Formax shredders for paper, cardboard & hard drives

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Formax shredders for paper, cardboard & hard drives

Shredders & material presses

Formax is a company founded in the USA and is specialized in digital Print & finishing, mailing Solutions, pressure sealers, and data destruction. We keep the focus on the recycling process and discuss data destruction on this page. Formax’s specialties are on the data destruction available in industrial paper shredders and cardboard shredder machines.

Formax product range

Based on the data destruction market, Formax offers a large number of variants of products.

The Formax product line offers:


Besides solutions for data destruction, Formax also produces other types of machinery. Such as machines for digital print, mailing and pressure sealers.

Quick product overview:

Formax Greenwave 410
App. price: $2,250


  • Type: Perforator
  • Intake width: 16″
  • Size: 14.2″H x 23.2″W x 16.6″D
  • Power: 115 V
  • Noise: n/a

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Formax Greenwave 430
App. price: $4,500


  • Type: Perforator
  • Intake width: 16.9″
  • Size: 38.1″H x 24.8″W x 22.4″D
  • Power: 115 V
  • Noise: n/a

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About Formax

Formax-LogoFormax is a company of US origin founded in 1987. It is a privately held company with its headquarters based in Dover, New Hampshire. The manufactory is located in Turlock, California. Formax offers all kinds of solutions in the field of data destruction:

  • A complete line of commercial shredders from deskside to production units capable of shredding binders and 500-page booklets.
  • Optical media destruction, CD, DVD, USB drive destruction, and paper shredding in multi-media models, in both commercial and high security.
  • Specialty Shredders: Casino shredders specifically designed to destroy cards, dice, chips, and other gaming pieces. The Hard Drive punch and shredders destroy HDD and SSD hard drives.
Formax Greenwave 410 cardboard perforator

Guarantee and service

The warranty for the shredders are available on the website of Formax:

  • Lifetime limited warranty on Deskside and Office cutting heads
  • Lifetime limited warranty on Industrial cutting heads (parts only)
  • 1-year warranty on High Security and Specialty cutting heads
  • 1-year warranty on all other parts

Formax has its own service team available on the website. You can visit them and fill in a form to get in contact with the service team.

Selling points

Formax is the producer of the products and does sell the products through dealers. Formax has its own dealer network that makes it possible to sell its products in various countries. A dealer can register on Formax’s website to sell their products.

Contact information

Corporate Office:
1 Education Way
Dover, NH 03820
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Manufacturing Facility:
Turlock, CA USA

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