Cardboard Shredders & Perforators

Recycle Cardboard Waste into Eco-Friendly Packaging Material Updated on September 6th, 2021 | Authors: Pim Brouwer & Brent Nijssen Do you want to make eco-friendly packaging material from your cardboard waste? A cardboard shredder or perforator is a sustainable solution to repurpose and recycle corrugated cardboard waste into packaging or void-fill material. These machines pay […]

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Vertical Cardboard Baler

With a vertical cardboard baler you compress voluminous cardboard waste into small and compact bales. By compressing cardboard waste, you reduce the volume of the material. This saves up floor space and also the cost of waste collection.

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How much does a cardboard baler cost?

Short ROI on a low cost investment. Updated on Jul. 13, 2021 | Author: Brent Nijssen A cardboard baler is an investment in your company with a lot of┬ácost-saving and environmental benefits. The initial average investment of a new vertical cardboard baler machine is between $5,000 – $20,000. Depending on the organizations’ needs and specifications, […]

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How to oil a paper shredder?

Is your shredder making weird noises? Does it shred slower than usual? It looks like your shredder needs some maintenance and cleaning. The main cause for the weird sounds and slower cutting speed is because dust and paper particles accumulate over time between the rotating cutting blades.

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Best Kitchen Trash Cans

Your kitchen is the main area at home or in the office where most of your trash and recycling appears. Think about food scraps, fruit peels, waste from plastic packaging and metal cans. All this waste needs to go somewhere and to prevent that your recyclables end up in landfills it is recommended to use the right recycling bin. A kitchen trash can is a tool that helps you to sort, separate and organize all of your kitchen waste conveniently.

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