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Vertical plastic baler

Update Oct. 6, 2022 | Authors: Brent Nijssen & Pim Brouwer

Almost all businesses produce plastic waste and nowadays, plastic recycling is very important. A vertical plastic baler can help your business to reduce the volume of plastic waste. The plastic pressing machine compresses plastic waste materials into compact and tight bales. It really reduces the volume of the waste materials. Our team of experts is here to help you find the right plastic baler for your business.

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Plastic balers categories
The subdivision of the categories are based on the bale weight.

plastic bale - Intro image entry level

plastic bale - Intro image light-duty (1)

plastic bale - Intro image medium-duty

plastic bale - Intro image heavy-duty

Tip: Check our plastic baler guide for more information on these machines. 

Entry-level plastic balers 

Waste volume
low volume

Press force
5 to 10 tons

Bale weight
up to 286 lbs

HSM V-Press 610

Mechanical bale ejector



  • Bale weight: Up to 220 lbs
  • Press force: 12 t
  • Motor: 5.1 HP
  • Baler weight: 1190.49 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 47.17″ x 32.4″ x 78.19″

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The HSM V-Press 610 has a low installation height and area. It economically reduces the volume of foils, but also cardboard boxes. The baler also ensures a high process through HSM Torsion Control System (TCS), which is for monitoring the press ram movement.

Furthermore, the plastic bales are strapped with polyester strapping and can be automatically ejected onto a pallet for easy transport.

Bramidan Baler X10

Ideal for limited space

Bramidan Baler X10 - plastic-baler


  • Bale weight: Up to 200 lbs
  • Press force: 22,000 lbs
  • Motor: 2.0 HP
  • Baler weight: 1,470 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 52″ x 41″ x 75″

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The Bramidan Baler X10 is a small and efficient baler thanks to the internal cross cylinders which ensure a low overall height. This makes this baler ideal for limited spaces at your facility. Due to the fast cycle times, this waste baler has a high throughput. 

In addition to plastic film, PET bottles, aluminum cans, tin cans, hard plastic, polystyrene, cardboard and paper, this machine also processes textiles.

Light-duty plastic balers

Waste volume
small volume

Press force
18 to 25 tons

Bale weight
up to 550 lbs

HSM V-Press 820

Large baler with small footprint



  • Bale weight: Up to 550 lbs
  • Press force: 36,000 lbs
  • Motor: 6.44 HP
  • Baler weight: 2,866 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 66.9″ x 42.3″ x 98.3″

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The HSM V-Press 820 is a vertical baler machine for compacting medium to large volumes of plastic waste. This plastic press machine has a quick and easy installation due to the crossed cylinders.

When filling the press, the upper half of the door opens downwards. The massive press ram, robust press plate, and offer high pressing power, so your plastic is compressed into a compact bale.

Bramidan Baler B20

For many different industries

Bramidan Baler B20- plastic-baler


  • Bale weight: Up to 550 lbs
  • Press force: 44,100 lbs
  • Motor: 5.5 HP
  • Baler weight: 2,750 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 70″ x 41″ x 109″

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The Bramidan Baler B20 is a powerful and versatile baler for plastic foil, cardboard waste, and waste paper. This machine has a high throughput and a short press cycle. Besides, the volume of plastic is reduced a lot, because of the high compression ratio.

The finished bales are optimal in size, so they fit on standard EU or US pallets for easy transportation. Also, the bales are easy to tie and eject automatically.

Medium-duty plastic balers

Waste volume
medium volume

Press force
30 to 60 tons

Bale weight
up to 1100 lbs

HSM V-Press 860

Ensures optimum utilization



  • Bale weight: Up to 1,213 lbs
  • Press force: 120,000 lbs
  • Motor: 6.44 HP
  • Baler weight: 5,317 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 82.13″ x 61.69″ x 117.72″

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The HSM V-Press 860 belongs to the top model from HSM in the V-Press series, as it is equipped with low-noise and energy-saving technology. The waste baling machine is suitable for compressing cardboard waste as well as plastic film or foil.

Furthermore, this baler produces highly compacted bales, marketable without further repressing. Once the plastic bale is ready, the press machine is ejected automatically onto a standard EU or US pallet for transport.

Bramidan Baler X50

High compression ratio

Bramidan Baler X50- plastic-baler


  • Bale weight: Up to 1,100 lbs
  • Press force: 110,000 lbs
  • Motor: 7.5 HP
  • Baler weight: 5,370 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 78 x 54 x 100″

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The Bramidan Baler X50 is a high-performance machine and is able to compress diverse waste streams, such as cardboard, plastic film, paper, PET bottles, aluminum cans, tin cans, hard plastics, textiles and styrofoam.

