Vertical baler features and tools

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Vertical baler features and tools

What makes a good cardboard baler? Before purchasing a vertical baler, there are several criteria and characteristics to consider when choosing the specific model and making that you want. Below you will find an outline of all the requirements and features you may want to give thought to during this decision process.

A vertical cardboard baler can reduce the volume of cardboard by up to 95%.


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What makes a good baler – Checklist

If you want to buy a baler, then you should consider a few points in advance. But what makes a good baler? Below we have listed the most important points to help you to go through an easy decision process.

Features and extras


Internal or external moving parts

Most vertical balers have their moving parts, such as the pressing cylinders and strapping rolls, visible on the top of the machine. But you can also opt for a baler where the moving parts are hidden and protected inside the machine.


A baler with external moving parts is generally less expensive than a baler with outer moving parts. But it requires more vertical space. When you want to station a cardboard box baler in a room or area (such as a warehouse rack) with limited height, then a baler with integrated parts is an option.

The downside is that baler machines with internal parts are more expensive, in the range of $2,000. Besides that, not every manufacturer has this type of baler in their assortment.

Bramidan is a manufacturer with a wide range of balers with internal or external moving parts. Most of their clients opt for a baler with external moving parts.

Customers that do want a baler with integrated moving parts do this mainly for space-saving reasons. A smaller audience wants this machine because of its sleeker look and design.

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Door types

Cardboard balers all contain a door, but how you open or close the door is all up to your preferences. For instance, you can choose a double door baler where the door is split in half.

Or you can get a baler with a loading flap, where the door tilts towards the operator. There are also balers with a sliding door, which requires less space. Lastly, you can opt for a cardboard baler with an (automatic) sliding door.

Door type examples

Large or small baler?

Comparison of different sized cardboard balers.
  • Overall, large balers produce bales that are about twice larger than those of small to medium-sized balers.
  • Small or medium balers produce bales that weigh half or even a quarter of bales produced by large balers.
  • The footprint of a large baler is up to four times the size of small to medium balers.
  • A larger baler’s average pressing power is usually at least 150% of the pressing force of a small to a medium baler.
  • The required space for a disposal container is 20 m², a vertical baling press only needs 6 m².

Read our more in-depth article about the size of a cardboard baler.


Tools, supplies, and accessories

Besides a cardboard baler, what other supplies do you need to start baling your cardboard?

  • Wheeled container – Place wheeled containers for cardboard waste at centralized areas in and around your company. Once full, these wheeled containers can easily be transported to the baling press.
  • Strapping – To keep a compressed bale in a compact form. It is crucial to strap the bale with metal wire or another strong binding material to prevent it from falling apart.
  • Pallet When a bale is ready, it will get ejected from the baler. Therefore, you need a pallet to hold the cardboard bale once it gets prepared for transportation.
  • Pallet truck (with scale)To transport the pallet with the cardboard bale, a pump truck or pallet truck comes in handy. We recommend a pallet truck with a scale so you can weigh the cardboard bale on the go.
  • Self-dumping hopper – This attachment for a forklift can be used to store, transport, and dump cardboard material in the area of the cardboard compactor. 


A pallet and a pallet truck are recommended tools (image source).

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