Trash Can Cabinets (Tilt-Out) for the Kitchen

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Home Recycling Bins Trash Can Cabinets (Tilt-Out) for the Kitchen

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Trash Can Cabinets (Tilt-Out) for the Kitchen

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Freestanding cabinets to hide trash and save space in your kitchen

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Do you want to keep your trash can out of sight but don’t have enough cabinet space? Then a tilt-out trash can cabinet is a great product since this beautiful piece of furniture helps to hide your recycle bin out of sight in your kitchen. These wooden organizer cabinets not only add to the decor of your house but also offer extra storage space and help you to conveniently sort your trash and recyclables.

There are options for both single and double compartments and tilt-out kitchen trash cans are available in different colors, sizes and styles such as rustic, modern, country or farmhouse style. This wide variety of options ensures that you will find one that suits you.

Top 10 Kitchen Trash Cabinets

Top 10 Tilt-Out Garbage Cabinets

Here are our Top Picks:

  1. #1 Best SellerSeven Oaks Free Standing Tilt Out Trash Cabinet
  2. Double compartment (trash) hamperCrosley Furniture Lydia
  3. Modern, simple & durable cabinetSeven Oaks Tilt Out Free Standing
  4. Handmade with a rustic stylePeaceful Classics Wooden Pull-Out
  5. Sleek looking cabinetSauder Homeplus Storage Cabinet

The top 10 below contains recommendations for trash can cabinets that you can buy on Amazon. Of course, there is not one best kitchen cabinet for your trash, because that all depends on your preferences. This list is arranged considering the number and quality of customer reviews.

#1 | Seven Oaks Free Standing Tilt Out Trash Cabinet

Elegant all-in-one kitchen cabinet with drawer and cutting board

  • Seven-Oaks-Tilt-Out-TrashCabinet-with-Drawer-and-Cutting-Board

#1 Best Seller

The Seven Oaks Free Standing Tilt Out Trash Cabinet is a stylish multifunctional kitchen cabinet. The modern design blends in well with many decors and the painted lacquered finish is water and wear-resistant. Besides tilt out storage space for a garbage bin, the cabinet also includes a drawer with a removable cutting board. The height of the organizer cabinet is comparable to the height of a standard kitchen counter, this means you can save counter space by using the cabinet as cutting area or to store items on. We recommend the Knape & Vogt QT50PB-P plastic trash can.

  • Trash can included: No
  • Color options: Black / White
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 35.24h x 13.39d x 20.08w inches

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#2 | Crosley Furniture Lydia

A double compartment hamper that can be used for trash

  • Crosley-Furniture-Lydia-Two-Compartment-Linen-Hamper-for-trash

The Crosley Furniture Lydia is a solid hamper initially designed for sorting and storing your laundry. However, since it is on the smaller side, some people also use this hamper for disposing trash in the kitchen. Each compartment can hold a trash bag, because the cloth bags are removable. The double tilt-out compartments are perfect for separating trash and recyclables and the louvered doors make for a traditional appeal. There is slight assembling needed for this cabinet. The volume of each compartment is suited for a 4 gallon trash can.

  • Trash can included: No
  • Color options: White or Espresso
  • Material: Solid hardwood
  • Dimensions: 29.00h x 14,25d x 31.00w inches

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#3 | Seven Oaks Tilt Out Free Standing Kitchen Cabinet

Modern and simple cabinet that is durably constructed

  • Seven-Oaks-Free-Standing-Kitchen-Trash-or-Recycling-Cabinet-Black

The Seven Oaks free standing trash cabinet is solid, stable and stylish. It is easy to assemble and dresses up any area in your home. The tilt bin organizer cabinet comes with child safety anti-tipping hardware and the painted lacquered finish is water and wear-resistant which makes the cabinet easy to clean. We recommend the Knape & Vogt QT50PB-P plastic trash can for this wooden trash can.

