Pros and cons of a paper shredder

Having a paper shredder around is very convenient and has a lot of benefits. Because when there is a need to throw away a confidential document you just shred it before recycling it. Paper shredders are great to have around at home, but also for offices and other commercial areas it is a needed tool […]

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How to oil a paper shredder?

Is your shredder making weird noises? Does it shred slower than usual? It looks like your shredder needs some maintenance and cleaning. The main cause for the weird sounds and slower cutting speed is because dust and paper particles accumulate over time between the rotating cutting blades.

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Paper Shredders for Cardboard Shredding

A paper shredder is officially meant for shredding confidential ‘paper’ documents. But maybe you want to shred cardboard with it as well to use for compostingĀ or you want to reduce the volume of cardboard boxes before you recycle it. Which shredders are your best option to go for? Please note that we don’t recommend to […]

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