Paper Shredding Services for Commercial Document Destruction

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Paper Shredding Services for Commercial Document Destruction

How to securely shred and dispose documents without a paper shredder?

Paper shredding is a safe solution to securely dispose old or unwanted confidential documents at home or the office. You can shred residential or commercial documents yourself with a paper shredder machine or hire a specialized commercial paper shredding company that can do the shredding for you. Because of paper shredding you protect personal information or sensitive company data that is printed on all kind of documents. Once a document contains confidential information it is recommended to shred it before you dispose it for recycling.

Shred confidential documents before you recycle.

What is a paper shredding service?

Paper shredding companies shred confidential documents for you. Instead of shredding a stack of documents with your own office paper shredder, you hand your documents over to a professional paper destruction company in your area. The company shreds all your documents with an professional and industrial shredder into unreadable particles. This shredding process saves you time, because you don’t need to shred every sheet of paper with your own shredder.

shredded documents

Where can you shred your documents?

It is very important to choose a reliable shredding company, because which company can you really trust with your confidential papers? Think about it, you hand over confidential documents, papers and records with all kind of sensitive information. Such as details about your company, personnel information, client or customer information, personal data or maybe even highly sensitive medical information. You really want to avoid the risk that this data falls into the wrong hands, with all of its consequences.

Hire a paper shredding service to dispose confidential documents without your own paper shredder.

How can you be sure that your documents are safe with a professional shredding company? It is best to contact a company that is specialized and certified for secure paper shredding. Such as a NAID AAA certified paper destruction company. More about this later.

Who needs paper shredding?

We focus on this page on commercial customers. But paper shredding is actually for everyone with the need to shred confidential documents. Whether you are looking for paper shredding services at home, or for small or large businesses. Most shredding companies offer their services for both residential and commercial customers.

The most important thing is that your confidential documents are getting destroyed securely. It doesn’t matter how many documents you want to shred. A single sheet of paper with highly sensitive data is just as important to shred as a warehouse full of old financial records. So don’t hesitate to have your paper shredded by a professional, even if you only want to shred one file or folder containing a few pages. No shredding task is too big or too small, really.

Types of paper shredding services

When you browse the web for industrual shredding services near you, you’ll notice that shredder companies offer all kind of services, such as:

  • One-time shredding
  • Regularly shredding
  • On-site shredding
  • Off-site shredding
  • Drop-off shredding
  • Locked containers
  • Shred events

Which service fits your needs and what are the differences between them? We tell you all about it below:

One-time shredding

A popular service is one-time paper shredding or annual purge shredding. Companies choose this service when they for instance had their annual clean-out of old documents and records. All old financial records and other unwanted confidential documents can be shredded at once for one-time at a fixed price.

The one-time purge shredding service is ideal when you want to shred lots of documents at once. This service is free of contracts and saves you lots of time.

Regularly shredding

You can also hire a paper destruction company to shred your documents on a regular basis. With this recurring service you make use of locked containers at the office to dispose your confidential waste paper securely. The company collects the documents when the security containers are full. This can be regularly scheduled or when you inform the company to empty the bins and shred your documents.


The scheduled document shredding service is ideal when your company wants a permanent and secure solution at the office to safely dispose documents on a daily basis. It saves you and your colleagues valuable time, because there is no need to shred all the documents with your own office shredder everyday.

On-site shredding

When it is important for you or your company to witness the paper destruction process in action, you can hire a paper shredding company that provides on-site shredding or so called mobile paper shredding. How does this work? You schedule an appointment with the shredding provider to shred your documents at your location. A specialized truck parks at your location to collect all your confidential documents. The truck contains an industrial paper shredder installation in which the shredding company immediately shreds your documents in front of your office. So you can witness the paper shredding process in real-time. It is common that you watch the shredding process on a monitor outside the shredding truck, since it is important that the paper shredding takes place in a locked and secured environment.


This on-site paper shredding service is available for regularly and one-time paper shredding. When you want to shred high volumes of documents it is possible that the capacity of the shredder in the truck is too small, so the cleanup might cost more time and money then off-site shredding.

Keep in mind that you need to have available space for the truck to park in front of your office building. It also takes up time to shred your documents inside the truck, especially when you’ve had a large clean-out. Lastly it isn’t the most discrete form of paper shredding since the shredding takes place at your door for everyone to see, but on the other hand you can watch your documents be shredded for 100% confirmation.

