Verus Engineering finds a way to save money & space

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Verus Engineering finds a way to save money & space


“We wanted to have more free space, but also reduce our packaging costs. Accordingly, we have chosen the HSM ProfiPack C400 cardboard shredder. This model is a compact tabletop unit, it is mobile and can be used flexibly. “
– Eric Hazen | Verus Engineering

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“Taking your car’s performance to the next level.” – Verus Engineering

Verus Engineering is located in Indianapolis in the United States. The company is an automotive aftermarket product designers and manufacturers. With that being said, Verus Engineering provides products such as cooling products, verus gear, drivetrain products, aerodynamic products and more.

Testimonial - Verus Engineering

The company spend $2k on packing materials every month. For this reason, Verus Engineering was looking for an alternative where they can reduce packaging costs and how to manage the cardboard waste but also to have more free space.

Therefore, Eric reached out to our team at with the following request:

“We are a small business and ships 50-60 packages a day. Hence, we are looking to use cardboard as packaging to save the environment a little bit.”

The Buying Process Was Brilliant

During the research, Eric and his team have come across the cardboard shredder that have aroused their interest.

“We did research on Google and contacted three companies. seemed economical and fit the bill best. Furthermore, the buying process went super simple, straight forward and easy. During the purchase process, we have chosen the HSM ProfiPack C400. In our opinion, this model could be faster but it does the job.” Eric says. 

Convert cardboard waste into packaging material.

In addition, Eric told us that the company expected withing two years or more to earn back their investment on the cardboard shredder. The overall buying process of the cardboard shredder was rated with a 9 out of 10

Testimonial-Verus Engineering

What To Consider When Buying A Cardboard Shredder?

We asked Eric what he would recommend to other companies that are considering a cardboard shredder.

“When buying a cardboard shredder, you should pay attention to the space constraint for the unit itself. I’m so glad we are saving the environment and reducing our waste – even though it was recycled, I never know if it actually was.”

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Thank you

We want to thank Eric Hazen from Verus Engineering for sharing the experience. With the use of a cardboard shredder, they reduce the cost of their packaging materials and re-purpose their own cardboard waste as save space as well. On behalf of the team, congratulations on the cardboard shredder!

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