Single- or Dual-Ram Baler (open-end)

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Single- or Dual-Ram Baler (open-end)

Differences between a single-ram and two ram open-end baler
Updated on Mar 22, 2022 | Authors: Pim Brouwer & Brent Nijssen

An open-end extrusion baler is available with one or two rams. A single ram baler is equipped with one cylinder and a two ram baler contains two cylinders. A two ram baling machine is also known as a twin or dual ram baling press or an L-shape press. But what are the differences and how do they work?

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Open-end baler overview:


Single-ram: Two ram:
High volumes Very high volumes and bulky materials
Cardboard, mixed paper and news papers Cardboard, mixed paper, PET, metal cans, insulated wire and other bulky waste materials
Small and narrow hopper (40 inches wide) Large and wide hopper (60 inches wide)
One horizontal ram One horizontal ram
Second horizontal ejector ram
Single motor Double motor
Auto-tie Auto-tie

How does a single-ram baler work?

A single ram extrusion baler only contains one ram inside the extrusion chamber. Because the ejector ram isn’t blocking off the bale chamber, the first few bale(s) produced will be a bit looser.

For constant back pressure against the gathering ram, it is recommended to always leave one or two bales inside of the extrusion chamber to produce great bales.

Visualization of a two ram baler

A two ram channel baler has one ram that is responsible for collecting and compressing the waste materials. The second ram is responsible for tieing and ejecting the bale. Also, the second ram (when extruded) closes off the horizontal baling chamber.

Therefore it works similar to a closed-end baler, and thus is able to produce a more dense bale in comparison to a single-ram baler.

Two-ram balers are used for compacting bulky and tough waste materials.

The image below shows a side and top view of a two ram horizontal extrusion baler. This variant is also equipped with an optional pre-compression lid, which functions for pre-pressing the waste material before entering the main pressing chamber.

It also helps to keep the material in place. The gathering ram compresses the waste materials with high force against the second ejector ram into a dense, heavy mill-sized recyclable bale in the extrusion chamber.


Three-ram balers

Besides two-ram balers, there are also even more powerful baling machines with three ram cylinders. An example is the Presona MP 270 MH “MEGA”. This recycling baler combines three pressing rams to bale 45 tonnes of waste per hour, which makes this a super high capacity baler.

The baler can be used for multiple types of waste, as you can see in this demonstration video.

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