Micro-Cut Shredder for High Security Shredding

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Micro-Cut Shredder for High Security Shredding

Turn document with sensitive information into unreadable confetti.
Updated on June 2, 2022 | Authors: Pim Brouwer & Diana Tran

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The document shredder is the proper office helper and mandatory in the company. To prevent essential trade secrets from falling into the wrong hands and leading to business damage, you need strict security measures. That is why we recommend the document shredder micro-cut.

Our data destruction experts at Recycling.com have researched and selected great shredders for home and office use.

Top 10 Micro-Cut Shredders

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Top Picks
  1. Best Overall Paper Shredder: Aurora AU1210MA
  2. Best Budget-Friendly Micro-Cut Shredder: Aurora AU1060MA
  3. Best High-Volume Micro-Cut Shredder: Amazon Basics Autofeed
  4. Best Shredder For Home Use/ Small Business: Amazon Basics AU860MA
  5. Best Jam Proof Shredder: Fellowes Powershred LX22M
  6. Best Shred-Safe Micro-Cut Device: Aurora AU1000MA
  7. Best High Security Micro-Cut Shredder : Wolverine SD9520
  8. Best Quiet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder: Fellowes Powershred LX20M

We decided on the best 8 micro-cut paper shredders based on our research. These shredder models have excellent features and a highly security shredding. 


 Run-time of 5+ minutes 
Shred longer

 Sheet capacity of 6+ sheets per pass 
More shredding

Trusted manufacturers 
Sturdy and durable shredders

High-rated customer reviews 
Minimum of 4 stars


Aurora AU1210MA | Best Overall Paper Shredder


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Level: P-4 | Capacity: 12 sheets | Bin: 5 gallons | SKU: AU1210MA | Price: App. $147,99

The Aurora AU1210MA is the best overall paper shredder for small offices and home offices to keep you safe from identity theft. 

This device has security level P-4 and shreds up to 12 documents into tiny particles 5/32″ by 15/32″ per pass at a time. With that being said, you can run this micro-cut shredder for an hour continuously before it cools down for 45 minutes. Aurora AU1210MA Shredder shreds discretely with its ultra-quiet operation of 60 dB and at a speed of 6 ft per minute. 

Furthermore, it features anti-jam technology to prevent paper jams, an auto-start function, and casters from making transport easy. However, the one downside of this shredder is that we find it a bit slow compared to other shredders.

Why buy this shredder?

+ 60 minute continuous run time
+ Quiet operation
+ Pullout basket has a 5-gallon capacity
+ Overload and thermal protection

Why avoid this shredder?

– 45 minute recovery period
– A bit slower compared to other models

Shredder Capabilities: Paper, Credit cards, CDs/DVDs

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Aurora AU870MA | Best Budget-friendly Micro-Cut-Shredder


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Level: P-4 | Capacity: 8  sheets | Bin: 3.9 gallons | SKU: AU870MA | Price: App. $58.00

The Aurora AU870MA is a compact and portable device that can store either on the desk or under the table. With the security level at P-4, the shredder will shred your documents into 5/32” x 15/32” tiny particles. Therefore, your sensitive information will be erased.

Although it is an affordable micro-cut shredder that shreds up to 8 documents in one pass, we would not recommend this model for shredding high quantities of paper.

Despite shredding up to 8 sheets, it runs continuously for 5 minutes before requiring a cool-down for about 30 minutes. The basket has a capacity of 3.9 gallons and can hold pieces of 230 sheets.

Why buy this shredder?

+ Save space, because it fits perfect under a table or desk
+ Affordable pricing
+ Stops automatically when overloaded
+ Easy emptying basket because of its integrated single-hand lifting

Why avoid this shredder?

– Shreds only 8 documents
– Short run time

Shredder Capabilities: Paper, Credit cards, Staples and paper clips

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Amazon Basics AutoFeed | Best High-Volume Micro-Cut Shredder


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Level: P-4 | Capacity: 150  sheets | Bin: 8.5 gallons | SKU: AU150MA | Price: App. $190.43

The Amazon Basics Autofeed shredder shreds high volumes of paper to a high P-4 security level. This device turns your sensitive document into tiny confetti like particles measuring 5/32” by 15/32”. Its shreds six times smaller than a standard cross-cut shredder. 

In addition, Amazon Basics Autofeed shreds up to 150 sheets and up to 10 sheets manually. You don’t have to remove staples or small paper clips with this device. The automatic operation of this paper shredder is up to 60 minutes before a 45-minute cool-down. The manual process runs for 10 minutes, and the cool-down stays the same.

Also, it contains a 4-mode control switch, an anti-jam auto-reverse, LED indicators, and an energy-saving sleep mode.

Why buy this shredder?

+ High volume paper shredder
+ Automatic or manual handling possible

Why avoid this shredder?

