prices start around $2,000 and go up to $10,000. The price mainly depends on the size and capacity of the cardboard perforator or sherdder. It is a pretty large investment but you will lower the cost of packaging material and waste collection of cardboard scrap. So the machine pays for itself in the long run.

Manufacturers and suppliers

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