  • Trash can included: No
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 32.28h x 14.57d x 20.08w inches

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#4 | Peaceful Classics Wooden Pull-Out Trash Can Cabinet

Handmade garbage cabinet with a rustic style

  • Peaceful-Classics-Wooden-Pull-Out-Trash-Can-Cabinet

The Peaceful Classics Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet made of sturdy pine wood comes fully assembled and with a trash basket. This cabinet is a piece of Amish craftsmanship and thus it will stand the test of time. It really is a beautiful piece of furniture and the drawer makes is easy to organize or store small items. You can use the area on top to place items on as well, such as a microwave or something decorative.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 34.00h x 12.75d x 21.50w inches

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#5 | Sauder Homeplus Storage Cabinet

Sleek looking trash and storage cabinet

  • Sauder-Homeplus-Storage-Cabinet-with-trash-can

The Sauder Homeplus storage cabinet is a tall piece of furniture and is perfect for both storage and keeping trash out of sight. The top compartment of the tilt bin cabinet features a reversible door that can be assembled to open from either the right or the left. The two shelves inside the upper compartment are adjustable and therefore offer optimal use of storage space. This tall cabinet offers a lot of storage space which makes organizing items and trash easier.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Dark oak
  • Material: Dakota oak finish
  • Dimensions: 71.18h x 17.01d x 18.88w inches

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#6 | Sawdust City Tilt-Out Garbage Cabinet

Beautifully made sturdy cabinet of high quality

  • Sawdust-City-Tilt-Out-Garbage-Cabinet

The Sawdust City garbage cabinet is a single compartment waste bin of very good quality that has a beautiful modern rustic style. The wooden trash can is made in the USA and shipped with a 9 gallon plastic waste container that fits a 13 gallon plastic trash bag. This basic kitchen cabinet solely has the purpose of carefully hiding trash out of sight and doesn’t have additional features such as a drawer. However, the top can be used to store items on. The trash bin cabinet requires slight assembling which is relatively easy to do.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Solid knotty pine
  • Dimensions: 30.25h x 12.50d x 20.00w inches

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#7 | Sawdust City Double Tilt-Out Garbage Bin

Beautiful farmhouse trash cabinet

  • Sawdust-City-Double-Tilt-Out-Garbage-Bin

The Sawdust City double compartment garbage bin is a modern rustic-looking cabinet of good quality that fits nicely in farmhouse style or country style home interiors. The wooden trash can holder is crafted in the USA, ships in three pieces and it is easy to assemble. This item is great for sorting garbage and recyclables at home and comes with two plastic garbage cans.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Solid knotty pine
  • Dimensions: 30.35h x 12.50d x 38.63w inches

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#8 | Dicks Wood Creations Tilt-Out Trash Bin

Tilt-out trash can with a hinged top

  • Wooden-Tilt-out-Trash-Bin-Hinged-Top-Trash-cabinet

The Dicks Wood Creations trash cabinet is a solid pine framed garbage can cabinet that arrives completely assembled. The quality of the pinewood is very nice but the finishing of the wood might leave a smell, mostly when the cabinet is open. Some big plus points are that the tilt-out trash can compartment also opens from the top and that it comes with a garage bin inside.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Rustic walnut
  • Material: Pine wood
  • Dimensions: 30.00h x 14.00d x 21.00w inches

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#9 | Pine Tilt Out Trash Bin

This garbage trash cabinet arrives assembled

  • Pine-Tilt-Out-Trash-Bin

The Pine Tilt Out trash bin is a high-quality, free-standing garbage cabinet that comes with a plastic trash bin. It is a very beautiful handcrafted piece of wooden furniture that improves the overall appearance of your kitchen. The sturdy tilt-out cabinet is easy to clean and it includes an extra drawer that is perfect to store small items in.

