Pull-Out Trash Cans for Under a Kitchen Sink

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Pull-Out Trash Cans for Under a Kitchen Sink

Under Counter Built-In Kitchen Garbage Cans

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Hide trash out of sight and save floor space in the kitchen with a convenient pull out trash can cabinet. This product is available in various capacities and sizes, so there will most likely be one that fits in your regular, narrow, or shallow cabinet.

Most slide out trash can holders has a two-compartment design, perfect for recycling. However, there are single compartment units available as well. These easily fit in small spaces, such as under your sink, and therefore help you optimize your cabinet space.

Before picking your waste disposal solution, make sure you measure your inner cabinets’ width, depth, and height. Don’t forget to take obstacles such as plumbings or hinges into account.

Top 10 Cabinet Trash Cans

Top 10 best pull-out kitchen trash cans

The top 10 below contains our recommendations for under counter trash can cabinets you can buy on Amazon. Besides neatly hiding your trash, most pullout trash cans also feature a soft closing system and have an easy bin access design to make waste disposal is a little more pleasant.

Are you looking for a freestanding waste cabinet? Then check out our tilt-out trash can cabinets.

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#1 | Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-17C Double Waste Container

Min. cabinet width: 14.5 inches


The Rev-A-Shelf RV-18KD-17C is easy to mount pull out waste container system. Install the frame on the cabinet floor with four included screws. After installation, the frame effortlessly slides out. The pull-out trash can is available in this double 35-quart capacity, a single 35-quart, and a double 27-quart. The handle used to pull out the trash cans is removable, and lids and a door mounting are available (not included). Please select the size that fits you best, adjust it to your liking and enjoy this worry-free investment.

  • Capacity:
    2 x 35 qt. / 8.75 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    14.4″W x 22.3″D x 19″H

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#2 | Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1835SCDM-217 Pullout Waste Container

Min. cabinet width: 15 inches


The Rev-A-Shelf 53WC-1835SCDM-217 is a bottom mount waste bin organizer that comes with door mounting brackets. Attach the brackets to your cabinet door and easily slide out the trash can holder by opening your cabinet door. The full extension slides will retract silently because of the soft-close slide system this product features. You can also opt for a single compartment 50-quart version of this product that features a rear basket for extra storage and is perfect for narrow cabinets.

  • Capacity:
    2 x 35 qt. / 8.75 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    14.4″W x 22.3″D x 19″H

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#3 | Simplehuman Dual Compartment Pull-Out Recycler

Min. cabinet width: 10 inches


The Simplehuman under counter kitchen cabinet is a bottom mount waste bin organizer. With the full extension ball-bearing tracks, you will enjoy comfortable and smooth bin access. The solidly engineered all-steel frame will stand the test of time, and the durable and robust custom fit liners make sure that the 15 liters (4 gallons) and 20 liters (5.3 gallons) trash can are being held in place securely. The different capacities of the garbage bins make this a convenient recycling station.

  • Capacity:
    1 x 21 qt. / 5.25 gal.
    1 x 16 qt. / 4 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    9.8″W x 17.7″D x 19.1″H

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#4 | Simplehuman Under Counter Pull-Out Trash Can

Min. cabinet width: 10 inches


The 30 liters Simplehuman under counter waste bin system is easy to install and perfect for smaller and narrower sized cabinets. The chrome steeled handle makes the trash compartment easily accessible, and pre-assembled tracks make sure it rolls out smoothly. The custom fit liners are neatly hidden and make sure that the can is securely held in the bracket. Overall, this slide out trash can holder is a combination of suitable materials and solid engineering.

  • Capacity:
    1 x 32 qt. / 8 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    9.8″W x 17.7″D x 19.1″H

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#5 | Knape & Vogt USC 15-2-35PT Double Waste Container

Min. cabinet width: 15 inches


The Knape & Vogt USC 15-2-35PT double bin pull-out trash can has a unique backsplash and floor that prevents debris from falling through or behind the unit. Perfect for easy cleanup and mess prevention. The durable and stable hardware is concealed, and the rail accents can be customized to fit the overall kitchen or cabinet style. Another nice feature is the soft-close technology this product offers. A smaller, single cabinet version of this product is also available.

