Compact horizontal baling press

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Compact horizontal baling press

Small footprint baling press for retailers
Updated on May, 2022 | Authors: Pim Brouwer & Brent Nijssen


Does your company need a fast and compact solution to bale large volumes of cardboard waste into dense bales? Then a compact horizontal baling press is the right solution. This recycling machine sits between a more labor-intensive vertical cardboard baler and a larger-sized regular horizontal baler. It combines the best of both worlds.

Compact Horizontal Balers

A compact horizontal baling press is the right solution for compacting cardboard waste into bales when space is limited but waste volumes are high. These balers are perfect for retail, supermarkets, and manufacturing industries. On this page, you’ll find a quick overview of space-saving horizontal balers and compactors.

HSM HL 7009

Horizontal compactor



The HSM HL 7009 is a very compact baler. Its horizontal working counter plate press is suitable for large disposal tasks in retail and in small to medium central storages.

  • Type: Closed-end compactor
  • Driving power: 14.35 HP
  • Pressing power: 71 t / 142,000 lb
  • Voltage: 208 V / 60 Hz
  • Cycle time: 47 s
  • Bale dimensions: 43.31″ x 43.31″ x 47.24″ (w*h*l)
  • Bale weight: 1323 lb
  • Machine dimensions: 234.33″ x 81.34″ x 98.43″ (w*h*l)
  • Machine weight: 16305.37 lb
  • Download datasheet

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HSM VK 2306

Horizontal channel baler



The HSM VK 2306 channel baling press is for industrial applications with small material loads. It has a throughput up to approx. 4,277 ft³/h.

  • Type: Open-end channel baler
  • Driving power: 20.12 HP
  • Pressing power: 24 t / 48,000 lbs
  • Voltage: 480 V / 60 Hz
  • Cycle time: 6,7 s
  • Bale dimensions: 29.53″ x 19.69″ x 23.62 – 47.24″ (w*h*l)
  • Bale weight: 551 lb
  • Machine dimensions: 208.46″ x 106.3″ x 61.61″ (w*h*l)
  • Machine weight: 7716.17 lb
  • Download datasheet

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What is a compact horizontal baling press?

A compact horizontal baler is an open-end, or closed-end baler for compressing waste materials into dense bales. Usually, these presses are used for compacting cardboard waste. An open-end baler is also known as a horizontal channel baler and a closed-end baler is better known as a waste compactor.

Difference between cardboard balers

There are several machines to choose from when you want to compress voluminous cardboard waste into tight bales. For low to medium volumes of cardboard waste, a vertical cardboard baler is a popular option. For medium to high volumes of cardboard waste, a horizontal baler is more efficient and effective.

Vertical baler versus horizontal baler

The table below shows an average of the pressing force and bale weight per baler type:

Baler type Press force Bale weight
Light-duty vertical baler 10,000 – 24,000 lbs 50 – 200 lbs
Medium-duty vertical baler 30,000 – 50,000 lbs 250 – 500 lbs
Heavy-duty vertical baler 100,000 – 120,000 lbs 750 – 1250 lbs
Compact horizontal baler 50,000 – 100,000 lbs 1,000 – 1,500 lbs
Large horizontal baler 100,000 – 200,000 lbs 1,500 – 2,500 lbs

The values shown are an average based on a comparison between different manufacturers.

When do you want a vertical baler?

A vertical baling machine is ideal when you are looking for:

the most space-efficient solution.

the most cost-friendly baling machine.

a machine that produces a few bales per week.

When do you want a horizontal baler?

A horizontal baling machine is ideal when you are looking for:

the most time-efficient baler.

a machine that can handle high volumes of cardboard waste continuously.

compressing cardboard waste into mill-sized bales for the recycling industry.

For who is a compact horizontal baler for?

Compact horizontal balers and compactors are ideal for supermarkets, retailers, manufacturing industries, and distribution centers. These recycling machines require low space (in comparison to regular horizontal baler) and are a great solution for businesses that need a faster machine than what a vertical baler has to offer.

A compact horizontal baler is also known as a retail baler or grocery baler.

Examples of a vertical baler, ideal for lower volumes

A vertical baler is a space-saving machine for baling small to medium amounts of cardboard waste into bales. But the downside is that baling can become too labor-intensive if large amounts of waste material are involved. In addition, a vertical baler may be too slow or too small for the needs of your business. Thus, a vertical press may not have enough capacity to operate cost-effectively.

HSM HL 7009 compactor, ideal for supermarkets

A step up is a horizontal baling press. But regular horizontal balers are more expensive, require a lot of space, and are much more ‘heavy-duty’ compared to a heavy-duty vertical baler. In other words, the step up from a vertical press to a horizontal press might be one step too big for your business. A horizontal baler is an industrial machine with industrial specifications, which might be a bit too much for your needs.

A compact horizontal baler is perfect for large needs, but for limited floor space.

The perfect ‘in-between’ solution is a compact horizontal ‘retail’ baler. It combines the advantages of a vertical press with the ones of a horizontal press. A compact baling press saves floor space, requires a lower investment than a large horizontal press, offers more capacity than a vertical press, and is more time-efficient. In addition, it produces mill-size bales for the recycling industry.

Why is a horizontal baler faster than a vertical baler?

The main reasons why a horizontal baling press is much more time-efficient than a vertical baler are:

  • Large and wide infeed –  This makes it easy and quick to discard large amounts of cardboard waste into the baler. You can use a bin lifter, chute, conveyor, or even a forklift with a self dumping hopper.
  • Faster baling process – It takes less time to feed the baler and to compress the cardboard into the bale, compared to a vertical baler.
  • Continuous operation – Horizontal balers are built to work all day long. Especially open-end extrusion balers are ideal for continuous operation.
  • Consistent bales – Horizontal baler machines produce bales that are consistent in density and weight. This makes the bales easy to store and easy to sell to the recycling industry.

Compact horizontal baler or compactor?

There are two variants of a horizontal baler: a channel baler, and a compactor. What is the difference?

Open-end versus closed-end baler

A channel baler is an open baler and is capable of continuously compacting cardboard. The machine produces one bale after the other fully automatically. It depends on the type of open-end baler whether it features an auto-tie function or not. Most compact channel balers are semi-automatic, meaning that the operator has to tie the bales manually.

The video below shows the process of a semi-automatic horizontal compactor. The operator demonstrates how to tie the cardboard bale manually:

A compactor is a closed-end baler, it is a fully enclosed horizontal baler. This machine produces one bale at a time. The bale must first be removed before a new bale can be produced. Similar to the open-end baler it is often the case that the bale has to be tied manually by the operator.

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