The Salon Center finds a way to reduce packaging costs

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The Salon Center finds a way to reduce packaging costs


“We choose the HSM ProfiPack P425 and it is perfect for our needs. With that being said, it helps us to save costs of cardboard waste hauling and packaging costs. In addition, it allows us to re-purpose our own cardboard waste. “
– Tom Stewart | The Salon Center

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Produce Free And Sustainable Packaging Material

The Salon Center is located in Pelham, Alabama and is a family owned business. They provide hair and beauty supplies for the southeast and deliver exciting new brands, unparalleled education, great customer service and caring and more.

Testimonial - The Salon Center

Tom from The Salon Center was looking for a good solution to reduce all the cost but also to manage the cardboard waste, because they spend $2,200 on packing materials every month. Therefore, Tom did research on our website and including he reached out to us with the following request:

“The Salon Center is currently using 24×32″ newsprint sheets for all our packing needs. We ship hair products to salons and therefore could use something that would go between the products. The largest size box we use is 18 x 12 x 12 inch, 50 lbs. or less.”

How Did The Buying Process Go? 

Tom rated the overall buying process of the cardboard shredder with a 9 out of 10.

In cooperation with our trusted experts from HSM, The Salon Center made a decision and purchased the HSM ProfiPack P425. This cardboard shredder is portable and converts cardboard waste into sustainable netting packing material.

“The buying process from the first contact to our purchase was super easy. All the questions that we have were answered before the purchase was made. The experts sent us samples as well, where we can look at. By the end, we chose the ProfiPack P425 and it is perfect for our needs.”

The Salon Center also mentioned that they were expecting to earn back their investment on the cardboard shredder within 1-6 months. And indeed, the product has paid for itself in less than 6 months.

What To Consider When Buying A Cardboard Shredder?

We asked Tom what he would recommend to other companies that are considering a cardboard shredder.

“I highly recommend to look into the machine’s reliability and warranty. Of course, cost savings should also be considered.”

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Thank you

We want to thank Tom of The Salon Center for sharing his experience. With the use of a cardboard shredder, they reduce the cost of their packaging materials and reduce the amount of cardboard waste. On behalf of the team, congratulations on the cardboard shredder!

The Salon Center
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Ste A, Pelham, AL 35124