DIN 66399 Paper Shredder Security Levels

Which security level do you need for paper shredding? When you are looking for a new shredder for home or at the office, you often see the security level of a paper shredder. For instance, P-2, P-3, or P-4. What does the security level mean, and why is it important to pay attention to it […]

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Shred Bins for Secure Paper Storage

Standard, non-lockable paper recycling bins are not suitable for secure storing of sensitive documents prior to paper shredding. It is recommended to use security bins and containers in your office environment. These shred bins and shred carts are specially designed for secure disposal and collection of confidential documents that needs shredding.

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Cross-Cut Shredders for Home & Office Use

Do you need a paper shredder that shreds your confidential documents into tiny particles? Then you are looking for a cross-cut shredder. These shredding machines cut your documents diagonally in both directions, which results in small paper particles. Therefore cross-cut shredders are also known as confetti-cut or particle-cut shredders.

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10 Paper Shredder Questions Answered (FAQ)

On this page, we answer 10 basic questions about paper shredders. Can you shred staples with every paper shredder? And what to do when a paper shredder overheats? Find out the answers below. #1 | Can paper shredders shred CDs? Yes, some paper shredders are able to shred CDs and DVDs besides confidential documents. These […]

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Industrial Paper Shredders

Industrial shredders are large, powerful, and high performing shredding machines that are able to shred high volumes of confidential office documents in bulk. A standard office shredder is perfect for shredding small volumes of documents, but for large office departments, industrial environments, facilities or warehouses with lots of confidential documents, it is recommended to have access to a powerful heavy-duty industrial shredder that can shred large amounts of paper continuously and quickly.

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