HSM ProfiPack C400 vs P425

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HSM ProfiPack C400 vs P425

Which HSM cardboard shredder is best for your company?

You are interested in a cardboard shredder and came across the HSM Profipack models. There is a small tabletop variant the C400, but also a larger P425 model. What are the differences between these cardboard perforators? And which machine one suits best to your business and process? 

In this article, we will quickly walk you through the features of C400 vs. P425 and their key differences.

Comparison table: C400 vs. P425

In the following we have compiled a comparative table for you to use as a guide:

Product information HSM ProfiPack C400 HSM ProfiPack P425
HSM ProfiPack P425
EAN 4026631063722 4026631064958 4026631072717
Model Tabletop Freestanding Freestanding
Cutting capacity 1 sheet per pass 1-3 sheet per pass 1-3 sheet per pass
Cutting speed 26 ft/min 33 ft/min 43 ft/min
Intake width 16.34″ 16.73″ 16.73″
Intake height 0.4″ 0.8″ 0.8″
Voltage 230 V/ 50 Hz 100-240 V/ 50-60 Hz 400 V/ 60 Hz
Noise level 68-70 dB(A) 60-62 dB(A) 63-64 dB(A)
Machine size
(W x D x H)
24.02″ x 15.55″ x 14.76″ 30.31″ x 22.44″ x 40.94″ 30.31″ x 22.44″ x 40.94″ 
Weight 102.85 lbs 352.74 lbs 399.04 lbs
Dust extraction kit
Not available for this model Yes, but only with a version of an adapter set for dust extraction Yes, but only with a version of an adapter set for dust extraction
Price indication approx. $2,300

without shipping price and instruction cost 

approx. $4,700

without shipping price and instruction cost, version without an adapter set for dust extraction

approx. $6,300

without shipping price and instruction cost, version without an adapter set for dust extraction

Actual price Request a free quote Request a free quote Request a free quote

C400 vs. P425: Design and Variants

The design of the C400 and P425 are very similar, but they have slight differences. When it comes to size, the C400 is much smaller than the P425. Thus, the C400 is a tabletop device, and the P425 is a freestanding device.

Furthermore, the P425 is equipped with a single-phase or three-phase. The special feature of P425 is that the model is available in 4 options:

Single-phase, P425

  • Without adapter set for dust extraction
  • With adapter set for dust extraction

3-phase, P425

  • Without adapter set for dust extraction
  • With adapter set for dust extraction


Also, important to mention is its infeed height because the C400 has a height of 10 mm and the P425 comes with a height of 20 mm.

Another key difference is that the C400 comes without an emergency stop button, whereas the P425 is available to stop the device immediately based on the switch.

All two models have an intuitive operator control panel, which shows the operating status of the machine, and also the same adjustable measuring scale to modify the width of the packaging material.


Video: HSM Profipack C400 in use

Video: HSM Profipack P425 in use

C400 vs. P425: Performance

The main difference is the cutting capacity because the C400 takes only one sheet per pass with a speed of 26 ft per minute, while the P425 takes up to 3 sheets per pass with a speed of 33-43 ft per minute.


When it comes to throughput, the C400 produces 0,75 m³ of cardboard packing per hour. That is about 50 kg (110 lbs) and corresponds to approx. 12 moving boxes full of shredded cardboard. Single-phase-P425, on the other hand, produces 1,5 m³ per hour with an output of up to 80 kg (176 lbs) of padding mats (approx. 25 moving boxes). The performance of the three-phase P425 is 2,5 m³ per hour and produces approx. 37 moving boxes filled with padding material, which are equivalent to about 120 kg (264 lbs).

C400 vs. P425: Production

Accordingly, the most common types of shredded cardboard are flat netting and cushioning padding. Less common are cardboard shredders that produce strips and chips.


That aside, the C400 produces filling material made of maximum 1 layer of corrugated cardboard. In contrast, P425 is can handle up to 2-3 layers of corrugated cardboard. Both the C400 and the P425 can produce flat netting and cushioned padding material. By closing the metal flap at the rear of the machine, it produces cushioned padding material automatically.


C400 vs. P425: Prices

The price of C400 starts at about $2,300 and P425 at approx. $5,000. There is no follow-up cost and the investment pays off after a short time.

C400 vs. P425: Which cardboard shredders to choose

If you’re wondering whether to purchase the C400 or whether to spend the P425, then this summary is for you. 

Why get the C400

  • Compact
  • Production of single-layer packaging cushions
  • Maximum of 50 kg per hour
  • Produces only flat netting
  • Less space
  • Power consumption: 1 PH, 0.7 kW
  • Has recessed handles and can be lifted up for easy transport
  • For commercial use like small e-commerce stores or shipment departments

Why get the P425

  • Is available with an adapter set for dust extraction (optional)
  • Production of single and multilayer packaging cushions
  • Between 80 kg-120 kg per hour
  • Produces flat netting or cushioning padding
  • Power consumption: 1 PH, 2.0 kW and 3 PH, 3.8 kW
  • Mobile on castors for an easy transport
  • For commercial or industrial use like warehouse or distribution center


However, both machines recycle cardboard waste into eco-friendly packaging material. Thus, it reduces waste and the cost of plastic packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts and waste hauling.

Read more about the benefits of cardboard shredder here.

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