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Vertical Cardboard Baler

Compress Cardboard Waste into Compact and Recyclable Bales
Updated on Nov 3, 2022 | Authors: Pim Brouwer & Brent Nijssen

A vertical downstroke baler compresses voluminous cardboard, paper or plastic waste into compact bales. By compressing cardboard waste, you reduce the volume of the material. This saves up floor space and reduces the cost of waste collection. A baler reduces costs, it saves CO2 and the recyclable bales can generate an income.

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Vertical balers are also known as downstroke balers. Check our vertical baler buying guide for more information on these machines.

Light-Duty Balers for Cardboard

light-duty-vertical-cardboard-balerLight-duty vertical balers are relatively compact and affordable machines for compressing cardboard waste in an economical way. These low-volume cardboard baling presses are ideal for creating free space in restaurants, hotels, gas stations, offices, print, and packaging or smaller stores because of their small footprint.

The smallest-size vertical balers are a perfect solution for when your business is outgrowing your standard recycling bin, dumpster, or container for cardboard waste.

A light-duty baling machine is also perfect when you have a low volume of daily cardboard waste or when there is a smaller budget available to invest in this machine.


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HSM V-Press 610

Compress cardboard on a minimal floor space



  • Bale weight: Up to 220 lbs
  • Press force: 24,000 lbs
  • Motor: 5.1 HP
  • Baler weight: 1190.49 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 47.17 x 32.4 x 78.19 inches

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The HSM V-Press 610 is a compact, but powerful baler with more than 5 HP of pressing power. This 480 V baler helps to reduce the volume of cardboard, mixed paper, or foils in an economical way. Fill the chamber with cardboard or plastic waste and the machine starts the pressing process after the door is closed with the handwheel door lock.

The keypad with text display shows the current status of the baling process. The cardboard bales are strapped with three polyester strapping tapes and can be ejected automatically onto a pallet for easy transport.

More information:

Official product sheet

Bramidan Baler B4

Efficient, powerful and small footprint baler



  • Bale weight: Up to 130 lbs
  • Press force: 8,800 lbs
  • Motor: 1.0 HP
  • Baler weight: 661 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 38.5 x 28 x 78 inches

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The Bramidan Baler B4 is a ‘mini’ downstroke cardboard baler with high press force and a small footprint. It has a very low noise level of less than 60 dB. The baling machine has a small base area and is easy and convenient to operate.

The baler automatically ejects the cardboard bale when compression of the cardboard waste is ready. You can also use the Bramidan Baler B4 for plastic foil and paper waste.

More information:

Official product sheet

Medium-Duty Balers for Cardboard

medium-duty-vertical-cardboard-balerMedium-duty vertical balers compress cardboard into bales that fit on standard US pallets or EUR pallets, for easy transportation. These medium-volume cardboard baling presses are ideal for big-box stores, retail shops, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, factories, wholesalers, food producers, and distribution centers.

A medium-duty baling machine has a wider opening than a light-duty baler and thus is able to compress large and bulky cardboard boxes without the need to break them down first. These powerful machines are available in single-phase and three-phase power.


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HSM V-Press 820

Large baler with a small footprint



  • Bale weight: Up to 550 lbs
  • Press force: 36,000 lbs
  • Motor: 6.44 HP
  • Baler weight: 2,866 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 66.9 x 42.3 x 98.3 inches

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The HSM V-Press 820 is a vertical baler machine for compacting medium to large volumes of cardboard waste, it is also suitable for film. The cardboard baler produces around 2-5 cardboard bales per hour. You can load your cardboard boxes and sheets into the machine by folding them down the upper half of the door. When folded down, the door functions as a table for convenient storing and filling the machine with cardboard waste.

The massive press ram, robust press plate, and solid steel cutting rollers offer high pressing power, so your cardboard is compressed into a compact bale. It ensures a volume reduction of up to 95 %.

More information:

Official product sheet

Bramidan Baler B20

Suitable baler for many industries



  • Bale weight: Up to 550 lbs
  • Press force: 44,100 lbs
  • Motor: 5.5 HP
  • Baler weight: 2,750 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 70 x 41 x 109 inches

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The Bramidan Baler B20 is a powerful and versatile baler for cardboard waste, plastic foil, and waste paper. The finished bales are optimal in size, so they fit on standard EU or US pallets for easy transportation.

The B20 has a pleasant low noise level of under 62 dB, has a short press cycle, and is easy to operate. The volume of cardboard is reduced a lot, because of the high compression ratio.

More information:

Official product sheet

Heavy-Duty Balers for Cardboard


Heavy-duty vertical balers are powerful machines to compress bulky, voluminous cardboard waste into easy-to-transport bales. These high-capacity cardboard baling presses are ideal for warehouses, wholesalers, manufacturers, large distribution or fulfillment centers, large hotels, retail stores, supermarkets, and recyclers.

A heavy-duty baler can reduce the volume of cardboard up to 10:1. This makes it an economical and efficient alternative to a regular waste dumpster.

A vertical downstroke cardboard baler requires less space, it reduces the volume of your waste, the bailer saves up time, and it reduces the cost of your current waste collection and dumpster rental.

Are you looking for a high-production cardboard baler for baling lots of cardboard waste? Then we recommend a horizontal baler, this is a larger compactor machine. We also recommend compact horizontal baling machines.


