How to oil a paper shredder?

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How to oil a paper shredder?

Clean your shredder with a ‘paper sandwich’

Is your shredder making a weird sound? Does it shred slower than usual? It looks like your shredder needs some maintenance. The main cause for the weird sounds and slower cutting speed is due to dust collection between the rotating cutting blades. This dust is generated because of the paper cutting process. A way to tackle this problem is by oiling your paper shredder.

Regularly oiling your shredder with a shredder lubricant will improve the lifespan and your shredders performance. But how often and when do you need to lubricate your paper shredder with oil or lubricant and sharpening sheets?

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applying-shredder-oil-papershredderHow often should you oil your paper shredder

The rule of thumb is: Oil your shredder when the collection bin is full or after intensive use of the shredder. This will keep the blades running smooth and it will ensure optimal durability. In addition, if you are in the possession of a “micro cut shredder” oil it more often than a regular “cross cut shredder”.


  • Oil the shredder after intensive use or a full collection bin.
  • Buy official shredder lubricant for your paper shredder.

The 3 ways of oiling a shredder

Our guide given below consists of three general methods for oiling your shredder.

  1. The direct method
  2. The indirect Method
  3. Lubricant sheets

1) The direct method

The direct method involves pouring the oil directly into the paper input. For this method we urge you to use a bottle with a narrow spout to pour the oil in the opening without spilling it. This is how you apply the oil:

  1. Grab the bottle with official shredder oil.
  2. Turn/hold the reverse function of the shredder and keep it running for 10 seconds.
  3. Turn off the entire shredder.
  4. Pour the lubricant directly in the paper input from the left side to the right side in one smooth motion.
  5. Turn on the shredder and let it shred (without paper) for half a minute.
  6. The blades and the shredder are oiled successfully!

2) Indirect Method: The Sandwich

With this method, you apply the oil in a cross shape to a sheet of white A4 paper. Let it soak in for a bit and place another sheet of paper on top of it. Now you’ve created a ‘sandwich’.

  1. Two sheets of A4 paper.
  2. Apply a thin line of oil from the top left to the bottom of the sheet. And from top right to the bottom left. Make sure that you do not completely soak the paper with oil.
  3. Allow the oil to retract for a few seconds.
  4. Take another A4 sheet of paper and place it on the oiled side of the other sheet of A4 paper. You have now made a ‘sandwich’.
  5. Turn on the reverse function of the shredder and wait for 10 seconds.
  6. Put your shredder in its normal position.
  7. Now shred the two sheets of paper or ‘sandwich’ into the shredder. Make sure that no oil spills out of the paper sandwich.
  8. Turn on the reverse function and allow the shredder to rotate for a further half a minute so that the blades are well lubricated.
  9. You have successfully oiled the shredder.

3) Libricant sheets or oil sheets

In addition to a vail of shredder oil, you can also use oil sheets. A lubricant sheet looks like a thin envelop with an already oiled sheet of paper in it. The only thing you have to do is shred the lubricant sheet. It looks quite similar like a ‘sandwich’ as we described above.

  1. Grab an oil sheet.
  2. Turn on the reverse or reverse function and wait 10 seconds.
  3. Put your shredder in its normal position.
  4. Shred the lubricant sheet.
  5. Turn on the return function or reverse function and let the shredder run for another half a minute so that the blades are well lubricated.
  6. You have successfully oiled the shredder.

What method do we recommend to use?

First you should check the manual for the manufacturer’s advice on how to oil your shedder. If there is no clear method indicated then we recommend you to use de indirect method. This way you minimalize oil spillage on your machine and the use of excess oil.

Always use official shredder oil

For your safety it’s important that you always use official shredder oil or lubricant for oiling your paper shredder. When using another type of oil you are at risk that you shredder catches fire.

Where to buy shredder oil or lubricant sheets?

You can look for the right shredder oil on the official website of the manufacturer from your paper shredder. You can also look on Amazon.

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Can you use WD-40 or another universal lubricant?

No, it is not recommended to use WD-40 or other universal lubricants or penetrating oils to lubricate your shredder with. Always use official shredder oil, please check the user manual of your shredder to find out what type of oil is recommended by the manufacturer.

What shredder should you buy?

Do you want to buy a new paper shredder? Read more about paper shredders here

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    1. Dear Gloria, thanks for your question. According to Fellowes you can shred up to 11 sheets per pass. We recommend not pushing the shredder to its limits, so adviced is to use 8-10 sheets for this shredder. All the best, Pim –

  1. “Official” shredder oil is nothing more than canola oil. So sayeth the “official” MSDS. So, make your sandwich with canola oil, and feed it to your shredder.

    1. Thanks for your explanation. Still we recommend to use the official shredder oil to avoid any malfunctions and possible problems with your product warranty.

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