Waterlox Coatings Corporation finds a way to reduce waste hauling costs

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Waterlox Coatings Corporation finds a way to reduce waste hauling costs


“We purchased the HSM ProfiPack P425 via Recycling.com. We receive a lot of raw materials in cardboard boxes and I’d rather turn that cardboard into packing material.”
– Conor Hawkins | Waterlox Coatings Corporation

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Transforming old cardboard boxes into environmentally friendly packing material

Waterlox Coatings Corporation is a family-owned company since 1910 and is located in Cleveland, OH. The company is a small coatings manufacturer, that ships direct to customers. They sell such as wood finishes or tung oil sealer.

Waterlox Company - testimonial

Conor told us that the company is looking for a solution to re-purpose their cardboard waste. Next to that, they want to reduce their costs on cardboard waste hauling as well. 

“Hence, we receive a lot of raw materials in cardboard boxes that we break down and have recycled in a dumpster. We typically use shredded paper from old records as void fill and packaging material, but continual automation and use of computers as well as increases in orders have cut down on our yearly shreds production.” 

The buying process and solution approach

With his needs and request on Recycling.com, we send him a good comprehensive list of vendors and options. After consideration and consulting, Conor has chosen the HSM ProfiPack P425 cardboard shredder.

“The buying process went very smoothly and simply. We’ve received prompt responses from vendors, which makes our decision very easy. We chose the P425 (single-phase) because of the lowest cost. ”

The entire purchase process was rated with an 8 out of 10.

Testimonial Waterlox - P425

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HSM ProfiPack C400 in practical use

The ProfiPack P425 transforms multi-layers of discarded cardboard into padding mats or padding filling materials.

“The ProfiPack P425 meets 100% of my expectations and it is excellent. So far, we have spent ~ $100 a month on packaging material. With the cardboard shredder, we want to earn back our investment on the P425 within two years or more.”  said Conor.

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Testimonial Waterlox - packing material

What to consider when buying a cardboard shredder?

“ In my opinion, you should take the cost and throughput into account when buying a cardboard shredder for your company. “

At first glance, the cost of the cardboard shredder looks like a high investment, but it pays off over time. You can save money on buying packaging materials because the cardboard shredder turns old cardboard boxes into free environmentally friendly packaging materials .

Thank you

We want to thank Conor Hawkins from Waterlox Coatings Corporation for sharing the experience. With the use of a cardboard shredder, they re-purpose their cardboard waste as save space as well. On behalf of the Recycling.com team, congratulations on the cardboard shredder!

Waterlox Coatings Corporation
9808 Meech Ave
Cleveland,OH 44105