Cardboard Shredders & Perforators

Updated on May 27th, 2024 | Authors: Pim Brouwer & Brent Nijssen A cardboard shredder transforms used cardboard boxes and corrugated waste materials into eco-friendly and cost-free packaging material. This recycling machine offers a sustainable and innovative solution for repurposing cardboard waste into flat netting, cushioning padding, strips, or chips. A cardboard shredder not only […]

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Who buys cardboard bales near you?

Rather than sending cardboard waste to a landfill, it can be beneficial to sell cardboard bales to a recycling facility. Finding a buyer for your cardboard bales can be quite challenging, especially when you are not familiar with the recycling industry. This article helps find a company in your area that buys cardboard bales near […]

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Types of shredded cardboard packaging material

Cardboard shredders produce sustainable cardboard packaging material. The most common are cardboard netting or mats, but some shredders can also convert cardboard into strips or chips. What are the different types of shredded cardboard you can make with a cardboard shredder and how to use it as packaging material? We’ll go through it in this […]

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What is a vertical baler?

Vertical balers have become an integral part of modern waste management solutions. These machines are semi-automatic and work by compacting waste materials into dense bales for easy storage and transportation. In this article, we take a closer look at what vertical balers are and their advantages. Compact large volumes of recyclable materials A vertical baler […]

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The different types of cardboard packaging

There are many different types of cardboard on the market. Thus, cardboard is a very versatile material with different thicknesses, shapes, and forms. The most common use for cardboard is in packaging and shipment. This guide presents information on the different types of cardboard packaging. Let’s start by looking at what exactly corrugated cardboard is […]

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Can you sell cardboard waste materials?

Cardboard waste is a valuable revenue-generating opportunity. Businesses are finding ways to recycle cardboard waste. However, the cardboard waste is often landing in landfill, which is not cost-effective and is not environmentally friendly as well. Therefore, we suggest investing in a baler and selling your cardboard bales, where you can turn old cardboard boxes into […]

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