Types of trash cans

What type of trash can do you prefer? On this page, we’ll walk you through the different kinds of trash can lid mechanisms, such as step-on trash cans and manual bins with a touch lid. We sum up the pros and cons for each instrument so you can find out what kind of trash can […]

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Pull-Out Trash Cans for Under a Kitchen Sink

Do you want to hide your trash or recycling cans, then a built-in trash can is a great solution. You can install a pull-out trash can inside one of your kitchen cabinets so you keep your containers out of sight. Most popular is the home cabinet organizer that is mounted directly under the sink. You can install a single compartment or dual compartment bin on the base of the cabinet or at the door.

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Best Trash Can Cabinets (Tilt-Out)

A tilt-out trash cabinet is a stylish piece of furniture to hide your trash cans out of sight. These wooden garbage can cabinets not only add to the decor of your house but also offer extra storage space and help you to conveniently sort your trash and recyclables.

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