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Best Dual Trash Cans

Updated on June 15th, 2022 | Author: Pim Brouwer

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Are you looking for a durable trash can for sorting recycling and trash? Then you need a dual trash can. This is a ‘one bin’ solution for separating and sorting your waste streams at home, in the kitchen, or in the office’s canteen.

Our team researched various trash cans with 2-compartments. We’ve made a selection of high-quality recycling bins from trusted brands, which you can find below. Our top pick for most people is the SONGMICS dual trash can. It is a great bin to sort all your recyclables and general trash.

Top 10 Trash & Recycle Bins

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#1 | Best overall pick (+ 15 free trash bags)

This SONGMICS dual trash can is recommended for most households or even office use. It looks sleek, it is fairly spacious and it is easy to use.

SONGMICS Step Trash Can – 16 Gal / 60 L

Capacity: 8+8 Gallon | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 23 x 12.6 x 25.6 inches


The SONGMICS Step Trash Can is a beautifully designed dual trash can. It is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and has a fingerprint-proof matte finish. Use one compartment for your recyclables and the other for your regular trash. Open each compartment separately with the sturdy metal foot pedals. For a limited time only, you’ll receive 15 trash bags for free that fit perfectly in this recycling bin. Each lid closes smoothly and silently and is airtight when closed. The foot pedals provide hands-free operation, which is hygienic in use.

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#2 | Best slim and narrow dual trash can

For tighter spaces we really like the Home Zone Living trash can. With its narrow shape it fits in tight spots in your kitchen.

Home Zone Living VA41833A – 13 Gal / 50 L

Capacity: 8+5 Gallon | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 30 x 23.8 x 14.8 inches


The Home Zone Living VA41833A is a slim dual garbage can that is relatively tall. The removable inner compartments sit behind each other rather than side by side like most double trash cans. The reinforced hinge ensures the lid closes softly and securely after removing your feet from the sturdy pedal. The stainless steel is fingerprint-proof and prevents smudges. Each bin contains a tucked band that secures the trash or recycling bag in place, so there is no need to tie it down.

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#3 | Best recycler with deodorizer compartment

This dual compartment recycler comes with a softclose lid and sturdy foot pedal. It has a built in deodorizer compartment and space-saving design.

EKO EcoCasa II – 15.8 Gal / 50 L

Capacity: 9.5+6.3 Gallon | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 14.7 x 20.7 x 26.0 inches


The EKO EcoCasa II is a sleek and stylish-looking dual trash can. Thanks to the slim profile, the recycle bin sits flush against the wall. The stainless steel finish is fingerprint-proof, and the inner compartments for trash and recycling are removable. Keep the bin smelling fresh with the built-in deodorizer compartment. You open the lid with the sturdy and durable foot pedal. The stay-open features hold the lid open when needed.

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#4 | Best high-quality and stylish design

This Simplehuman recycler is a beautifully designed trash can. It comes with a liner pocket to store trash bags in. The recycler is quite expensive, but it is a real eye-catcher.

Simplehuman Recycler Liner Pocket – 15 Gal / 55 L

Capacity: 7.5+7.5 Gallon | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 14.2 x 22 x 25.8 inches


The Simplehuman Step Can Liner Pocket is a well-built and stylish-looking recycling bin for your kitchen. The multi-compartment trash can for waste and recyclables is beautifully designed, durable, and easy to use. The inner buckets are removable and are equally sized. The stainless steel recycling bin contains a hidden compartment to store spare trash bags, a so-called liner pocket. The steel material has a fingerprint-proof coat to protect it from smudges.

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#5 | Best with large and small compartment

When you need a recycler with two different size compartments, then this is a great pick. It has a large 8 gallon bin and a smaller 4.2 gallon bin.

Simplehuman Rectangular Recycler – 12 Gal / 46 L

Capacity: 8+4.2 Gallon | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 12.8 x 19.8 x 25.7 inches


The Simplehuman Rectangular Recycler trash can has two side-by-side buckets. So you can sort your household recycling and non-recyclable waste. The square indoor recycling bin with two compartments has a solid footstep. We like that the lid is ‘soft close’, so the lid closes slowly and silently. And it is ‘stay open’, which means that the lid stays open for as long as you need. You can take the buckets out of the trash can for cleaning, and the outside of the bin is fingerprint-proof.