  • Trash can included: Yes
  • Color options: Multiple
  • Material: Pinewood
  • Dimensions: 34.00h x 13.00d x 21.50w inches

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#10 | Baxton Studio Monica Kitchen Cabinet

Farmhouse and coastal style kitchen cabinet with drawer

  • Baxton-Studio-Monica-Kitchen-Garbage-Can-Cabinet

The Baxton Studio Monica Kitchen Cabinet is a simple and elegant solution to maximize your kitchen space. This cabinet is taller than the regular tilt-out garbage can. The wooden top offers a convenient prep and serving surface, and you can also use the top to place kitchen appliances on. The cabinet has a grey color and is paneled on all sides. Assembling this cabinet is a bit of a challenge but the result will add charm to your kitchen. There is no trash can insert included, customers on Amazon recommend the Rubbermaid Commercial Fg295700 container.

  • Trash can included: No
  • Color options: Dark gray
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 40.00h x 16.54d x 20.00w inches

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reuse-reduce-recycle-iconA tilt-out trash cabinet adds to your decor, is functional and convenient to use.

Pull-out or tilt-out waste bin?

Maybe a tilt-out trash cabinet isn’t the right solution for you to hide your trash. A pull-out trash can might suit you and your kitchen better. The main difference between the tilt-out and built-in trash can is that a built-in trash can won’t use up any kitchen floor space.

Difference between a pull-out and tilt-out trash can

This is because you install the bin inside one of your existing kitchen cabinets. Just like the tilt-out option these pull-out trash cans are a great solution for hiding and help you to recycle.

The only two downsides of a pull-out trash can are that you have to give up one of your kitchen cabinets and that you need to mount a frame inside the cabinets with a few screws. Find out more about these built-in trash and recycling bins here.

Want to learn more about free-standing trash bin cabinets?

Scroll down for more info

More about trash bin cabinets


What is a garbage can cabinet?

A trash can cabinet is a piece of moveable furniture that contains one or more garbage cans and is used for hiding trash cans out of sight in the kitchen. One of the advantages of a garbage can cabinet is that you can also use it as storage space when it comes with extra compartments, such as a drawer.


It is easy to use, beautiful and functional as well.

What is a tilt-out door?

A tilt-out door is a door where the hinge of the door is mounted on the bottom part of the cabinet, meaning that you tilt the door of the cabinet towards you. This makes it easier to dispose of your trash and recyclables inside the container.

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Why use a cabinet instead of a standard bin for trash and recyclables?

Most people buy a cabinet because it saves space and it keeps trash cans hidden. But another common reason for people to buy a separate cabinet for their trash is the appeal it has. A wooden cabinet suits and compliments home decors better than a stainless steel trash can for example.

A standard trash can requires space and a tilt-out trash can cabinet is a piece of furniture that holds trash and offers storage. If you do not want your waste to take up any floor space in the kitchen, a pull-out trash can is the optimal space-saving solution because it is installed inside one of your existing cabinet drawers.

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What are the pros and cons?


  • Dog proof trash can – Because there is no lid on top of the cabinet, there is no way a dog is able to enter the trash bins.
  • Store more than just trash – Most cabinets contain drawers and extra compartments to store other items besides your trash bins. You can also place items on top of the cabinet of course, such as a photo frame.
  • Trash can in disguise – “Where is your trash can?” That question will be asked frequently by your guests. The trash can is nicely hidden in a stylish looking cabinet. It looks neat, lean and decorative.
  • Ads to your home decor  – A trash can cabinet is not just a trash can but also a piece of furniture. Because cabinets are available in a variety of styles, there will most likely be one that complements the rest of your interior.


  • Assembling – Some garbage can cabinets need to be assembled before you can use it. Most of the cabinets are pretty easy to put together. But the assembly is something to be aware of, especially when you are not very handy.
  • Made of wood – Most cabinets are made of wood, which is less easy to clean than a stainless steel trash can for example. However, some tilt bin cabinets have a lacquered finish that makes cleaning easier. Another possible con to be aware of is that some wooden cabinets can have a strong odor.

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Can you use a hamper as a garbage can?

Yes, some people use a hamper as their (main) trash can. A laundry hamper is a basket-like container mostly used to store clothing and linen. However, a laundry hamper is perfectly usable as a trash can cabinet. It is not far of from a regular kitchen cabinet when it comes to looks. You do have to make sure that the hamper contains compartments where you can place and hide your own plastic garbage containers in or make sure that it fits a regular sized trash bag.

