Vertical baler maintenance

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Vertical baler maintenance

vertical-downstroke-baler-machineA cardboard baler is an enormous investment but it can generate income on the sale of recycled raw materials. For the baler machine to work effectively and operate perfectly, we have listed some baler maintenance tips and safety checks as a guide that can help extend the lifespan of your cardboard baler. Thus, it depends on how well you use the baler machine.

How long does a cardboard baler last?

A vertical baler can last over 10 – 20 years when used and maintained properly. Check our cardboard baler maintenance tips below.

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Alternative - umweltfreundliche VerpackungsmaterialienImportant notes

Please ensure that the baler is only operated by trained employees.

Regarding the machine’s long service life, you should regularly clean the cardboard baler, as a lot of dirt, dust, and debris collects in the machine. It can damage the internal parts of the machine and also cause the motors to overheat. Besides, it can lead to a costly repair or an expensive replacement of spare parts. 

Tip: However, how to maintain a cardboard baler properly can be found in the manual handbook.


What type and how much oil does a cardboard baler use?

Another point to take into account is regularly checking the oil level. Our expert from HSM suggests using the oil type of multigrade oil DIN 51524-T3/ ISO viscosity grade HVLP 22 to maintain a baler. Thus, you should change the hydraulic oil every two years:

  1. Move the press ram into its starting position
  2. Unplug the baler
  3. Unscrew the venting filter
  4. Extract the oil with an oil-suction aggregate
  5. Clean the hydraulic oil tank if it is severely soiled
  6. Fill the tank with the specified oil volume and check the oil level. The filling volume of the oil tank is 5 l for the small model.

It is recommended not to mix hydraulic oil from different manufacturers, as well as the mixtures of hydraulic oil and detergents with used oil.

It is also important to take time to regularly lubricate all moving parts and hinges, as well as the door lock latches, with multipurpose grease/oil if needed.

Baler Maintenance - tips

What are the benefits of baler maintenance?

  • Regular maintenance increases the service life of the balers.
  • This leads to fewer service interruptions and has better performance.
  • Increases operational safety – therefore, it is safer for the user.

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