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#6 | Best recycler with large capacity

The Rubbermaid Elite is a large capacity recycling bin that looks modern and sleek. This bin fits perfectly in a modern interior at home or at work.

Rubbermaid Elite – 15.9 Gal / 72 L

Capacity: 9.25+9.25 Gallon | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 28.8 x 23.9 x 16.9 inches


The Rubbermaid Elite is a trash can that really wants to be an eye-catcher in your kitchen. This modern design dual recycler has a stylish charcoal color that looks very nice. The charcoal really compliments your other kitchen appliances, and the overall finish is less reflective in comparison to other stainless steel bins. With this recycling bin, you sort two streams of waste and/or recycling in color-coded liners, one small and one large-sized container. The small one has a blue color which makes it stand out for easy sortation of your waste. To open the lid you simply step on the foot pedal. The lid features soft-close, which ensures quiet and controlled lid closure.

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#7 | Best recycler with color-coded compartments

This is a smart recycle and trash solution for home and office use. Use the blue bin for recycling and the black one for regular trash.

iTouchless Dual Step Bin – 16 Gal / 60 L

Capacity: 8 +8 Gallon | Material: Stainless Steel | Dimensions: 28.5 x 22 x 17 inches


The iTouchless is a 16-gallon recycle bin that includes 2 x 8-gallon (removable) inner buckets with handles. The stainless steel dual trash and recycling bin is fingerprint-proof and has a soft-close lid that closes airtight and easily opens with the ergonomic foot pedal. The recycling bin comes with two inner buckets that are color-coded. The included dual AbsorbX odor filters absorb trash odors and naturally neutralize the smells.

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How We Made The Selection

To compile the ranking shown above, four main points were taken into account when evaluating each dual trash can:

  • Minimum volume 8 gallons or more
  • High quality Stainless steel
  • Trusted manufacturers Sturdy and durable
  • High-rated customer reviews Minimum of 4 stars


What Is A Dual Trash Can?

A dual garbage can is a bin that contains two compartments for separating and recycling two types of waste. Most people use it for sorting their recyclables from their kitchen waste or garbage.

Two-compartment recycling bins are great for home use and are also usable in the office environment to stimulate recycling at the office, in your car, or even on a boat. If you want to sort your trash, then a dual trash can is an excellent solution for it.
This is because you only need one bin to sort two waste streams, rather than having two separate compartments. Furthermore, a trash recycle combo looks clean and is efficient to use for you, your family, and possible guests.

A dual trash can acts as a small recycling collection center in your home, increasing the value for recycling.

People who have already bought two-compartment trash can love the fact that they can put trash and recyclables in the same bin. It is one trash can with two functions that helps you to stay organized and be eco-friendly at the same time.

Some people also conclude that a dual recycling bin makes sorting trash much more comfortable and more fun to do. It improves the overall recycling process at home because it makes separating waste and recycling a breeze. Read more about kitchen trash cans.

dual compartment kitchen trash cans

Why Do You Need A Dual Trash Can?

Some people need to separate their garbage because of local laws. But others want to be more environmentally friendly and want to start sorting trash. For separating trash efficiently and conveniently, a two-compartment trash can is a great option. To find out if these types of trash cans are right for you, we’ve made a list of pros and cons for double garbage cans:

Pros of a dual trash can

  • Ability to use one trash can for sorting trash and recycling.
  • It simplifies recycling and requires little to no effort.
  • No need for two separate bins in your house, kithcen or office.
  • It takes up less space than two separate bins.
  • It looks clean and it works more efficiently.
  • A dual trash can is very organized.
  • Less confusing for guests (which bin is for recyclables?).
  • It reduces the clutter of recyclables that usually sits on your kitchen counter.

Cons of a 2 compartment trash can

  • You need two trash bags for each compartment.
  • A double garbage can only can sort two types of trash.
  • You need to be consistent with the type of trash that belongs to the compartment.
  • It might be that after a while you come to the conclusion that the compartments are too small.

lightbulb-light Tip: Do you want to separate more recyclable streams in your kitchen? Then check triple trash cans.

What Does A Dual Recycling Bin Cost?

