HSM shredders, perforators and balers

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HSM shredders, perforators and balers

Internal data destruction & material pressing

HSM is an international manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products that contribute to the recycling process. The company is founded in Germany and it produces all of its products in Germany. HSM is a well-known supplier of machinery for shredding, crushing and compacting recyclable materials.

HSM stands true to its “Made in Germany” claim at its German production site and aims to combine precision, durability and a good price-performance ratio for the benefit of users.HSM

HSM product range

HSM-brand-logoHSM is a German manufacturer of high-quality products in the environmental technology and office equipment segment. The company has expertise in “Internal data destruction & material pressing”. They are specialized in machinery for shredding, compressing, invalidating and packaging.

The HSM product line offers:

Quick product overview:

HSM Securio AF150
Paper shredder


HSM Shredstar X17
Paper shredder


HSM Powerline FA 500.3
Paper shredder (industrial)


HSM Powerline HDS 230
Hard drive shredder


HSM ProfiPack C400
Cardboard perforator


HSM ProfiPack P425
Cardboard perforator


HSM V-Press 820
Cardboard baler


HSM V-Press 1160
Cardboard baler


About HSM

Hermann Schwelling Maschinenbau is a family business founded by Herman Schwelling. Fifty years ago, namely in 1971, he founded the company Hermann Schwelling Maschinenbau.

The founder started his company with the idea of reducing material volume. Hermann Schwelling, therefore, developed presses to return paper, cardboard, film, PET, and many others to the recycling system in the form of bales of material. These bales can reduce material quantities up to 95%.


The company has grown into one of the largest producers of products and services for environmental technology and office equipment. Over the past 50 years, the company has developed into a global player in its market segments. With a workforce of nearly 800 employees and more than 100 service and sales support points, where HSM advocates data destruction and business waste reduction, as a trustworthy multinational company.

HSM horizontal cardboard baler

HSM focuses on production sites in Germany and the quality declaration “Made in Germany”, which users associate with accuracy, long service life, and an excellent price-performance ratio.

There are three factories namely:

  1. The Salem manufactory is HSM’s first facility, producing industrial balers, file, and archive shredding systems.
  2. HSM’s 2nd factory located in Reichenbach and is mainly engaged in the production of vertical balers on a large scale.
  3. HSM’s 3rd factory located in Frickingen and is engaged in the production of smaller machines, namely shredders.

Company values

HSM’s philosophy is “Great Products, Great People.” The company’s philosophy includes the following core values.

  • Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Self-awareness
  • Corporate responsibility

HSM has a collective insight into how HSM would like to act internally and towards trading partners from the sum of these values. So HSM chooses their partners carefully and only if they meet their values.

Guarantee and service

  • 3 years warranty for HSM SECURIO document shredders.
  • Lifetime warranty on solid steel cutting rollers in HSM SECURIO and Pure document shredders at security levels P-2 to P-5.
  • Consulting service: individual product advice, advice on data protection, service support, and advice on spare parts requirements.
  • Training and seminars on products, data protection, and service.

Selling points

At HSM, the customer can contact the company directly via the HSM website, searching for an individual solution to implement large projects. On their website, you can find locations of regions in which HSM is active. HSM works with dealers networks in the area where the consumer are located, enabling the dealers to anticipate country-specific changes.

Contact information

HSM GmbH + Co. KG

Austraße 1-9
88699 Frickingen
See on Google Maps

+49 7554 2100-0

HSM of America LLC

419 Boot Road
Downingtown PA 19335
See on Google Maps

+49 7554 2100-0

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