  • Capacity:
    2 x 35 qt. / 8.75 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    14.8″W x 22.4″D x 19.2″H

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#6 | Rev-A-Shelf 5149-18DM-217 Double Waste Container

Min. cabinet width: 15 inches


The Rev-A-Shelf 5149-18DM-217 offers a waste disposal solution that hides your unsightly trash. The sleek brushed aluminum frame provides smooth operation, even under the heaviest loads, and holds the containers in place securely. This design comes with adjustable door mounting brackets and has a durable and easy-to-clean polymer base. Overall, this is a very sturdy and durable trash can cabinet.

  • Capacity:
    2 x 35 qt. / 8.75 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    14″W x 22″D x 19.5″H

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#7 | Knape & Vogt RS-PSW15-2-35-R-P Pull Out Trash Can

Min. cabinet width: 15 inches


The Knape & Vogt RS-PSW15-2-35-R-P slide out trash can holder requires minimum installment. The two 7.25 gallon bins are held in place on the sliding steel frame by a specialized wire management system. There are lids available for this unit to conceal odors and for a clean and neat appeal. A smaller version of this unit is available that requires a 9″ wide cabinet opening and therefore may help you optimize your smaller cabinet or under sink space.

  • Capacity:
    2 x 29 qt. / 7.25 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    14.25″W x 22″D x 18.4″H

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#8 | Rev-A-Shelf 4WCTM-18DM2 Pull-Out Double Waste Container

required cabinet width: 15 inches


The Rev-A-Shelf 4WCTM-18DM2 Waste disposal solution has an ideal design for a cabinet with a 15-inch opening. The dept of the pullout waste container system is adjustable from 22.5 to 24.5 inches. The installation process might be a little challenging, but as a result, you can expect much sturdiness from this wooden front-mount product. The lids available for this product get sold separately. However, they might not fully function on the rear wastebasket, depending on your cabinet construction.

  • Capacity:
    2 x 35 qt. / 8.75 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    15″W x 22.25″D x 17.88″H

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#9 | Rev-A-Shelf WCSSC-1835DM-2

required cabinet width: 15 inches


The Rev-A-Shelf WCSSC-1835DM-2 is a floor mount pull-out trash can with wooden construction and a full-extension soft-close slide system. The product is designed for an 18-inch cabinet with a 15-inch opening. If you are looking for a pull-out waste disposal solution with a bigger capacity, the 2 x 50 qt version of this product might be right for you. Due to its ample capacity, make sure that this unit’s height fits your kitchen cabinet dimensions.

  • Capacity:
    2 x 35 qt. / 8.75 gal.
  • Dimensions:
    15″W x 21.75″D x 20.38″H

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#10 | Knape & Vogt SBM9-1-20WH In Cabinet Pull Out Trash Can

required cabinet width: 8″ – 19″ Wide


The Knape & Vogt SBM9-1-20WH pull out garbage bin is available in an array of sizes. The minimum required cabinet width ranges from 8 to 19 inches. You will most likely find a waste bin organizer with the right dimensions and capacity as you can get this waste bin system with one, two, three, and four bins. The wire management system holds the containers securely in place, and a handle to pull the bins out of the cabinet is included. Furthermore, a door mount bracket and lids are available to help conceal any odors.

  • Capacity:
    Multiple options
  • Dimensions:
    Multiple options

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reuse-reduce-recycle-iconAn under cabinet trash can is a great space saver for your kitchen and it helps sorting your waste streams.

What to look for when buying a built-in waste bin?

Not sure how to choose the right pull-out trash can? Then check our short guide below.

More about built-in trash cans


What is a pull-out trash can?

A pull-out trash can is a hidden in-cabinet waste solution for your kitchen. A base frame is installed inside one of the kitchen cabinets. This frame slides out like a drawer when the door of the cabinet is opened or pulled out.

The frame forms the base that houses one or more waste containers. Most of the pull-out frames are mounted on the bottom of the cabinet, but there are also variants where the sliding mechanism is mounted on the cabinet’s sides or inside the door.

Lastly, there are tilt-out models, but this mechanism is often used for free-standing trash can cabinets.

different types of in cabinet trash cans

Pros and cons of a pullout trash can

To make your descision on whether or not you should buy a pullout trash can easier, we lister the advatages and disadvantages a pullout trash can has.


