Benefits of a baling cardboard with a vertical baler

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Benefits of a baling cardboard with a vertical baler

Cardboard or plastic is a rather voluminous and space-consuming waste stream, for instance, cardboard boxes. To reduce transportation costs, and thus waste expenses for your company, it is worthwhile to compress cardboard beforehand. Compact cardboard or plastic bales have a much smaller footprint, which requires less floor space in your company.

Additionally, compressed bales are much more efficient to transport for waste collection companies because they can collect more weight in a more compact form. In summary, a vertical baler is beneficial for the environment and for company finances.

A vertical cardboard baler can reduce the volume of cardboard by up to 95%.


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What are the advantages of baling cardboard?

The most common type of waste that businesses produce is cardboard, mostly because of old packaging materials. What are the benefits of baling cardboard with a baler?


1. Reduce the volume of the waste material

Cardboard is a voluminous material that can take up quite some space. Especially when you have high volumes of cardboard waste. By compressing cardboard you can reduce the volume of the material up to 10 times.

Transporting baled cardboard or plastic makes transportation by your waste disposal company more efficient and convenient.

Depending on the material compacted, up to 54 bales can be transported with a 24 tonne articulated lorry.

2. Save space on site

Baled cardboard frees up a lot of space on site. Firstly, the volume of the waste material is significantly reduced by baling it into a bale.

Secondly, cardboard bales can be stacked on top of each other. Lastly, there is no need for additional wheeled containers or skips in or around your facility. A vertical baling press occupies minimal floor space compared to a skip or dumpster.

3. Save on waste disposal cost

By baling cardboard, you reduce the cost of waste removal by reducing the frequency of collection. There is no need to rent cardboard bins or skips. And you save on the cost of hauling the cardboard waste.

The necessary trips for waste disposal are reduced in comparison to a standard disposal container. This saves costs and also results in CO2 savings because it reduces your carbon footprint.

4. Revenue from your cardboard waste

The bales you create with a baler can be used in the recycling chain as secondary raw material, this could generate an income depending on the market prices of cardboard.

Baling cardboard will 100% lower waste removal costs. The recyclable material can be picked up for free or with a profit.

5. Less contamination and higher recycling rates

A dedicated baling machine for cardboard improves the quality of the waste stream, which also increases the value of the material.

Less cardboard will end up in landfills, and more of the material gets recycled reducing the environmental impact of your organization.

6. Save labor time and cost

A cardboard or plastic baler can be placed and used directly where the waste accumulates. Therefore it saves labor time and thus labor costs.

A vertical baler machine is easy to use and safe to operate, which makes it usable for most of your personnel.

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