Air Plant Shop finds the right solution for their cardboard waste

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Air Plant Shop finds the right solution for their cardboard waste


air-plant-shop-thumb“We have the HSM Profipack P425 at Air Plant Shop. It helps us save money and reduce waste. The cardboard shredder has allowed us to completely eliminate the use of bubble wrap at our facility. This is a huge accomplishment!”
– Christine Keane | Air Plant Shop

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Save money and reduce waste

Air Plant Shop is a family business located in St. Augustine on Florida’s First Coast. The eCommerce store is one of the largest online retailers of Tillandsia air plants. Besides air plants, they are specialized in terrariums, botanical branch arrangements, and air plant containers.

Product examples from Air Plant Shop

Christian and Christy, from Air Plant Shop, contacted our team at to help them find the perfect solution for their cardboard waste. They reached out to us with the following question:

“At Air Plant Shop, we ship a lot of glass and ceramic items with bubble wrap. We think a cardboard shredder could help us save money and reduce waste. We are recycling hundreds of cardboard boxes a week and spent around $6,000 – $8,000 on packing materials monthly.”

A great tool for repurposing cardboard waste

Christy told us that a few of her colleagues saw videos online of the cardboard shredder that sparked their interest.

“A few of our employees saw videos online of the cardboard shredder. We thought it would be a great tool for our company as we have a lot of cardboard waste from our plant import shipments. We have always recycled our cardboard but this was an even more intriguing way of repurposing our cardboard waste and using less plastic bubble wrap.”

The buying process was great

At we work together with a global network of trusted experts to find the best solutions for our customers. For the question of Air Plant Shop we reached out to our friends at HSM, a manufacturer of cardboard shredders. We asked Christy about her experience with HSM.


Christy rated the overall buying process of the cardboard shredder with a 9 out of 10.

“The buying process was great. A representative was sent out to walk our facility and access our needs. We decided that for our company the large model was best. We have the HSM Profipack P425. This is the model that was recommended to us by our sales representative. It is very easy to operate and low maintenance.”

Experience with the HSM Profipack P425

Air Plant Shop went for the HSM Profipack P425 cardboard shredder. This free-standing perforator converts cardboard waste into sustainable packing material.


“The main goal of using the cardboard shredder is to re-purpose our own cardboard waste. The HSM cardboard shredder has allowed us to completely eliminate the use of bubble wrap at our facility. This is a huge accomplishment as we ship thousands of glass terrariums per month! We have reduced our use of plastic packaging material by 100%.”


The HSM Profipack P425 is a medium-duty cardboard shredder. It perforates cardboard into flexible padding material.
  • Capacity: 1-3 layers
  • Speed: 33ft/min
  • Machine size: 30.31″ x 22.44″ x 40.94″

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What to consider when buying a cardboard shredder?

We asked Christy what she would recommend to other companies that are considering a cardboard shredder.

“If your company produces cardboard waste and you do any kind of shipping, having this machine is a no-brainer. It is very easy to operate and low maintenance. The only important thing to consider is what size machine will fit the needs of your facility.”

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Thank you

We want to thank Christy and the team of Air Plant Shop for sharing their experience. With the use of a cardboard shredder, they reduce the cost of their packaging materials and reduce the amount of cardboard waste. On behalf of the team, congratulations on the cardboard shredder!
Air Plant Shop
85 Strongway Ct, St 1
St. Augustine, FL 32086

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