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HSM V-Press 860 Plus B

Powerful baler for making 1,200 lbs bales



  • Bale weight: Up to 1,213 lbs
  • Press force: 120,000 lbs
  • Motor: 6.44 HP
  • Baler weight: 5,317 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 82.13 x 61.69 x 117.72 inches

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The HSM V-Press 860 Plus B belongs to the top model from HSM in the V-Press series. This powerful recycling baling machine generates 60 tons of pressing power and produces compact bales with a weight of around 1,200 lbs per bale. The baler is suitable for compressing cardboard waste as well as plastic film or foil. These bales are ready to be marketed without requiring any further pressing.

When a cardboard bale is ready, it is ejected automatically onto a standard EU or US pallet for transport. The high-capacity press chamber can hold high volumes of (bulky) cardboard packaging waste, so it is perfect for large warehouses, manufacturers, and large retailers.

More information:

Official product sheet

Bramidan Baler X50 HD

High-quality baler for compacting heavy-duty materials



  • Bale weight: Up to 1,000 lbs
  • Press force: 110,000 lbs
  • Motor: 7.5 HP
  • Baler weight: 5,370 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 82,5 x 77.5 x 100 inches

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The Bramidan Baler X50 HD is a powerful compactor for producing heavy cardboard bales of up to 1,000 lbs. This durable, high-quality and heavy-duty baler compacts your waste materials quickly and efficiently. Besides cardboard, you can compress aluminum, tin cans, hard plastics, foil, and waste paper.

This large baler is safe to use via an electrical control panel, all moving parts are located inside of the baler. A perfect sustainable solution for compressing high volumes of waste.

More information:

Official product sheet

Table of contents:

What is a downstroke cardboard baler?

An industrial cardboard baling machine is a crusher or compressor for your cardboard. It compresses cardboard waste, such as (upright) boxes and cardboard plates, into tightly compressed bales with a powerful hydraulic mechanism.

The size of the bales depends on the recycling baler machine’s capacity, but generally speaking, most cardboard bales have the depth and width of a standard pallet.


Overall, a cardboard baling press will help you to more efficiently recycle your cardboard and sell it to cardboard recycling firms or paper mills.

Reduce your cardboard waste overflow with a vertical baler

  • Improving recycling rates
  • Cutting waste handling costs
  • Save time and effort handling cardboard waste
  • Compress cardboard waste into compact bales
  • Reduce space needed at your business for waste handling
  • Sell cardboard bales for recycling to the paper industry

What companies use a downstroke baler?

Is a vertical cardboard baler a machine that is beneficial for your business? Well, does your company produces lots of cardboard waste on a daily basis, and are you looking for a solution?

A cardboard crusher is then perfect for reducing your cardboard waste volume, like boxes and other kinds of cardboard packaging. There are all kind of companies and industries that make use of horizontal or vertical recycling balers:

  • Supermarkets
  • Retail outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Convenient stores
  • Warehouses
  • Agriculture companies
  • Schools
  • Recycling centers
  • Distribution centers
  • And so on…

As you can see, the list is pretty diverse. If you are looking for a solution for your cardboard waste, then a cardboard box baler may present your company with the ideal solution.

What type of cardboard can be used?

Cardboard balers can compress all types of cardboard. The size, shape, or usage will not be a limiting factor. Types of cardboard that are generally compressed in a recycling baler are:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Cardboard plates
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Fibreboard and Paperboard

If your cardboard is contaminated or wet, a baler will still be able to bale it. Still, the quality of the bales will diminish, lowering the value of the bales when sold to recycling facilities or paper mills.

Difference between a baler and a compactor

A cardboard baler is a compact compressing machine for cardboard that is meant for inside use at your facility. A cardboard compactor is a machine that can be used outdoors, but in some situations, it can also be placed indoors.

The difference between a compactor and a baler is that a compactor is a larger machine that compresses the cardboard with a horizontal press, rather than a vertical ram. A cardboard compactor can be installed permanently at your site, but it can also be a mobile solution. Waste haulers often rent cardboard compactors as a solution for reducing the volume of cardboard waste for their clients.


A retail bailer is a horizontal small footprint baler that sits in between a compactor and a horizontal baler. It combines the best of both worlds. It is compact, powerful and it produces weighty bales automatically. See more information about compact horizontal balers.

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What does a cardboard bale weigh?

cardboard-bale-on-palletWhen we look at a medium-sized cardboard baler, the HSM V-Press 860 plus, it produces a bale with the following specifications:

  • Bale length: 47.24 in
  • Bale width: 30.71 in
  • Bale height: 47.24 in
  • Bale weight: 1058.21 lb

However, the weight of a bale varies based on the size of the baling machine and on the weight of the cardboard waste material.

Read our more in-depth article about the weight and size of a cardboard bale. Are you looking for a vertical baler for plastic waste materials? Then check out our page about vertical plastic balers.

How much does a cardboard baler cost?

A cardboard compactor/baler is a reasonably pricy investment. The small vertical baling press prices start at around 5,000 dollars and large cardboard baling presses around 10.000 dollars, while high-end industrial balers can cost up to $1.5 million.

You can also opt to purchase a used cardboard baler lowering the upfront costs, but it will require maintenance earlier than a new model.

Cost of leasing a cardboard baler

A cardboard baler is a substantial investment that’s why manufacturers enable companies to lease or rent a cardboard baler. The lease or rent of a cardboard baler mainly is negotiated at a fixed cost per month from one of the cardboard baler manufacturing companies.

Maintenance cardboard baler

If you are thinking about buying or leasing a new baler, it is important to note that some manufacturers can offer you a maintenance contract. These maintenance contracts allow you to be worry-free when it comes to maintaining or repairing these large machines, as a manufacturer-approved technician will visit the site to take care of everything.

Read our more in-depth article about the cost of a carboard baler.

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