– Long cool down time

Shredder Capabilities: Paper, Credit cards, CDs/DVDs

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Amazon Basics AU860MA | Best Shredder For Home Use/ Small Business

Micro cut shredder - Amazon Basics AU860MA

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Level: P-4 | Capacity: 8 sheets | Bin: 4 gallons | SKU: AU860MA | Price: App. $65.97

The Amazon Basics Pullout Basket shredder cuts up to 8 sheets per pass into 5/32” by 15/32” particles and meets high-security level P-4 standards. Further, the shredder has a run-time of 5 minutes and has to cool down for 30 minutes when it runs continuously beyond the max run time. Therefore the motor is protected from overheating.

In addition, you get the device with a pullout basket that holds up to 4 gallons. Also, it comes with a 4-mode power switch and LED status indicators. Amazon Basics Pullout Basket has smooth-rolling wheels for easy transport. 

Why buy this shredder?

+ Light-duty paper shredder
+ Has a low noise level

Why avoid this shredder?

– short run-time

Shredder Capabilities: Paper, Credit cards, CDs/DVDs

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Fellowes Powershred LX22M | Best Jam Proof-Shredder


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Level: P-4 | Capacity: 20 sheets | Bin: 5 gallons | SKU: 5263201 | Price: App. $299.99

The Fellowes Powershred LX22M provides a 100% Jam Proof System, automatically detecting and powers through tough jobs. With a security level of P-4, this device can shred 20 sheets of paper into 5/32” x 1/2” micro-cut particles at a go into a 5 gallons bin. 

Along with that, it has a 30-minute continuous run-time before it cools off for 15 minutes. Also, you can leave the staples and paper clips with the papers while shredding.

This machine comes with an innovative Intellibar with patented responsive technology: zero jamming, run time indicator, shredding efficiency, and prioritized maximum security.  

Why buy this shredder?

+ 100% Jam Proof
+ Big sheet capacity
+ Short cooling down time
+ Features SafeSense technology

Why avoid this shredder?

– A bit pricey 
– No slot for shredding CDs

Shredder Capabilities: Paper, Credit cards

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Aurora AU1000MA | Best Shred-Safe Micro-Cut Device


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Level: P-4 | Capacity: 10 sheets | Bin: 5 gallons | SKU: AU1000MA | Price: App. $165.20

The Aurora AU1000MA shreds ten sheets of paper per pass into 5/32” x 15/32” micro-cut particles at a go into a 5 gallons pull-out bin. The security level of this shredder is at P-4. 

Along with that, this machine has a continuous shred of 12 minutes on and 45 minutes off. Thus, Aurora AU1000MA will not operate when overcapacity is detected, and therefore it prevents paper jams. Another feature is the ShredSafe technology, which prevents mishaps and accidents.

Besides, the device turns off automatically after 5 minutes if the machine is not in use for energy-saving and safety. 

Why buy this shredder?

+ Jam Proof and ShredSafe Technology
+ Big sheet capacity
+ Energy saving
+ Quiet operation

Why avoid this shredder?

– Long cool-down time

Shredder Capabilities: Paper, Credit cards, CDs/DVDs, Staples overload

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Wolverine SD9520 | Best High Security Micro-Cut Shredder

Micro cut shredder - Wolverine SD9520

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Level: P-5 | Capacity: 15 sheets | Bin: 8 gallons | SKU: SD9520A | Price: App. $389.99

The Wolverine SD9520 is a super micro-cut shredder with a high-security level P-5. It shreds 15 sheets at a time and cuts the paper into 3/32” by 13/32” tiny particles at a rate of 12.5 feet per minute. The device has thermal protection and will stop automatically when it’s overheated. The cooling-down time is about 30 minutes. 

The Wolverine Shredder features a powerful Manganese-Steel Cutter that shreds through the materials at ease. It doesn’t need to be lubricated.

This model is unique; its ultra-quiet induction motor with 56 dB gives you a quiet and smooth shredding experience. Likewise, the device has double thermal protection and ensures reliable operation for long life.

Why buy this shredder?

+ High security level P-5
+ Quiet operation
+ Big bin capacity

Why avoid this shredder?

– Power switch cap is a little too small around its diameter
– A bit pricey

Shredder Capabilities: Paper, Credit cards, CDs/DVDs, Staples

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Fellowes Powershred LX20M | Best Quiet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

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Level: P-4 | Capacity: 12 sheets | Bin: 6 gallons | SKU: 5263001 | Price: App. $259,99

The Fellowes LX20M cuts are three times smaller than cross-cut particles. It shreds 12 sheets in a go into 5/32” by 1/2” particles with a security level P-4. 

This device has a continuous shred of 10 minutes before a cool-down period is required. Furthermore, the shredder features maximum productivity, which means that it counts the sheets for you in real-time to indicate the potential for increased sheet capacity. 

