Kurt Europe GmbH finds the perfect packaging solutions

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Kurt Europe GmbH finds the perfect packaging solutions


“We decided on the cardboard perforator Cushion Pack 320 S2i out of full conviction and out of need. With this machine, we are able to reduce the packaging costs and to recycle our cardboard waste.”
– A. Blume | Kurt Europe GmbH

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Sustainable packaging products, a key point.

Kurt Europe GmbH is located in Mittenwalde, south of Berlin. The company is part of the group of entrepreneurs whose focus is on the production and sale of packaging solutions made of solid and corrugated cardboard.

Testimonial - Kurt Europe GmbH

Kurt Europe GmbH places a very high value on 100% recyclable products, with the idea of making a small contribution to the raw material cycle. So, Anja Blume has sent us a request, asking for more information on cardboard shredder sizes and costs. 

“We are considering purchasing a cardboard perforator because we can use the material well for our shipping. Therefore, chips would be unsuitable.”

Excellent Buying Process 

CP320-S2iAt the end, Kurt Europe GmbH made a decision and purchased on the cardboard perforator Cushion Pack 320 S2i. 

“We did research on Recycling.com and compared the machines on their website. After completing the decision-making process, we ordered the Cushion Pack 320 S2i online, and the process was both quick and easy. The manufacturer has a good online presence and also has an easy-to-understand explanatory video”, she says.

What To Consider When Buying A Cardboard Shredder?

We asked Anja Blume what she would recommend to other companies that are considering a cardboard shredder.

“Well, we think that robustness and quality of the shredded material are important. But we also valued ease of use and high capacity. Any company faced with packaging should look to keep this valuable material in the raw material cycle for as long as possible.”

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Thank you

We want to thank Anja Blume from Kurt Europe GmbH for sharing the experience. With the use of a cardboard shredder, they reduce the cost of their packaging materials and reduce the amount of cardboard waste. On behalf of the Recycling.com team, congratulations on the cardboard shredder!

Kurt Europe GmbH
Berliner Chaussee 23a
15749 Mittenwalde