Hard drive shredders for secure data destruction

Securely Destroy Confidential Data on Hard Drives Authors: Pim Brouwer & Brent Nijssen Shred and destroy old or used hard disks with a hard drive shredder before you recycle the storage devices. By physically destroying a hard disk, you make sure confidential data is destroyed completely. This gives you peace of mind and eliminates any […]

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Best Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder for Commercial Shredding

Are you looking for a reliable office shredder for shredding large amounts of sensitive documents? Then we recommend a heavy-duty shredder. These commercial paper shredders can shred high volumes of documents continuously. Standard paper shredders need to cool down after a few minutes of shredding, but a large paper shredder for heavy-duty shredding is optimized to shred for long shredding sessions because of its long run-time and large bin capacity.

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Best 3-Compartment Trash Can

A 3-compartment trash can is a multi-compartment recycling bin for sorting waste and recyclables in your kitchen or office. With the multi-divided recycle bin, you sort plastic, green waste, and general trash quickly with one container.

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Industrial Paper Shredders

Industrial shredders are large, powerful, and high performing shredding machines that are able to shred high volumes of confidential office documents in bulk. A standard office shredder is perfect for shredding small volumes of documents, but for large office departments, industrial environments, facilities or warehouses with lots of confidential documents, it is recommended to have access to a powerful heavy-duty industrial shredder that can shred large amounts of paper continuously and quickly.

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Target Marketing Group finds a way to re-purpose cardboard waste

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL Target Marketing Group purchased an HSM Profipack P425 cardboard shredder to re-purpose cardboard waste and to reduce their packaging costs. We asked Suzette Johnston from Target Marketing Group about their buying journey on Recycling.com. Read the full testimonial from Target Marketing Group. Why does the company need a cardboard shredder? Target Marketing Group […]

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