Besides, Fellowes LX20M reduces in-use energy consumption and turns down after periods of inactivity. If you want to know more about the Fellowes LX Series, you can check it here

Why buy this shredder?

+ Features an automatic jam detection
+ Quiet operation
+ High performance shredder

Why avoid this shredder?

– Only one user can use the device

Shredder Capabilities: Paper, Credit cards, CDs/DVDs, Junk mails

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book-duotoneMore About Paper Shredders

    1. What Is A Micro-Cut Shredder?
    2. Is Micro-Cut Shredder Better Than Crosscut?
    3. The Difference Between P-4 and P-5
    4. Maintenance Of A Micro Cut Paper Shredder
    5. Shredder-Guide: Good To Know

What Is A Micro-Cut Shredder?

A micro-cut shredder is a more advanced cross-cut shredder and offers more security than a strip-cut shredder. Like a cross-cut shredder, a document is cut diagonally from both corners. Therefore the result is a bin full of short paper particles.
The device contains two cutting blades with V-shaped edges. The cutters cut the documents diagonally from both corners with small particles. In comparison, a strip-cut shredder only cuts the paper vertically with strips.


  • Tiny paper particles.
  • High level of security.
  • Wide choice of micro-cut shredders
  • Keep your sensitive information safe.


  • The shredding process is slower than a similar cross-cut shredder.
  • The machine needs to cool down quicker.
  • Micro-cut shredders are relatively more expensive.

Security level of micro-cut paper shredder

According to the official DIN 66399 standard, Micro-cut shredders contain a security level of




DIN P-7 offers the highest level of information security and is recommended for shredding highly confidential documents, for example, records from the government.


Is Micro-Cut Shredder Better Than Crosscut?

One of the most common ways of categorizing paper shredders is the cuts of the device. The cross-cut shredder cuts sheets into short strips, and the micro-cut shredder shreds paper into tiny particles like confetti. The cutting mechanism of the micro-cut shredder shreds finer. Therefore its output is much lower than that of the cross-cut shredder.

The tinier the pieces, the more difficult it will be for anyone to reconstruct the papers.

A micro-cut shredder offers the highest levels of security for your confidential documents. In principle, the security level for micro-cutting starts at P-5. However, it is expected that P-4 shredders (cross-cut ) are also considered micro-cut.


lightbulb-light Tip: Therefore, the shredders above are all micro-cut shredders with security level P-4 or higher.  If you want a shredder with security level P-5, then check here.

The Difference Between P-4 And P-5

The particles of a P-5 micro-cut shredder are smaller than a P-4 cross-cut shredder. But both security levels are used to shred confidential documents.

Shredders with security level P-5 or higher are generally more expensive because these machines offer more data security due to the smaller shred size. Commonly these high-security shredders are recommended for shredding highly confidential documents. But for the general office documents containing personal information, a P-4 shredder offers enough security.

The main advantage of a P-4 shredder compared to a P-5 shredder is that the P-4 shredders can process and shred documents more quickly. Also, the run-time of the shredder is longer compared to a similar model that offers security level P-5 or higher.

Furthermore, the difference between these two security level is the paper particle’s official minimum size and shape after shredding a document. 


particle size is equal or smaller than 0.248 in² (160 mm²)


particle size is equal or smaller than 0.0465 in² (30 mm²)

The range of a P-4 shred sits between 0.248 in² and 0.0465 in². The tiniest cross-cut shred can be called a micro/cross-cut shred.
This means that the size of a P-4 cut can differ between paper shredder brands. It is up to the manufacturer how small the shredder can shred your documents. Therefore it is essential to thoroughly research the specifications of a paper shredder to determine the size of a paper particle.

Below, you can compare cross-sectional shreds from a P-3, a P-4, and a P-5 shredder. You can tell that a P-5 paper particle is much smaller than a P-4 particle. But, it is essential to note that a P-4 particle can be smaller than 0.248 in².


 Destroys an A4 document

+-/ 200 pieces

+-/ 400 pieces

+-/ 2,000 pieces

It all depends on your own opinion and expectation of how much security you prefer. Some people are satisfied with the size of paper particles from their P-3 shredder. However, others prefer a smaller particle that offers more security and protection, and therefore they opt for a P-4 or even a P-5 shredder.

Maintenance Of A Micro Cut Paper Shredder

Micro cut shredder - Wolverine SD9520We recommend you to oil the shredder regularly to keep your micro-cut paper shredder running smoothly.

To do this, read the user manual for further instructions. You can use official shredder oil or lubricant sheets to lubricate the paper shredder blades. Read more about how to oil your shredder.

Shredder guide

What to look for when buying a secure paper shredder? Read our Paper Shredder Guide.