  • Neatly hide trash out of sight.
  • Saves kitchen floor space.
  • Trash cans are easily accesible when you’re prepping in the kitchen.
  • It organizes main stream waste and recyclables in one spot.


  • There is an installation proces that might require some skill.
  • You have to make cabinet space avialable.
  • It might be hard to clean the cabinet or wire system when debris falls through.

What measurements should you check?

mount built-in trash can under the sinkThe most important aspect to look at before buying a built-in trash can is the available space in the cabinet where you want to install the container. This means you need to measure the inside width, depth, and height of the cabinet opening.

These measurements tell you the maximum dimensions of the pull-out trash can. We recommend getting a slightly smaller in-cabinet trash can to be sure that the frame fits correctly and the door of the cabinet can close fully.

Also, make sure that if you want to install the waste bin under the sink, the waste bin system doesn’t get in the way of the sink’s drain.

Measure out your cabinet to find out what is the biggest size you can fit in your cabinet.


Most kitchen cabinets have standard dimensions for the width, like 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 inches. The pullout waste container system must have a smaller width than the inner cabinet does. How much smaller depends on your personal preferences. You can only use part of your cabinet as waste container space or the entire cabinet.

Height & depth

The height of a kitchen cabinet varies by manufacturer. Up until 35 quarts, most pullout waste containers fit in a cabinet that includes a top drawer.

However, a 50-quart container will most likely not fit when there is a top drawer because it’s too high. Make sure to take your time and pay attention to the dimensions when you pick your pullout trash can.

The depth of a cabinet has standard dimensions like 12, 24, or 36 inches most of the time. The dept of a pullout garbage bin varies per product but mostly ranges between 17 and 22 inches, meaning there are options for shallow cabinets. A few pullout garbage bins even have a rear basket for extra storage so that you can get the most out of your cabinet space.

Lastly, when you measure your inner cabinet’s depth, make sure to take any obstacles such as plumbings or hinges into account.

How many compartments?

How much space do you need, and how many compartments do you want? Some people only install one waste container to dispose of their trash or recyclables.

This recycling container can be, for instance, food scrapings or plastic packaging. But for sorting waste streams, it is recommended to opt for multiple compartments. The only downside here is that the waste and recycling bins tend to be smaller than one large waste container.

Do you want to sort recyclables in the kitchen? Then we recommend a double pull-out trash can.

When you already have garbage disposal for food waste installed under your sink, you can, of course, opt for a single bin pull-out installation that you use for garbage only, such as plastic packaging material.


What size should each comparment be?

Pullout out trash can do not only vary in measurement sizes but also in waste container sizes. These container sizes are most commonly described in quarts and to make sure you pick the right size for your household the following list:

  • 27 quarts = 6,75 gallons
  • 35 quarts = 8,75 gallons
  • 50 quarts = 12,5 gallons

A standard kitchen trash can has a capacity of around 13 gallons or 50 liters. A double pull out trash can will do the job any regular trash can does, and there are also plenty of options available for smaller pullout trash cans.

Placement of the containers

Usually, when you choose a double-in-cabinet trash can, the containers sit behind each other in the slide-out frame when you pull-out the cabinet. But there are also variants available where the bins are placed side by side.

This system’s advantage is that you don’t need to pull out the cabinet entirely to access both waste containers. The disadvantage is that it requires more width, which makes it not an option for narrow kitchen cabinets.


How to install and assemble an under cabinet trash can?

How to install your newly bought pullout garbage bin depends on the type of trash can. Many of these waste bin systems only require a bottom mount, most of the time this means that you only need a handful of screws to install the preassembled wire construction into your cabinet.

When you don’t want to spend a lot of time installing your unit, a bottom mount waste bin organizer might be a good option for you.

We have found many positive reviews regarding the installment of a pullout trash can.

Below you will find a small guide and explanatory video on how to install a bottom mount pull-out trash can.

  1. Put the base in place and make sure the door can close and the mechanism can slide out correctly without touching the door’s hinges.
  2. Mark the areas where you need to drill the holes for the screws. It is recommended to drill pilot holes before mounting the frame with the screws.
  3. Mount the frame with the included screws.
  4. When you need to press the frame into place, make sure you first slide the mechanism in so that you can press against the cabinet.
  5. Attach an optional handle and place the waste containers inside the base.