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Does it come with included plastic waste bins?

trash-container-inside-trash-cabinetBefore buying a waste cabinet it is advised to make sure the cabinet comes with plastic trash containers. When the containers are not included you can also buy them separately. Check the dimensions of the compartments of the trash cabinet to find out which waste containers will fit. You can also reach out to the manufacturer for recommendations.

What size bin does fit inside the cabinet?

Most trash cabinets require a 9-gallon plastic bin that fits 13-gallon trash bags. You can also use solely trash bags instead of a plastic trash can inside the cabinet. Be aware that the compartments of the cabinet are generally made of wood, so these might be less easy to clean.

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Single or double compartment trash can cabinet?

Whether or not you buy a single or double compartment trash can cabinet depends on if you want to separate different waste streams. For instance, regular garbage and organic food waste or recyclables. A double compartment garbage bin cabinet makes separating different types of waste easier.

Some people choose to use the dual organizer cabinet not only for waste but also to store dog or cat food for example.

Single or dual compartment trash cabinet.

Keep in mind that a dual compartment cabinet takes up more floor space in comparison to a single compartment cabinet. It is recommended to measure the needed space in your house before you order the cabinet. When a double wooden trash can is too big, you can opt for two single compartment trash cans and place them individually in your house.

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Tilt out trash bin dimensions

What are the average measurements of a (single compartment) trash can cabinet? We have researched the most popular cabinets to find out the average dimensions.


A trash can cabinet is generally 32 inches tall. To put this in perspective: the average kitchen countertop height is about 36 inches.


The average width of a single compartment trash can organizer cabinet is 20 inches. A medium-sized cutting board is normally between 14 and 18 inches wide and therefore fits perfectly on top.


The average depth of a trash can cabinet is 14 inches. For a sheet of A4 this is 11,7 inches, meaning that a cookbook or notepad that are within the size of a piece of A4 paper would fit well.


It can be concluded that a cabinet has enough space on top to place items on or to use it as prepping space for example. Additionally, the average depth of a cabinet is not that deep that it will take up a big part of a room and be in your way.

If you prefer other or specific dimensions, you can check out the dimensions of all the cabinets in the top 10 above as they are listed as info next to every picture. There is most likely a cabinet available that suits you and your preferences.

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DIY trash can cabinet plans

There are a few reasons why you might want to make your own trash bin cabinet. Maybe because you can’t find an existing cabinet that matches your style or just because you like to work on these kinds of projects.

On the internet there are several tutorials to help you build your own tilt out trash bin at home. So, how to make your own tilt bin cabinet? Take a look at the tutorials below.

Make your own Garbage Cabinet

The Youtube video shows and explains how to make a trash can cabinet yourself. You can also find the plans through the link in the description.

Keep in mind that the tools used in this video to build the cabinet are professional and the construction is relatively complicated. This means that making your own garbage can cabinet requires time, skill and investment in the required tools and materials.

More useful DIY projects

If a challenging project like this is not what you’re looking for, but you also can’t find the right cabinet online, a solution might be to install the same doorknobs or handles that your kitchen cabinets have on the tilt-out door and drawer of your garbage can cabinet. This way, the cabinet will fit in with the rest of your interior.

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More inspiration at Pinterest

Check out the following boards on Pinterest for your inspiration. There are also a couple of DIY projects you can find on Pinterest for making your own trash cabinet. These DIY projects are really fun to do. You can transform an existing cabinet into a garbage can cabinet, or you can make one of scratch. In this case you can also reuse old wood, which is very eco-friendly.


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Step Up: Recycle, Reuse & Reduce

The three arrows of the recycling symbol represent the three main stages of the recycling process: recycling, reusing and reducing. Together the arrows form a closed loop. Step up and implement eco-friendly replacements in your daily life.


Join the movement! Step Up the waste hierarchy together to a goal of Zero Waste.

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