Most dual trash cans for recycling are quite expensive. A well-built dual kitchen trash can costs between $100 and $200. At first, that is a relatively high price. But in return, you will get a high-quality waste bin that makes sorting waste a breeze. Why is that important? Well, you and your family use this trash can every day and it is part of your interior.


So it better be a good one that will last for years to come. A dual kitchen trash can helps you and your family to recycle easier. Most people who already bought a more expensive double kitchen trash bin say that they hesitated to buy one due to the high price. But after deciding to buy one, they were delighted with their purchase. It makes recycling and sorting waste a bit more fun to do.

A dual trash can is a perfect solution for sorting trash and recyclables. It makes recycling much easier and will enhance your eco-friendly lifestyle.

15 gallon Simplehuman double trash can in the kitchen

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Dual Trash Can

reuse-reduce-recycle-iconStay well organized with a double compartment trash can for sorting trash and recyclables at home or work.

The size trash can is a quite crucial part of buying a double trash can. Our research sees many ‘complaints’ from people who purchased a dual trash can that is just too small. Remember, these trash cans contain two compartments. So, before you buy a double trash can, you need to research carefully how many gallons each container can hold.

Also, be aware that some dual trash cans have two equally sized compartments, but others have a 1/3 and 2/3 ratio. This ratio means that one compartment is larger than the other.

Most of the time, people use the larger bin for their garbage and the smaller one for recycling. But when they separate more recyclables over time, they switch the containers up, so they use the larger one to collect all of their recyclables.

So what size dual trash can do you need? The size depends on your household and where you want to put it in your house. But most of the time, a recycling garbage can is used in the kitchen. So for most families, we recommend a 13-gallon trash can or a more extensive one. 

Also, investigate if standard kitchen trash bags will fit in your two compartment trash can. This can save you some money because official brand trash bags are more expensive than universal ones.

A step-on dual trash can with a foot pedal, a touchless trash can with a motion sensor, or a trash can with a manual lid? Like regular (one compartment) trash cans, you can choose from a wide variety of trash cans with all kinds of lid mechanisms.

When you want to get a double garbage can for the kitchen, we recommend buying a step-on trash can or a touchless trash can because hygiene is essential in and around the kitchen.

For a car, boat, or another vehicle, it is recommended to use a manual lid dual compartment trash can. Or a recycle trash can with no lid at all. If you have pets walking around, such as cats and dogs, it might be useful to get a lockable dual trash can.

These trash cans have a lid that contains a lock so you can keep those curious snouts out of the trash can. Talking about pets, we recommend a trash can that has some weight to it so it won’t tip over easily.

Do you want to show of your dual trash can? Or would you rather hide your trash in one of your kitchen cabinets? There are lots of dual trash cans with beautiful designs that can complement your kitchen.

They say they love their dual trash can because of the looks and how conveniently they work. But not everybody likes to see a trash can in their kitchen, so you can also get a dual pull-out trash can for under a kitchen cabinet, such as under your sink. These built-in trash cans have multiple compartments too to sort your recycle and garbage. And the only time you’ll see the trash can is when you throw trash or recycle away. After that, you close the cabinet door, and the bin is out of view.

Does each bin come out of the trash can independently? We recommend getting a two-compartment recycling bin with removable inner buckets. The removable inner buckets do cleaning and changing trash bags more convenient.

You might want to use one compartment bin without a trash bag because you want to dedicate the compartment as a composting bin. In this case, we also recommended getting a dual trash can with a removable bucket because you will want to clean the bucket quite often to keep insects and fungi out of your home.

Create your own recycling station

recycling-sticker-recycle-trash-compost-pixelverse-designA dual trash can contains two compartments to sort trash and recycling in one single receptacle. But possibly you need more containers to sort all your recyclables from the trash. Another solution is to buy multiple single trash cans to make your recycling station at home.
It is recommended to opt for single compartment trash cans with unique colors. This makes it visually clear that each container is used for a dedicated waste stream. To sort trash and recyclables, you can label each container with a recycling sticker or decal. There are also official recycle labels available here.

Do you want to recycle more waste streams at home? Then, look at our recommendations for three compartment trash cans for sorting three types of waste at home or in the office.

Make your own recycling station with single bins.

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