Strip-Cut Shredders for Low Security Shredding

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Strip-Cut Shredders for Low Security Shredding

With a strip-cut paper shredder, you can shred paper documents into long, narrow strips. This type of shredder advantage is that you can shred quickly and easily because of the single cutting mechanism.

The downside of strip cutting shredder machines is that they offer less data protection than a cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder.


  1. What is a strip-cut shredder machine?
  2. Which security level is strip-cut?
  3. How does a strip-cut paper shredder work?
  4. Pros and cons
  5. Maintenance of strip-cut shredders
  6. Is a strip-cut shredder the best type of shredder?
  7. Shredder guide

reuse-reduce-recycle-iconA strip-cut shredder shreds your documents quickly but offers low security.

What is a strip-cut shredder machine?

strip-cut-shredder-stripsA strip-cut shredder is a basic paper shredder for shredding non-confidential documents. Strip-cut shredders shred documents vertically in long narrow strips. These strips might still contain readable parts of text and visuals, graphics, signatures, or photos.

There are all kinds of strip-cut shredders available. It ranges from small and compact personal shredders you can use at home up to commercial shredders you can use at the office and even large industrial shredders for high volume shredding.

One A4 document ends up in approximately 39 strips when it is shredded with a P-2 paper shredder.

Long strips might be still readable

Strip-cutting shredders are also called ribbon-cut, spaghetti-cut, or straight-cut shredders. The shredding machines produce long strips of paper.

Therefore, these machines are not recommended to destroy confidential or sensitive documents, especially when you want to shred documents printed in landscape mode.

Be aware of ‘landscaping’ with a strip-cut shredder.

Strips still contain readable data.

Why is that? Well, when you shred a landscape-oriented printed document with a strip cut shredder, you can read full sentences of text or data on each strip.

This so-called ‘landscaping’ really forms a data risk when the document contains highly confidential information. With a cross-cut shredder or micro-cut shredder, you won’t experience this.

Which security level is strip-cut?

Are strip-cut shredders secure and safe to use? This category of paper shredders is a security level P-1 or P-2, according to the official DIN 66399 standard.

This means that these shredders offer the least amount of data protection. A P-1 strip-cut shredder produces the largest strips when shredding a document. One P-1 strip particle is 0.47 inches wide, a P-2 strip is 0.23 inches wide and offers a bit more security. Read more about the shredder DIN security levels.

Check DIN security levels

Use a strip cut shredder for:

  • Low level of security
  • For shredding non-sensitive documents
  • Long narrow vertical paper strips, like spaghetti
  • Cuts only vertically
  • Approximately 39 strips per shredded document (size: A4)
  • Security level: DIN P-1, DIN P-2

How does a strip-cut paper shredder work?

In contrary to cross-cut shredders, a strip-cut shredder contains a single blade to cut paper documents. Because of the single cutting blade, the machine produces strips instead of small cross-cut shreds. Instead of cutting a document in a cross-shaped pattern, a strip cutting paper shredder only shreds a document vertically.


The length of a strip depends on the dimensions of the document you are shredding. In other words, it remains the same length as the original document.

Because a strip-cut paper shredder shreds a document vertically, it requires less power from the motor than higher security shredders.

This means that generally, a strip-cut shredder can shred documents much faster than a similar cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder. The only caveat is that it offers less data security, so therefore these shredders are more recommended for non-confidential documents that don’t contain personal information or sensitive data.


A strip-cut shredder makes a ‘spaghetti’ from your documents.

Pros and cons


  • Shred documents faster than a cross-cut shredder.
  • Requires less maintenance compared to higher security shredders.
  • Ideal for shredding high volumes of documents quickly.
  • Less expensive than a similar cross-cut or micro-cut shredder.
  • The single blade produces less dust.
  • A strip-cut shredder is generally more quiet.


  • Offers minimal data security and protection.
  • Paper strips fills up the waste bin faster than cross-cut particles.
  • Strips can still contain readable text.
What does strip cut paper shredding look like?

Maintenance of strip-cut shredders

paper-shredder-maintenance-oil-thumbLike every shredder, a strip-cut shredding machine also requires maintenance. But it needs less maintenance than a cross-cut shredder because of the single cutting blade.

The most important thing is that you keep the blade running smoothly. And you do this by using official paper shredder oil or a paper shredder lubricant. For the best performance of your strip-cut shredder, it is recommended to oil or lubricate the blade every time you empty the wastebasket or after an intensive shredding session.

Please read the instruction manual for further tips for maintaining your shredder in optimal condition.

Read more about how to oil your shredder.

How to oil paper shredder

Is a strip-cut shredder the best type of shredder?

We recommend using at least a cross-cut shredder when you want to use a shredder for destroying confidential documents at home or work. But when you only want to use a paper shredder for shredding random documents that don’t contain sensitive information, then a strip-cut shredder is the best option for you.

Especially because strip-cut shredders are less expensive, they are faster and can shred higher quantities of paper at once compared to a similar shredder with a higher security level.


Shredder guide

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