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Zero Waste Starter Kits

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Help kickstart your Zero Waste lifestyle with a starter pack

Do you want to live a greener lifestyle and think reducing your waste production is the right way to start? Then Zero Waste is the way to go and starter kits will help you do this by providing you with reusable alternatives to single-use products you use in your day to day life.



Recommended Zero Waste Starter Kits

Here you can find an unordered list of 10 handy Zero Waste starter kits for everyday-use containing the essentials to help kickstart your green lifestyle.

EcoBox Zero Waste Starter Kit

  • This Zero Waste kits contains: stainless steel straw set, reusable/recyclable lunch box, biodegradable travel bottle, bamboo toothbrush with travel case, organic cotton reusable grocery bag and 3 beeswax food wraps.
  • This Zero Waste kit is an ideal gift for one of your friends or family members who is enthusiastic about living a greener lifestyle.

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Seeding Green Zero Waste Utensil Kits

  • This Zero Waste starter kit contains: 3 Beeswax wraps, cutlery set including chopsticks and straw with travel baggie, bamboo toothbrush, grocery bag and produce bag.
  • A compact, yet very functional kit that has everything you could need for an a packed lunch on-the-go or at work or school.

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Generic Eco-Friendly Starter Kit

  • This Zero Waste kit contains: 4 reusable silicone tip stainless steel straws with cleaning brush, 2 beeswax wraps, 3 reusable produce bags and 1 food-grade reusable silicon baggie that is dishwasher safe.
  • A kid friendly Zero Waste kit that your kids will enjoy bringing their lunch to school in.

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Alpacasso Reusable Food Wraps and Covers Starter Kits

  • This sustainable living starter kit contains: 2 large and 4 medium silicon food storage bags, 3 different sizes beeswax wraps and 6 different sizes silicon stretch lids.
  • A zero waste kit for storing your food at home or taking it on the go. This kit contains products that will help you store and keep your food fresh without producing any waste.

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Green Estate On-The-Go Zero Waste Food Storage

  • This Zero Waste lunch kit contains: 2 layer stainless steel bento box plus small 50ml sauce box with food grade silicon lid, bamboo cutlery kit including chopsticks and a stainless steel straw with cleaning brush.
  • A kit made for packed lunches whether you are an adult or a child. This study lunch kit will keep your food safe until lunch time and you can divid it over two layer of the Bento box.

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Bonsai Cove Zero Waste Food Containers

  • This eco friendly starter kit contains: 2 large and 1 small reusable silicon ziplock bags and 3 differently size beeswax wraps.
  • A simplistically stylish kit for food storage at home and on the go. This durable Zero Waste kit will help you eliminate waste in the kitchen at home and during lunch at work or school.

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EcoFresh Zero Waste Food Storage Bags

  • This Zero Waste kit contains: 2 large and 2 medium reusable silicon ziplock bags, as well as a silicon scrubbier rush for cleaning the ziplock bags and 2 reusable silicon straws.
  • A kit used meant for storing and transporting food but these sturdy silicon bags can also be used for freezing, microwaving and steaming your food, and on top of that they are easy to clean and dishwasher proof.

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Grateful House Reusable Produce and Grocery Bags

  • This Zero Waste kit contains: large organic cotton swaddle for leafy greens or bread, 3 different sizes cotton produce bags, 3 different sizes mesh produce bags, and 1 large brushed cotton tote.
  • A kit for grocery shopping that is a must-have in every Zero Waste enthusiast’s household. This kit contain everything you need to go grocery shopping without using any single use plastic bags.

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Detox Earth Zero Waste Lifestyle Starter Set

  • This plastic free starter kit contains: a glass spray bottle, 2 cotton produce bags, telescoping reusable stainless steel straw with cleaning brushes and case, 6 differently size silicon stretch lids and a tea steeper.
  • An interesting collection of reusables that you use in everyday life. This Zero Waste set provides you with reusable alternatives to single-use products that are underestimates in everyday life.

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Detox Earth Zero Waste Personal Care Starter Set

  • This Zero Waste kit for the bathroom contains: 1 refreshing shampoo soap bar and conditioner with travel bags, 1 box of 100 wooden cotton ear swabs, a stylish bamboo toothbrush and 33 yards of Plastic-free Dental Silk.
  • The bathroom is a room where a lot of waste is produced with single-use plastic items. This kit will help you reduce your plastic waste in the bathroom by providing non-plastic alternatives.

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