Who buys cardboard bales near you?

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Who buys cardboard bales near you?

Rather than sending cardboard waste to a landfill, it can be beneficial to sell cardboard bales to a recycling facility. Finding a buyer for your cardboard bales can be quite challenging, especially when you are not familiar with the recycling industry. This article helps find a company in your area that buys cardboard bales near you and we give tips on how to find a buyer for your cardboard waste materials.

Tool: Find a cardboard buyer near you

Where to sell bales of cardboard in your area? Use the tool below to find a recycling facility that may buy your cardboard (bales).

Locate a recycling facility near your location
This tool uses Google Maps

Fill in your ZIP code to find recycling locations in your area. We send you over to Google Maps for more information.


Can’t find a recycling facility via Google Maps? You can also try out RecycleNation to find a nearby recycling location. Fill in your ZIP code, search for cardboard, and find potential buyers around your location.

The RecycleNation database serves solely as a reference tool for the convenience of U.S. and Canadian businesses and consumers, assisting them in finding recycling and donation alternatives for specific types of used materials.


You can also try IndustryNet to find potential buyers for your corrugated cardboard waste stream. Pick your location in the left column to filter potential companies in your area.

How to sell cardboard?

The first step in selling cardboard bales is to find a recycling company in your area. Shipping large volumes of cardboard waste can be costly, therefore it is important to find a buyer that is located nearby.


Once you have identified potential buyers, you will need to reduce the volume of your cardboard waste. Using a baler can help to compress the material into dense bales, which can reduce transport costs and make it easier to handle. For this, you need a cardboard baler, such as a vertical downstroke baler.

What is your cardboard bale worth?

The value of cardboard bales fluctuates depending on market conditions. This means the price of cardboard can go up or down. In some cases, you may not even generate revenue from your baled cardboard, particularly if the market is saturated or the quality of your bales is too low. Learn more about the value of cardboard.

However, in most cases, selling cardboard bales can be a profitable practice that also helps to reduce the volume of your company’s general waste.

How to find a buyer for your cardboard?

To find a buyer for your cardboard bales, you can start by conducting an online search for recycling facilities in your area, for instance via Google Maps. Search for ‘cardboard recycling’ to spot any facilities near you. Or use the tool at the top of this page.

Once you have found potential buyers for your cardboard, you can contact the companies to find out what type of cardboard these companies buy. Ask about their quality standards and what bale size is required. Some buyers may be interested in purchasing mixed paper or cardboard, while others may only be interested in specific (higher) grades of cardboard.

How to sell your cardboard?


You want to get the best price for your cardboard bales. Properly preparing and compacting the bales can affect their value positively, so it is important to follow industry standards. Invest time in negotiating the best price for your carton. Possibly try to secure a favorable price for your cardboard in a contract.

In short, finding a buyer for your cardboard bales can be a challenging process. But once you find a suitable partner, it can go a long way toward reducing your daily waste costs for your business. At best, your cardboard waste can even generate revenue.

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