VintageView finds a way to replace plastic packing materials

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VintageView finds a way to replace plastic packing materials


“With the help of an expert, we decided to purchase the HSM ProfiPack P425 via We would love to turn cardboard waste into usable shipping/packing material and reduce the costs of our cardboard waste hauling.”
– Kim Akers | VintageView

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Plastic-free through the use of old cardboard

VintageView is a top-tier company that specializes in label forward wine storage solutions. The goal is to make the process of the wine cellar design as simple and stress-free as opening a bottle of Champagne. Their innovative products adorn residential and commercial establishments across the globe. 

testimonial cardboard shredder - VintageView

“We average a shipment of 200 packages a day M-F. We typically fill an average size dumpster every two days with master cartons that have been broken down. I would love to have a machine to turn that recycling into usable shipping/packing material,” says Kim, warehouse manager of VintageView.

The buying process and solution approach

VintageView was looking for a solution to re-purpose their own cardboard waste and to reduce the cost of cardboard waste hauling. Another reason why they needed a cardboard shredder is to replace plastic packaging materials. With that being said, they have stumbled upon

“The process, start to finish was a breeze. After establishing that our building could accommodate the unit, the rest was easy.
I worked with Brandon Kruse from HSM and he was extremely helpful and thorough with the purchase and what would work best for our company. In addition, the follow-up email has been nice. I think if I run into any troubles, I would be taken care of by your team. So far, so good; you guys rock.”

Testimonial vintageview - HSM ProfiPack P425

Kim was very satisfied and rated the entire purchase process with a 10 out of 10.

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HSM ProfiPack P425 in practical use

Furthermore, they expect to earn back the investment in the cardboard shredder within two years or more. 

“It’s wonderful. Very little mess and meets my needs substantially. It’s fitting to pack our product with our own shredded cardboard that has our logo on it and I love that we can repurpose our cardboard boxes.” 

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Testimonial vintageview - mats with logo

What to consider when buying a cardboard shredder?

Kim points out that VintageView were looking into the durability and the price of the cardboard shredder when they were considering buying a machine. 

Thank you

We want to thank Kim Akers from VintageView for sharing the experience. With the use of a cardboard shredder, they could replace the plastic packaging materials. On behalf of the team, congratulations on the cardboard shredder!

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