Off-site shredding

bales of shredded paperThe opposite of on-site shredding is off-site shredding at a secure shredding location. With this service the company collects the documents that you want to shred. This can be done regularly or for one-time shredding purposes. The company collects the documents from several customers in your area with a secured truck. Once the capacity of the truck is full it drives to a secure destruction site where the documents will be unloaded and shredded in a large industrial shredder. Normally you can’t witness the shredding process, like with on-site shredding. But you can ask the shredding company if you can visit the location to see how they shred documents in their shredder.

Some people aren’t very fond of the idea to hand over confidential documents without it being shredded immediately. Because what happens with your documents and will the company really shred all your documents until the very last sheet of paper? It is understandable that off-site shredding might be less in favor compared to on-site shredding. But specialized destruction companies that are officially certified for paper destruction (for instance Naid AAA certified) will make sure that your documents are collected, transported and shredded safely and securely.

Also keep in mind that the collected shredding will be mingled with documents from other customers. So it becomes one mix of documents from all kinds of companies that is shredded in a professional shredding facility.

Off-site shredding is a good shredding solution when you have large volumes of documents to shred. With on-site shredding it takes up too much time to shred large volumes in front of your office.

Drop-off shredding

This service is an addition to off-site shredding. With drop-off shredding you collect all your shredding and transport it yourself to a shredding location near you. Contact the shredding company beforehand to make a drop-off shredding appointment. At the paper shredding facility you drop-off all your confidential documents which you want to get shred. The facility weighs your material so you know exactly what the price will be for the shredding service.

Drop-off shredding is a great solution when you want to reduce the cost of paper shredding, since you collect and transport the material on your own occasion. The drop-off service is popular with residential customers who want to shred personal, financial or other confidential documents and don’t want to destroy the documents with a home shredder. This might be because the customer doesn’t have a paper shredder, or because it is simply too much material to shred at home. But also commercial customers make use of dropp-off shredding to reduce shredding costs.

Locked containers

It is recommended to collect and store confidential waste paper in secure and lockable containers. These security containers are specially designed to hold paper documents safely without the chance that unauthorized people can look in to the confidential material. Paper destruction companies can provide you with these containers in all kind of sizes and capacities, so there is always a suitable bin for your workplace. Most of the containers are wheeled carts, but you can also place smaller receptacles under or next to your desk such as a shred bin. The lid from the security containers are lockable and they fit through standard sized doors, so perfect for office use. It is recommended to place the larger containers at central areas in your office building, such as where the printer or office shredder is located. So you keep sensitive information secure prior to destruction.


The locked containers can be serviced and emptied regularly, such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can determine the frequency of service with your shredding provider. The security containers can also be used for one-time clean-outs for collecting all the documents safely prior to shredding.

When you choose for off-site shredding it is possible that the destruction company collects the material in locked containers and transport them with their truck. In this case your locked containers, when you hire them for regular paper shredding, will be exchanged for empty bins. But some data destruction companies empty the contents of the container right in the truck without the need to exchange them for empty ones.

Shred bin with locking lid for secure storage of sensitive documents.

Shred events

Every once in a while paper shredding companies organize special shred events in your area. These events are most of the time promotionally intended which means you can shred documents for free. The free shredding events are often consumer oriented and targeted for shredding relatively small quantities of personal information.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

It is common that paper destruction companies provide you with a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been securely destroyed. This certificate is proof that you shredded you documents in association with a paper shredding company. You’ll receive this certificate after the paper shredding process is done. It is recommended to keep the certificate properly. This documents contain information as the amount of documents you’ve shredded on a particular date and the name of the shredding company.

What is NAID AAA certified?

naid aaa logo certifiedCan you trust a paper destruction company with your sensitive information? Every shredding company will tell you that they shred documents safely and securely. But how can you really be sure that your documents are safe? Look for paper shredding companies which are officially and independently certified for paper destruction. A well-known and reputable certification is the AAA certification by the National Association for Information Destruction or NAID for short. NAID is the standards setting body for the information destruction industry. Destruction providers which are AAA certified are checked by the NAID auditors regularly for mobile and/or plant-based shredding operations. The program checks and rates for instance the quality and safety of the process of collection and destruction of documents, the screening and hiring of emplyees and other security factors. Ask the service provider for a current copy of their certificate to check if they are currently certified for paper destruction. Read more about the AAA certification program.

