Can you sell cardboard waste materials?

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Can you sell cardboard waste materials?

Cardboard waste is a valuable revenue-generating opportunity.

Businesses are finding ways to recycle cardboard waste. However, the cardboard waste is often landing in landfill, which is not cost-effective and is not environmentally friendly as well. Therefore, we suggest investing in a baler and selling your cardboard bales, where you can turn old cardboard boxes into green profit and save money on waste management.

How to start selling cardboard waste?

vertical-downstroke-baler-machineThere are two variants of how to sell your cardboard waste. Cardboard waste can be sold loose, where you collect it in your cardboard bins or a dumpster. Beyond that, the transport costs are high, as loose cardboard requires more space than compacted or baled cardboard.

Businesses looking to become more sustainable or environmentally friendly. That’s why they often choose to invest in a cardboard baler, where your cardboard waste is compacted into bales. These cardboard bales can be sold to recycling companies for reuse or resale. So why not turn your cardboard waste into money when recycling companies are ready to pay? A cardboard baler will also save you time and takes up less space.

Who buys cardboard in your area? Find out more about potential buyers for your cardboard bales in your area.

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The value of cardboard

Thus, a baler machine is a costly investment, but a recycler will pay around double the money. Typically you can estimate that you will get about $20 and $210 of dry baled cardboard depending on factors like the density of the bale, the weight of the bale, the quality of the cardboard, the current price of cardboard as a recyclable recourse, and your location.


Keep in mind that paper and cardboard should be recycled separately and not baled together. Another criterion is the quality of the cardboard: There should not be any contaminants like food residue on the cardboard. Otherwise, it will interfere with the recycling process.


Is the volume of cardboard important?

The answer is yes! With a larger volume, recycling companies can collect the baled cardboard at once. Thus, the chance is higher to generate more income. However, you need storage space to store lots of bales. For stacking bales, you might need pallet jacks to lift the bale up.

Are there any benefits when selling cardboard waste?

When you sell your cardboard waste to a recycling company, you hold more value than you think. Not only can you earn some extra money, but you can also help the environment, including greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.


reuse-reduce-recycle-iconSelling cardboard waste is beneficial from an economic and environmental perspective.

With that being said, it reduces waste collection and the environmental impact in landfill at the same time. Read more about why a baler machine is a benefit for your business.

Tips where to sell cardboard waste

There are various options where you can sell your cardboard waste and earn money in the process. Below we have listed you some tips:

  • Recycling companies: Ideal for a lot of cardboard waste and most recycling centers will pay you by the pound.
  • Sell cardboard online: Great option if you don’t have a lot of cardboard.
  • Certified companies

Recycling-tip: Get in touch with your local cardboard recycling centers. We recommend you to compare at least 2 nearby recycling centers and get the best cardboard pricing.