Best 13 Gallon / 50 Liter Trash Cans

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Best 13 Gallon / 50 Liter Trash Cans

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What 13-gallon trash can should you buy?

A 13-gallon trash can is a popular size because these bins can hold most standard 13-gallon trash bags. We have selected a wide variety of 13-gallon trash and recycling bins that have a capacity of 50 liters.


iTouchless with Wide Opening

  • This is a compact trash can that opens automatically via a motion sensor that is located on top of the bin.
  • The touchless lid of the trash can opens quickly for easy garbage disposal.
  • Included is a deodorizer that prevents trash can odors. You receive one free carbon odor filter with the purchase of this automatic trash can.
  • Type: Sensor

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Home Zone Living VA41833A

  • This is a dual compartment recycling bin with step pedal. This makes sorting your trash and recyclables efficient and convenient.
  • The durable metal pedal makes opening the lid effortlessly and the reinforced hinge ensures the lid opens and closes soft and secure each time.
  • The coated finish prevents any smudges or fingerprints, this results in low maintenance and makes the process of cleaning easy and quick.
  • Type: Step can

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iTouchless SoftStep

  • This is a stylish looking 13 gallon trash can made of smudge-resistant stainles steel, that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • With the non-slip pedal you open the lid with using minimal force. The lid closes silently and softly.
  • Included is one odor filter, this filter absorbs and neutralizes trash odors for around three months. This keeps your home from smelling clean and fresh.
  • Type: Step can

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hOmeLabs Automatic Trash Can

  • This is a narrow shaped automatic trash can with a butterfly lid system. You open the split doors via the motion sensor.
  • Cleaning this trash can is a breeze. This interior is smooth and the trash bag retainer ring makes it easy to remove and replace garbage bags.
  • The sensor ball can be adjusted to your liking, so you can open the lids from the top or the side. You can also open and close the butterfly lid manually with separate buttons.
  • Type: Sensor

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Simplehuman Touch Bar Recycler

  • This 13 gallon Simplehuman Touch-Bar is a dual compartment trahs can for sorting trash and recycling in the kitchen or office.
  • The dual recycler has two equally sized compartments which are removable, so cleaning and replacing liners is an easy task.
  • This bin is easy to use for smaller kids who might have trouble with more heavy to use foot pedals from step bins.
  • Type: Touch bar

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Secura Automatic Trash Can

  • This motion sensor trash can comes with an included AC adapter. The rotating sensor ball can be adjusted to your liking, for top or front activation of the lid.
  • You can use the bin with 4 ‘AA’ batteries, or you can connect the power adapter.
  • The LED timer shows with six indicator LED lights when the lid will close.
  • Type: Sensor

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Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can

  • The Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can is a sleek designed 13.2 gallon trash can that fits beautifully in the kitchen.
  • With the sturdy steel foot pedal the lid opens very smooth and with the red button you can keep the lid opened for easy trash disposal.
  • Because of the internal hinge, you can place the Simplehuman kitchen trash can flush against the kitchen counter or a wall.
  • Type: Step can

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BestOffice Automatic Trash Can

  • This 13 gallon bin with a modern, sleek design is 100% touchless, you open the lid by activating the motion sensor.
  • The sealed exterior and infrared technology ensures nasty smelling tash odors will be contained.
  • The bin is made of stainless steel which also contains an anti-fingerprint layer.
  • Type: Sensor

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Kohler K-20940-ST

  • Beautiful looking trash can designed to fit standard 13 gallon trash bags.
  • The lid closes quietly and gently and because of the integrated hinge, you can fit the trash can flush against the wall.
  • The liner is removable for easy cleaning and changing a trash or recycling bag is convenient, because of the raised liner and locking rim.
  • Type: Step can

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AmazonBasics D-Shaped Soft-Close Trash Can

  • Basic and budget-friendly stainless steel trash can with a fingerprint-proof coating that is smudge-resistant.
  • The inner plastic compartment is easily removable for convenient waste disposal of full trash bags.
  • The bottom of the trash can is equipped with non-slip rubber pads, this prevents the bin from scooting around on the kitchen floor.
  • Type: Step can

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Simplehuman Semi-Round Kitchen Bin

  • The affordable 50-liter kitchen trash bin is made of high-quality plastic.
  • Because of the ‘lid lock’ functionality the bin is pretty much cat and dog-proof, it secures the lid from opening and it contains trash odors better.
  • Use the bin for collecting your daily trash, but this receptacle is also ideal for sorting all your recyclables.
  • Type: Step can

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Ninestars DZT-50-13

  • The motion sensor trash can contains a water-resistant infrared sensor, this prevents the sensor from accidental damaging because of moisture.
  • The stainless steel bin is finger-print resistant, this helps to keep the exterior of the bin nice and clean.
  • The lid only opens when you want it to, the sensor doesn’t activate the lid because of pets, playing kids or walking by.
  • Type: Sensor

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SensorCan Battery-FREE Sensor Trash Can

  • Don’t you like to replace batteries? Then this motion sensor trash can is the right trash can for you, since it comes with a power adapter.
  • The slim and oval design is compact and space saving, but it can still hold 13 gallon of trash in your kitchen.
  • The exterior is made of stainless steel and is fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant.
  • Type: Sensor

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Rubbermaid Touch Top Lid Trash Can

  • This is an affordable, durable and sturdy step bin that is easy to clean.
  • The bin offers ‘foot-free’ operation. The one touch lid stays open for quick trash or recycling disposal.
  • The 13 gallon kitchen trash can has a rectangular shape, so you can place the bin next to a kitchen cabinet or against the wall.
  • Type: Touch lid

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Why get a 13 gallon trash can?

A 13-gallon trash can is an average size for a kitchen trash can. This capacity suits most households and fits in most kitchens. Another advantage of 13-gallon trash cans is that these bins can be used for standard 13-gallon kitchen trash bags. These trash bags, recycling bags or compostable bags are relatively cheap compared to official trash liners. Some trash can manufacturers produce garbage bins with a slightly bigger size than 13 gallons, these bins are then too large for the use of standard kitchen liners. This means that you have to buy the official, more expensive, trash bags from the manufacturer.

13 gallons is pretty much the perfect size for a kitchen bin

Stickers for trash or recycling

trash-can-recycle-sticker-decal-vinylDo you want to use a 13 gallon trash can especially for recyclables? To prevent that you or someone accidentally throws their trash in your recycling bin it is recommended to label each bin for trash and recyclables.

Because of the trash can stickers it is visually clear for everybody which bin is dedicated for which waste stream.

You can use these recycling stickers for single-purpose trash cans but also for double recycling bins where you label each bucket for trash or recycling.

How many liter is 13 gallon?

How big is a 13 gallon trash can?

What are the dimensions of a 13 gallon trash can? It depends on the overall size and shape of the bin. Some 13 gallon bins are wide and rectangular, and some are round and tall. So there is no standard measurement for a 13 gallon trash can. But to answer this question you can find some dimensions from popular 13 gallons bins below:

  • 13-gallon-trash-can-size-measurements14 x 18.9 x 26.5 inches
  • 14.7 x 24.8 x 17.6 inches
  • 11.4 x 19.7 x 28 inches
  • 10.8 x 20.2 x 27.4 inches

We recommend to measure the available space in your kitchen and try to find a bin that suits this size best. Also keep in mind that the lid can be opened when you want to place the bin below an object.


13 gallon trash bags

A 13 gallon trash bag fits perfectly in a 13 gallon trash can. We’ve selected some popular trash bags for your 13 gallon trash can:

Read more about recycling and trash bags.


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