How to reduce cost on commercial waste disposal, fast!

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How to reduce cost on commercial waste disposal, fast!

Save money on waste management costs

“How can we reduce the cost of waste management?” This is a question a lot of companies ask themselves. The first thing that comes to mind is to negotiate lower prices for waste hauling or even switch to a cheaper service provider. But is this really solving the issue?

We think it is far more effective to improve your company’s waste management to quickly cut costs and operate more sustainably. Transport is one of the key factors why waste management is so expensive. By handling waste smartly, you immediately reduce waste hauling and thus transportation costs.

Achieve lower waste management costs by:

  • Reducing the amount and volume of waste
  • Reusing current waste streams for other purposes
  • Recycling more waste by optimizing the waste separation process

Tips to reduce waste costs

  1. Reduce the volume of waste with a baler
  2. Reduce the various types of waste
  3. Reuse cardboard with a cardboard shredder
  4. Reuse organic waste with a composting machine


Reduce the volume of waste with a baler

vertical-cardboard-baler-by-hsmAn easy way to reduce waste is by compacting waste into dense bales with a recycling baler. You can use for instance a vertical baler to compact cardboard waste or plastic waste, such as LDPE foil. By compacting the waste materials you reduce its volume drastically. This yields the following benefits:

  • Space-saving » Compressed waste requires less space.
  • Reduce waste hauling » Reducing waste volume, results in less waste hauling and thus lower transport costs.
  • No dumpster is needed » A baling machine doesn’t require the rent of a dumpster anymore.
  • Sell the bales » Baled cardboard is worth money.

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Reduce the various types of waste

reduce-various-types-of-wasteHave you ever performed a waste audit? With this audit, you analyze the waste streams your company currently generates on a daily basis. By thoroughly going through your waste streams you get a better understanding of the type of materials that are thrown away. By reducing the types of waste materials and the volume of waste, you will reduce waste costs. This yields the following benefits:

  • Better quality material » Insight in your waste streams will result in better waste separation.
  • Insight is knowledge » Find unnecessary waste streams in your company and reduce its volume, or even eliminate it completely.
  • Buy smarter » Expensive materials that end up in trash are wasteful for nature and for your wallet. Replace the type of material by a cheaper variant to reduce costs.


Reuse cardboard with a cardboard shredder

hsm-profipack-P425-karton-shredderDo you need to buy expensive packing materials for shipments of products? And do you have lots of cardboard waste, such as corrugated boxes? Then a cardboard shredder is indispensable for your company. A cardboard shredder converts corrugated cardboard into free and eco-friendly packing material. This yields the following benefits:

  • Less cardboard waste » By reusing cardboard waste as packaging, you reduce the volume of waste. This results in lower waste costs.
  • Reduce cost on packaging » A cardboard shredder lets you repurpose cardboard waste as packaging. This means that less packaging material has to be purchased.
  • Sustainable brand image » Packing materials are mostly made out of plastic, such as plastic bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Exchanging this for cardboard gives your brand a greener identity.

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Reuse organic waste with a composting machine

oklin-food-waste-composterReduce organic waste volume, such as food waste, by up to 90% with a food composting machine. This machine diverts organic waste by transforming it into an all-natural soil amendment. These composting machines are available for commercial use, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, airports, and industrial facilities. This yields the following benefits:

  • Reduce organic waste costs » By reducing the amount of organic waste you reduce waste costs and you insulate your business from price increases in the future.
  • Reuse organic waste » By composting organic food waste, you can use it as an all-natural and nutrient-rich, reusable end product.
  • Turn waste into compost onsite » Composting organic waste onsite reduces transport costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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More tips for a sustainable business

Find out more inspiration and tips on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste streams in your company.

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