Best Auto Feed Shredders for Automatic Shredding

Please note: This page is currently under construction. Commercial and Heavy-Duty Auto Feed Shredders Shred large stacks of confidential documents automatically while you walk away. That is the big advantage of an auto feed paper shredder. With these shredders you can shred your documents fully automatically instead of manually feeding them to the machine. Most […]

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10 Best Paper Shredders for Home (Office) Under $100

Shred Confidential Documents at Home What is the best shredder for personal use? We recommended to use a cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder to use at home when you want to securely shred your confidential documents. These shredders can destroy your personal tax documents, bank statements, receipts and paycheck stubs into unreadable paper particles. Don’t […]

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TAA Compliant Paper Shredders for American Government

High security paper shredders under the Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Government paper shredders must adhere to certain rules regarding the safe and secure destruction of data. The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department Of Defense (DOD) have determined minimal requirements a paper shredder has to meet to be used by a government agency. Next […]

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Best P4 ‘Micro-Cut’ Shredders (that are really Cross-Cut)

Micro-cut shredder or Cross-cut shredder? How sensitive and secret is the information you want to shred? You are probably looking for a high security micro-cut shredder that destroys your documents into tiny and unreadable particles so you are protected against identity theft. Officially, according to DIN 66399, a micro-cut paper shredder falls under security level […]

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Best Paper Shredder for Small Business or Office

Professional shredders for the office workspace Which paper shredder is best for small business use and keeps your confidential information safe and secure? On this page you can find recommended paper shredders for deskside office use. These professional office shredders for 1-3 users are perfect for shredding confidential business papers, such as sensitive tax and […]

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