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Transparent Recycling Bins and Stations

Transparent recycling stations encourage the right recycling behavior because the user can see what is inside of the recycling bin. The clear bins are ideal to use for professional environments and public spaces, such as office buildings or schools. These waste sorting stations are often modular with an adaptable design that allows you to construct a waste solution that suits your situation and needs.

Transparent recycling bins make it visible to the user what type of waste belongs to each compartment of the recycling station, this reduces the contamination rate. Below you’ll find inspiration on transparent trash cans. But you can also visit our commercial trash can page with all kinds of professional recycling bins for your office.


Why use transparent recycling bins?

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Make your recycling streams visible


This transparent recycling station by Binsignia is a true beauty. The modern designed recycling bin is constructed of powder-coated sheet metal (PC) or stainless steel (SST). The waste compartments are made of high-quality plexiglas. You can use it as a single bin solution for one waste stream. Or built a multi-stream recycling station with proper labeling for recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, glass, and general waste. The colored lids of the bins are customizable. The top lid is removable for easy trash removal.


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Box Cycle Quad Recycling Bin

This quad recycling station is an interchangeable recycling solution with four transparent, separate compartments and lift-off lids. For food waste or general (mixed) garbage, you can use an optional silver body to hide the contents from being seen.


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Box Cycle Triple Recycling Bin

The triple recycling station is an interchangeable recycling solution with three transparent, separate compartments and lift-off lids. The optional silver body is suggested for food waste or general (mixed) garbage to hide the contents from being seen.


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Box Cycle Single Recycling Bin

This single recycling bin is made of durable plastic and is available for various waste streams, such as plastic bottles, mixed paper, and mixed recycling. The modular bin can be used to create your own recycling station at work.


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Box Cycle Animal Face Recycling Bin

These fun-looking recycling bins are specially designed for kids. The bins make it easy for children to learn about the importance of segregating recyclables and understand why we need to look after our environment. Each animal character resembles a specific waste stream and the transparent body of each compartment makes it easy to understand what type of waste belongs to which recycling bin.


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Hands-Free Hybrid Recycling Bin

The hands-free recycling bin features a long foot-pedal at the base which opens the lid of the bin. The waste bins are constructed of plastic and metal and are corrosion resistant, durable, and fire retardant. The transparent body makes the waste stream visible, which helps prevent contamination of the waste stream.


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AURIGA Smart Recycling Bin

The dual recycling station contains 2 see-through plexiglass compartments for effortless waste recycling. The informational banner with text and graphics also helps to prevent contamination of the sorted waste streams.


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HANKO Recycling Bin with 3 Clear Compartments

With this ‘smart’ and stylish triple transparent recycling station, you can constantly monitor the deposited waste streams. The bins contain three plexiglass compartments and each bin is color-coded, so it is easy for the user to deposit waste or recycling in the correct compartment. The integrated fill-level sensor detects when the bin is full and sends out a notification.


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Clear Recycling Bins with Graphics and Liners

The Clear Recycling Bins are designed for indoor use in schools and offices. The transparent bins are ideal for sorting single waste streams, it really helps to prevent cross-contamination for the segregated waste streams. The lids and graphics help users to identify what waste type belongs to which compartment.


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Clearcycle Quad Stream

Make waste visible with the Clearcycle Quad-Stream. This recycling station contains four separate compartments with clear panels for sorting all kinds of waste streams, such as organic waste, cans, paper, and general waste. This waste station is also available as a single, double or triple bin station.


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HANKO Smart Recycling Bin 3 Transparent Compartments

The HANKO recycling station is made of high-quality steel and plexiglass which makes it a very durable recycling solution. Besides, the bins are easy to clean and look attractive. The see-through bins allow monitoring of the segregated waste streams per container. The integrated fill-level sensor detects automatically when a compartment gets full, then it sends out an alert to the cleaning service.


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“Transparent recycling bins seeks to encourage the right recycling behavior and reduce the contamination rate of the recyclables in the blue bins.”
Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment in Singapore

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