How to Fix Common Paper Shredder Problems?

You are in the middle of your monthly shredding session. It is you together with a paper shredder against that growing pile of old, but confidential, documents that were collecting dust on your desk. The shredder is doing its job and grinds through the documents you feed it, but then all of a sudden the […]

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Industrial Paper Shredders For High Volume Shredding

Powerful heavy-duty shredders for shredding documents in bulk Industrial shredders are large and powerful machines that can shred high volumes of confidential office papers with ease. A standard office shredder is perfect for shredding small volumes of documents. But for large office departments, industrial environments, facilities or warehouses with lots of confidential documents, it is […]

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Best Auto Feed Shredders for Automatic Shredding

Commercial and Heavy Duty Auto Feed Shredders Shred large stacks of confidential documents automatically while you walk away. That is the big advantage of an auto feed paper shredder. With these shredders you can shred your documents fully automatically or manually. Tip: See all Auto Feed Shredders at Amazon Spend less time shredding confidential documents […]

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Shred Bins for Secure Paper Storage

Store sensitive documents in secured bins before shredding Standard, non-lockable paper recycling bins are not suitable for secure storing of sensitive documents prior to paper shredding. It is recommended to use security bins and containers in your office environment. These shred bins and shred carts are specially designed for secure disposal and collection of confidential […]

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How to oil a paper shredder?

Clean your shredder with a ‘paper sandwich’ Is your shredder making a weird sound? Does it shred slower than usual? It looks like your shredder needs some maintenance. The main cause for the weird sounds and slower cutting speed is due to dust collection between the rotating cutting blades. This dust is generated because of […]

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Strip-Cut Shredders for Low Security Shredding

Everything to know about strip cutting shredders With a strip-cut paper shredder you can shred paper documents into long, narrow strips. The advantage of these type of shredders is that you can shred quick and easy because of the single cutting mechanism. The downside of strip cutting shredder machines is that they offer less data […]

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