Best 3-Compartment Trash Can

A 3-compartment trash can is a multi-compartment recycling bin for sorting waste and recyclables in your kitchen or office. With the multi-divided recycle bin, you sort plastic, green waste, and general trash quickly with one container.

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Best Trash Can Cabinets

A tilt-out trash cabinet is a stylish piece of furniture to hide your trash cans out of sight. These wooden garbage can cabinets not only add to the decor of your house but also offer extra storage space and help you to conveniently sort your trash and recyclables.

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Best Kitchen Trash Cans

Your kitchen is the main area at home or in the office where most of your trash and recycling appears. Think about food scraps, fruit peels, waste from plastic packaging and metal cans. All this waste needs to go somewhere and to prevent that your recyclables end up in landfills it is recommended to use the right recycling bin. A kitchen trash can is a tool that helps you to sort, separate and organize all of your kitchen waste conveniently.

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Best Touchless Trash Cans with Motion Sensor

Touching a garbage can isn’t hygienic, especially in the kitchen environment. With a motion sensor trash, you will open and close the lid of the bin automatically, without needing to physically touch the bin. When the infrared motion sensor detects the motion of your hand or food, the lid opens automatically. This makes a motion sensor trash can very hygienic and convenient in use because of the hands-free operation.

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