How loud is a cardboard baler machine?

Cardboard baler machines are a great way to reduce waste and increase efficiency in a variety of industries. However, the machines can be quite loud while in use and generate noise levels of up to 85 decibels. In this article, we will discuss the noise levels of cardboard balers, the sources of noise, and how […]

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Industrial Paper Shredders

Industrial shredders are large, powerful, and high performing shredding machines that are able to shred high volumes of confidential office documents in bulk. A standard office shredder is perfect for shredding small volumes of documents, but for large office departments, industrial environments, facilities or warehouses with lots of confidential documents, it is recommended to have access to a powerful heavy-duty industrial shredder that can shred large amounts of paper continuously and quickly.

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Best Trash Can Cabinets

A tilt-out trash cabinet is a stylish piece of furniture to hide your trash cans out of sight. These wooden garbage can cabinets not only add to the decor of your house but also offer extra storage space and help you to conveniently sort your trash and recyclables.

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The different types of cardboard packaging

There are many different types of cardboard on the market. Thus, cardboard is a very versatile material with different thicknesses, shapes, and forms. The most common use for cardboard is in packaging and shipment. This guide will present information on the different types of cardboard packaging. Let’s start by looking at what exactly corrugated cardboard […]

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