Target Marketing Group finds a way to re-purpose cardboard waste

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Target Marketing Group finds a way to re-purpose cardboard waste


Target Marketing Group purchased an HSM Profipack P425 cardboard shredder to re-purpose cardboard waste and to reduce their packaging costs. We asked Suzette Johnston from Target Marketing Group about their buying journey on

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Why does the company need a cardboard shredder?

target-marketing-group-logoTarget Marketing Group is a marketing company that has an embroidery department and also a fulfillment warehouse. The reason for buying a cardboard shredder was to reduce packaging costs, replace plastic packaging materials, re-purpose cardboard waste, and reduce the costs of cardboard waste hauling.

We shred boxes daily at TMGroup.

The company wanted to see what is out there as far as cardboard shredder machines and came across

How did the buying process go?

HSM-ProfiPack-P425-cardboard-perforatorIt was very simple, we contacted HSM via A salesperson from HSM gave us a call. We also arranged a trip to their headquarters for a demo of the HSM Profipack P425. After the demo, we received a quote with the paperwork to purchase the shredder which was delivered to our company.

We purchased a HSM Profipack P425, it was very compact and simple to use. The shredder works great, we are very happy.

Suzette expects the ROI of the cardboard shredder is within a year or two. A tip to future customers is to ask about how much maintenance will be required for the cardboard shredder.

Thank you

We want to thank Suzette Johnston from Target Marketing Group for sharing their experience. On behalf of the team, congratulations on the cardboard shredder!

Target Marketing Group
11404 Cronridge Drive
Owings Mills, MD 21117

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