Every pullout trash can that can be door mounted has to be bottom mounted first. Most of the time, you can choose whether or not you want to mount the pullout trash can to your kitchen cabinet door as well.

Some designs feature handles that you can remove to install door mounting brackets. This will allow you to make your decision later on.
A significant advantage of a door mounting system is that you don’t have to open your cabinet door first before you can pull out your trash cans. A disadvantage is that you have to remove hinges and sometimes add a different handle. Therefore, you can’t conveniently use the cabinet space for anything other than your pullout garbage cans.

Also, consider that mounting the waste bin system to your cabinet door requires precision and, therefore, may take some time. If this is not something you are looking for, make sure door mounting is not required.

Other features to consider:

  • With or without lid or cover? – A built-in trash can is already hidden, so do you need a lid or cover on the waste containers as well? A trash can without a top is more comfortable to access, but odors will be noticeable much quicker, and insects, such as fruit flies, can access the garbage easier. The one with a lid keeps odors to an absolute minimum. These are slide-out trash cans where the waste bins are opened automatically when you pull-out the cabinet. The waste bins are closed off by the frame’s outer shell when the door of the cabinet is closed. Please note that most in-cabinet trash cans have optional lids, which are often not included.
  • Attached door or open the door? – Do you prefer an under-counter trash can where you need to open the cabinet’s door first and then pull-out the trash can? Or do you want a pull-out trash can where the cabinet door face is attached to the frame? An attached door makes it more efficient to use the trash can, you slide the door open, and you can throw away your trash.
  • Storage – Do you want to be able to store items on top or behind the trash cans, such as trash bags? Then check if the pull-out trash can offers storage space, such as a small basket behind the waste container.
  • Soft-close – Do you want a pull-out trash can that opens smoothly and closes softly and silently? Then it would be best if you had a frame with a slide-out mechanism that contains ball bearings for smooth operation and a soft-close system that will make sure the trash can slides back in very quietly. It works like magic!
This is a rotating built-in trash can instead of a pull-out.

Why choose a freestanding trash can?

A freestanding bin is a receptacle that you can place anywhere in your house. This can be in your kitchen, home office, restroom or bathroom. The bins are available in all kinds of shapes, colours and sizes. So there is always a trash bin that fits your needs.


These replaceable waste bins have all kinds of features. Such as automatic motions sensors, step-on foot pedals and dual compartments for recycling.


  • Lots to choose from
  • You can place them everywhere
  • Small and large capacity


  • The bin can scratch your floor or wall
  • Needs cleaning more often
  • It takes up floor space

To prevent a trash bin from scooting on your floor and making scratches you need a bin with rubber protection on the bottom. This is especially recommended for bins with a step-on mechanism.

Why choose a built-in trash can?

A built-in trash can is perfect when you want to keep your trash out of sight. It is also a great solution when you want to save on floor space when there is not much room in your kitchen, for instance. Most people install their pull-out bin in a kitchen cabinet where the sink is located. Therefore a built-in bin is also known as a cabinet trash can.


Slide-out trash cans

A built-in trash can has a frame that you install in a cabinet. Most of the time you need to screw the frame at the bottom of the cabinet. But there are also variants of built-in bins where you mount the frame on the side.

When you open the cabinet you slide or pull-out the trash can by hand. It depends on the type of slide-out trash can how many bins it contains. So a pull-out trash bin can also be used for separating trash and recycling.

It is recommended to look for a pull-out trash can with a sturdy metal frame. This makes using a slide-out trash can much nicer to use because it will slide more smoothly.

pull out slide out tilt out kitchen trash can

Tilt-out trash can

Another variant of a built-in trash can is the tilt-out trash can. This is also a trash can that is installed in a cabinet but instead of sliding the bin towards you, you tilt the cabinet door. The hinge of the cabinet’s door is located at the bottom, so when you open the door the trash can tilts towards you.


  • Bin and garbage out of sight
  • Doesn’t take up floor space
  • Looks clean in your kitchen


  • Bins are relatively small
  • Need to install a frame
  • Less room for other kitchen stuff

Putting screws in a kitchen cabinet might scare you off a little bit. But it isn’t necessary to install a metal frame in one of your cabinets. You can also use a large drawer to put in trash buckets.

Recycling bin guide

What to look for when buying a recycling bin? Read our Recycling Bin Guide.

Recycling bins for home or office

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