This raw material baler is safe to operate via an electric control panel, all moving parts are inside the baler. This machine produces compact bales that weigh up to 1,100 lbs. 

Heavy-duty plastic baler 

Waste volume
large volume

Press force
up to 50 tons

Bale weight
up to 1320 lbs

HSM V-Press 1160

Strong pressing power

_HSM V-Press 1160 - plastic-baler


  • Bale weight: Up to 1,212 lbs
  • Press force: 59.4 t
  • Motor: 4 kW
  • Baler weight: 5,057 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 70″ x 54,6″ x 117,5″

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The HSM V-Press 1160 is able to produce a maximum bale weight of 1,212 lbs. The cycle time of this machine is 27 s when idling. Furthermore, the vertical press is energy-efficient, and saves time and money. 

To fill the press, this vertical baler offers two door types. You can choose here between a sliding door or a double door.

Bramidan Baler B50

Low noise level

Bramidan Baler B50- plastic-baler


  • Bale weight: Up to 1,212 lbs
  • Press force: 110,000 lbs
  • Motor: 5.5 HP
  • Baler weight: 3,968 lbs
  • Baler size (w*d*h): 71″ x 51″ x 122″

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The Bramidan Baler B50 is an industrial vertical baler with high baling pressure, perfect for efficiently handling cardboard and dry soft plastic waste. The cylinder is demountable and gives a low transport height.

Furthermore, the baler has a short press cycle and ejects the bale automatically. Besides, the B50 has a low noise level of 62 dB(A). The bales fit on a standard EUR or US pallet.

Compare specifications at a glance

Plastic baler - compare table

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You can download the official information sheet from HSM and Bramidan below:

Table of contents:

Why use a plastic baler?

A plastic baler machine can manage your plastic waste materials. In order to reuse your recyclable plastic waste, these baler machines compress waste material into compact bales. 

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are using baling machines. There is a wide range of many types of businesses that use plastic balers or even cardboard balers, such as:

  • Warehouses;
  • Manufacturing facilities;
  • Restaurants;
  • Distribution centers;
  • Hotels;

  • Garden centers;
  • Retail businesses;
  • Schools and universities;
  • Recycling center and more.

Plastic baler - produced bale

A vertical plastic baler can reduce the waste volume up to 90% and gives you a lot of valuable workspaces. In addition, instead of losing money down the drain on disposable waste, you can earn the money back by recycling your own plastic materials.

A plastic baler reduces waste and t reduces the environmental impacts of production and consumption.

The advantages of baler for plastic

The plastic recycling machine is available not only in a vertical variant but also in a horizontal baler variant. Read here the article “vertical vs. horizontal balers” to gather all the information. 

save costs By recycling and compacting plastic materials, you save up to 90% in cost by limiting transport by waste haulers and eliminating dumpster rental.
save space Plastic waste often contains a lot of air and for this reason, it takes up a lot of space in your warehouse.
environmental protection Plastic waste pollutes the environment and every year we produce approx. 400 million tonnes of plastic waste. With the help of waste separation, you can easily solve the problem and reduce your environmental impact in the process.

Tip: You can read more about the positive contribution of plastic balers here. Of course, these baler machines also have disadvantages.

Is it possible to use the same baler for both plastic and cardboard?

Plastic and cardboard are the most common recyclable materials produced. Generally speaking, balers can handle both plastic and cardboard waste in the same baling machine.

A cardboard baler can bale plastic, but not all plastic baler can bale cardboard.

Although, it is not possible to use both materials at the same time, but it is recommendable to bale cardboard first. In the meantime, you can collect plastic waste and once the cardboard bale is ejected, you can begin to fill plastic into the chamber.

Plastic baler - plastic vs. cardboard

We advise you to consider in advance whether you would prefer to look for a machine that can compress both materials into bale or only one of the waste streams.

What types of plastics are there?

There are different types of plastic, which are classified in a system. With that being said, this classification should help people properly recycle their plastics.

Below you will see the common types of plastic: 

Abbreviations Examples
PET plastic bottle
HDPE bottles for detergents
PVC water pipes
LDPE plastic bags or stretch film
PP reservoir
PS styrofoam and yoghurt jars

Check the recycling-codes and download our recycling codes for free.

Ballenpressen für Kunststoff - Kunststoffarten

Can you mix different kinds of plastics in a baler?

There are different kinds of plastic, and it is not possible to mix them in a plastic baler at the same time to be recycled.

Accordingly, each of the types has different properties and melts at different temperatures. Also, just because they have the same resin number doesn’t mean that they can be mixed together. The reason is simply because of the chemical combinations that react differently when they are melted down for recycling.

During the recycling process at facilities, plastics are sorted into types because it is essential. Thus, there are two common methods to perform the process:

gear-lightMechanical Recycling

Chemical Recycling

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