Snuups GmbH finds a way to reuse cardboard waste

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Snuups GmbH finds a way to reuse cardboard waste


“We purchased the HSM ProfiPack C400 via We have a small amount of cardboard waste. We think it could still help us to reduce the packaging costs and to reduce cardboard waste”
– Yannick Le Guern | Snuups GmbH

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The reuse of old cardboard boxes has a positive environmental aspect

Snuups GmbH is a company that sells filament and accessories for 3D printers. The company is located in Welschenrohr, Switzerland.

Testimonial - Snuups GmbH

Regarding sustainability, the company strives to be even more environmentally friendly. Therefore they decided to purchase a cardboard shredder to reuse their old cardboard boxes as sustainable packaging.

We received this question from Snuups GmbH:

“We are looking for a packaging shredder machine. We do not have a lot of cardboard waste. Hence, we are interested in a small cardboard shredder.” Yannick Le Guern said.

The buying process and solution approach

Due to Yannick Le Guern requirements, we proposed to him an HSM ProfiPack C400 and he ended up making this purchase.

Within a day, Yannick Le Guern filled out our order form with a note that he did not need the instruction because he was already familiar with the operation of this type of equipment. 

“The decision for the HSM ProfiPack C400 was the right one. From the first contact to the purchase, everything went fast and smoothly. But the export to Switzerland took a while because the shipping company was very slow.”

The entire purchase process was rated with an 8 out of 10.

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Front and rear of the HSM ProfiPack C400.

HSM ProfiPack C400 in practical use

The ProfiPack C400 transforms single layers of discarded cardboard into padding mats.

“The ProfiPack meets my expectations 100%. The ProfiPack C400 brings financial advantages because old cardboard boxes are used for a new purpose and packaging materials are also produced free of charge. So far, we have spent CHF 100 (~ $100,96) a month on packaging material,”  said Yannick Le Guern.

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What to consider when buying a cardboard shredder?

We asked Yannick Le Guern what he would recommend to other companies looking to consider a cardboard shredder.

“ I think size and price are one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a cardboard shredder for your company. “

At first glance, the cost of the cardboard shredder looks like a high investment, but it pays off over time. The cardboard shredder produces old cardboard boxes into environmentally friendly packaging materials and that’s for free. So, you can save money on buying packaging materials.

Thank you

We want to thank Yannick Le Guern from Snuups GmbH for sharing the experience. With the use of a cardboard shredder, they reduce the cost of their packaging materials and re-purpose their own cardboard waste as save space as well. On behalf of the team, congratulations on the cardboard shredder!

Snuups GmbH
Höhenweg 304
4716 Welschenrohr