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Customer Testimonials

Companies all over the world are looking for waste handling solutions. We interviewed our customers to learn more about their experiences buying and using a recycling machine, such as a cardboard shredder or baler. These interviews help you get more insight in the research and buying process of a recycling machine for your business.

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Customer reviews on Cardboard Shredders


Air Plant Shop

“We have the HSM Profipack P425 at Air Plant Shop. The buying process was great. A representative was sent out to walk our facility and access our needs. The HSM ProfiPack helps us save money and reduce waste. It has allowed us to completely eliminate the use of bubble wrap at our facility. This is a huge accomplishment!”
– Christine Keane | Air Plant Shop

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The Salon Center

“We choose the HSM ProfiPack P425 and it is perfect for our needs. With that being said, it helps us to save costs of cardboard waste hauling and packaging costs. In addition, it allows us to re-purpose our own cardboard waste.”
– Tom Stewart | The Salon Center

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Kurt Europe GmbH

“We did research on and compared the machines on their website. After completing the decision-making process, we ordered the Cushion Pack 320 S2i online, and the process was both quick and easy.”
– A. Blume | Kurt Europe GmbH

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Testimonial - Verus Engineering


Verus Engineering

“We wanted to have more free space, but also reduce our packaging costs. Accordingly, we have chosen the HSM ProfiPack C400 cardboard shredder. This model is a compact tabletop unit, it is mobile and can be used flexibly.”
– Eric Hazen | Verus Engineering

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Testimonial - Snuups GmbH


Snuups GmbH

“We purchased the HSM ProfiPack C400. We have a small amount of cardboard waste. We think it could still help us to reduce the packaging costs and to reduce cardboard waste.”
– Yannick Le Guern | Snuups GmbH

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