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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


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Circular By Nature

Recycling.com wants to inspire, share knowledge and stimulate recycling to preserve nature. In our family company that is founded in 1938 we have a long experience in closing natural cycles. In the Netherlands Nijssen Fourages is closing the loop in agricultural cycles since 1938 and Nijssen Recycling is closing the loop in paper recycling since 1963.

The goal of Zero Waste means that we have to use more natural resources that are biodegradable by nature itself. Because not 100% of what we consume will be collected and recycled. In order to live in balance with nature we have to reduce the use of indestructible synthetic resources. And find ways to collect and recycle all of it after consumption. Nature can’t digest plastics. We have to take care of it ourselves.

Our logo expresses that the future of our blue planet is in our own hands. We want to provide the visitors of our website with the tools for immediate action. Inspiring Zero Waste bloggers bring ideas for a waste free life at home. We give you advice on the best tools to make and keep recycling fun and easy to do.


Circular by Nature

Until 1950 our history was biobased and we were in balance with nature. To restore our balance with nature our future has to become biobased again. It’s time to stop single-use plastics, to reduce the use of fossils and close the loops for the rest.

Möbius loop – Circular by Nature

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By Recycling.com/ 12 January 2019 Shares