Another thing to look for are official customer reviews. Professional and reliable destruction companies with a large customer base will provide on their website a reliable source with customer reviews. Read through them and possibly contact a few of the clients to ask questions about the service and reliability. When the shredding company does not have any reviews you can ask the company for some references which you can contact for further information.

How much does document shredding cost?

The cost of paper shredding depends on several aspects and factors. Such as the amount of documents you want to shred, the distance between your company and the shredding facility, do you drop-off the documents yourself or opt for collection at your site and which shredding company you choose for. Prices for paper shredding vary between the paper shredding providers, so it is recommended to request multiple quotes to compare prices.

locked security container wheel cart made a small comparison between three well-known paper shredding companies. They also compared paper shredding prices. On-site shredding costs between $85 and $150 per bin and for off-site shredding the prices vary between $100 to $125 per bin to shred.

The prices for paper shredding services might be relatively high. But you pay for a specialized secure service. A professional shredding company needs to invest in all kind of security measures to make sure that their customers’ documents are safe at any given time. Think about security camera’s, locked containers, shredder trucks, and industrial paper shredder for shredding high volumes of confidential documents.

To reduce the cost of paper shredding look for local shredding services near you, especially when you want your confidential documents to be collected at your location. To reduce the costs even more you can drop-off your documents at the shredding facility to save on transportation costs.

What is the difference with paper recycling?

recycle-logo-homepageWhat makes paper shredding different form paper recycling? It might sound fairly similar, but there is a big difference. Paper shredding is a service which comes prior to paper recycling. It is entirely focused on destroying confidential information safe and secure, which paper recycling is not. When you dispose confidential documents for recycling, your documents will not get the same security treatment as with paper shredding. This means that when you only opt for paper recycling, you or somebody else’s confidential data is at risk.

When you want to dispose confidential documents securely and want to make sure your data is safe, you can’t get around paper shredding.

What makes it different from a paper shredder

A paper destruction company makes use of a large industrial paper shredder at their facility or an industrial mobile shredder in their industrial shredding trucks. These industrial shredders do basically the same thing as a personal paper shredder machine, which is shredding paper.

Fellowes-Powershred-225Mi-heavy-duty-shredderBut a paper shredder which you buy at the store, or hire, comes in all kind of sizes, varients and qualities. For instance, some paper shredders are strip-cut. These type of shredders produce long strips from your documents. And these long paper strips are still readable, especially when your documents are printed in landscape. When you want to shred documents securely you need to look for a cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder. These shredders produce small paper particles and are more reliable for making sure your confidential documents can’t be read after shredding.

strip cut paper shredder readable
Strips from a strip-cut shredder are readable.

Also keep in mind when you want to shred your documents yourself it is important to have a paper shredder that keeps up with you. For commercial use this means you need a heavy-duty shredder that is able to shred large amounts of documents at a fast pace without occurring paper-jams and with a continuous run-time. These professional paper shredders are relatively expensive, large and heavy, so not suitable for every business owner.

You can also hire an industrial paper shredder for a limited time to shred large amounts of documents at the office.

With a paper shredder at the office you can shred documents at any given moment, that is a big advantage. But shredding documents takes up valuable time from you and your colleagues, especially when you want to shred large volumes. In this case it might be better to choose a data destruction company that does the shredding for you.

shred paper with paper shredder machine

Some businesses mak use of a paper shredder at the office and a shredding provider. For daily disposal of confidential documents you and your colleagues make use of the locked containers, such as a shred bin. When there is an immediate need for shredding documents, you make use of the office paper shredder. Maybe some departments or employees need to make use of a paper shredder regularly, think about people who work with highly confidential data on a regular basis. Such as the financial department or the human resources manager. They might need to shred some documents immediately because of regulation and legislation. Read more about paper shredders in our guide.

What happens to shredded paper?

tissue paper recyclingDo shredding companies recycle? Imagine a large mix of paper shreds that come from your documents and from other companies. What happens with all this shredded paper? Is paper shredding sustainable and environmentally friendly? It is, because paper destruction companies will make sure that the shredder paper gets recycled properly. After shredding the material is pressed in large paper bales. This material will be used as raw material for the tissue industry. This means that there is a chance that your old tax report is shredded, recycled and used as raw material to make a roll of toilet paper.

Find shredding services near you

Where can you shred documents in your area? Find reliable paper shredding services near you. Take a look at this page from Shred-it to find service locations in your city or area.

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