Touchless Products & Dispensers for Extra Hygiene

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Touchless Products & Dispensers for Extra Hygiene


In these times, the importance of hygiene has been emphasized once again, whether at home or in the office. On this page, we provide inspiration for touchless and touch-free hygienic products for everyday use, such as a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. These hands-free or automatic products and devices help you keep your environment clean, safe, and hygienic.

Most of these devices are touchless, meaning they have integrated motion sensors to activate the device. This allows for little to no physical contact with the product itself. This modern technology can motivate household members, especially kids, to use these sanitary products correctly and more frequently. Additionally, contactless products often mean less waste production through packaging materials.

Touchless devices generate less waste, because the process of using a hands-free device is automated.


Inspiration for Hands-Free Products

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Keeping your hands clean is currently very important. Besides washing your hands frequently with water and soap, it is also helpful to sterilize your hands with a disinfectant alcohol spray or gel. This might be helpful in areas where no tap water is available. Instead of using a manual dispenser, it is recommended to use an automatic dispenser that sprays the instant hand sanitizer spray or gel directly on your hands without needing to touch the device with your hands. These touchless hand sanitizers offer touchless hygiene, which is very convenient.

Why is it eco-friendly? – A hands-free spray dispenser reduces the amount of disinfectant you use and therefore you waste less of the product. Secondly, these touchless dispensers are refillable which requires less packaging.

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Touch-Free Soap Dispenser


A touchless soap dispenser automatically dispenses (liquid or foaming) soap on your hands before washing them. This automated hygiene product contains an infrared motion sensor. When the sensor is activated, it pumps an equal amount of soap or foam onto your hands each use. These sensor soap pumps can also be filled with hand sanitizer, shampoo, or other products of the same consistency. A touch-free soap dispensing station ensures quick and easy hand cleaning and eliminates cross-contamination.

Tip: Alcohol Based Premium Hand Sanitizer Refill

Why is it eco-friendly? – A touchless soap dispenser reduces the amount of soap you use and therefore you waste less. Secondly, these touchless dispensers are refillable which requires less packaging. There are all kinds of dispensers that suit the decor of your bathroom or kitchen, such as modern dispensers made from stainless steel.

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Hands-Free Faucet with Motion Sensor for touchless hand washing


Hands-free or sensor faucets are taps for your kitchen and bathroom, which have infrared motion sensors built into them. This sensor allows the faucet to be activated or deactivated without touching the faucet. This results in hygienic and touchless handwashing. All you need to do is hold your hands under the faucet, and when you are done, you can walk away, and the faucet will turn off by itself. You can opt for a fully automated faucet with an integrated sensor, or you can upgrade your current manual faucet to an automatic faucet with an add-on adapter.

Why is it eco-friendly? – Faucets with infra-red sensors, whether they are in your kitchen or bathroom, will help reduce your water usage as they turn off the water automatically when the motion sensor doesn’t sense motion anymore.

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Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser


Paper towel dispensers with a motion sensor don’t require you to touch the device when you want a paper towel. You only need to physically touch the dispenser when you are refilling or cleaning it. To get a paper towel, you simply wave your hand in front of the sensor, and the device provides you with a paper towel for drying your hands. This method of drying your hands is one of the most hygienic methods as you don’t have to touch anything and can throw away the paper towel immediately after use.

Why is it eco-friendly? – Automatic towel dispensers will help you minimize the paper waste, because it only hands out one paper towel at a time, unlike manual towel dispensers where you can accidentally pull out multiple pieces, which causes extra waste.

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Wall-Mounted Sensor Soap Dispenser


A wall-mounted soap dispenser with a motion sensor provides a sanitary, no-touch, and easy-to-use experience. Besides, these touchless devices save up space because you mount the device on the wall. The dispenser can be filled with liquid soap or a disinfectant, and the dispensing valve helps to waste less and prevents dripping. These hands-free electric soap dispensers are ideal to use in areas where various individuals use the pump, such as office buildings. Because of the motion sensor, the soap dispensing is more convenient, quicker, and hygienic.

Why is it eco-friendly? – A touch-free infrared sanitizer distributes equal quantities of soap or disinfectant per motion activation, this enhances efficiency and prevents waste. These wall-mounted soap pumps often contain high-volume compartments for holding the liquid, therefore it requires less maintenance and thus less waste because of packaging.

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Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Automatic vacuum cleaners are little robots that drive around your house doing the cleaning for you. These smart robot vacuums are also a more hygienic solution that is worth being considered in these times, as they allow you to avoid having to get close to the dusty and dirty corners in your home.

Why is it eco-friendly? – Although robotic vacuum cleaners are not the first things that come to mind when you think eco-friendly, they are. This is because most of them don’t use any vacuum bags, which means less waste. A robot vacuum is equipped with a dust compartment and filters that can be emptied and cleaned without needing to replace them.

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Smart Home Devices (Amazon Alexa & Google Home)


Amazon’s Alexa and Google home will allow you to make your home smart and eco-friendly. Perhaps, more importantly, it also has hygienic benefits as they allow you to control lights, thermostats, music, and your TV, even some blinds and robot vacuums, without ever touching anything. You can control everything with your voice or through an app that even works when you’re not at home. Using and setting up all these options with accessories is an investment both in terms of time and money, but in the end, it will bring joy into your home and pay off in the long-term. Most accessories are compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

Why is it eco-friendly? – Smart home devices can help you reduce your energy and heating/AC usage with timers and an app to remotely control usage.

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Touchless Sensor Trash Cans


Touchless trash cans, known as automatic sensor trash cans, are bins with an integrated infrared motion sensor. This sensor opens the trash cans lid automatically when you wave your hand in front of it. There are also motion sensor bins available with a foot sensor or voice activation. This means that you use the trash can without touching it, which is much more hygienic. Of course, the lid also closes automatically after a few seconds.

Why is it eco-friendly? – Sensor trash cans will help you dispose of your trash and recycling properly, and more importantly, if you get a sensor bin with multiple compartments, it will aid in separating and collecting your waste streams and recycling them properly.

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Touchless Hand Washing Station


The Smixin hand washing station is a connected and touchless modern sanitation machine that helps you wash your hands in a fully automated manner. It ensures sanitary washing and lets you keep track of your water usage. This is a 3-in-1 hand washing system where the water, soap, and paper towels are automatically dispensed when activating the motion sensors. The integrated and interactive video screen provides the user with instructions for adequately washing their hands.

Why is it eco-friendly? – The handwashing station lets you keep track of how much water you are saving with every hand washing session. Additionally, it provides hand soap and one paper towel at a time to let you dry your hands. The Smixin saves up to 90% of water, 60% of soap and 60% of paper towels. Paper towels can be disposed of directly underneath the sink in a separate, easy to find and easy to clean paper bin.

Smixin Fully Automated Hand Washing Station

Touchless Equals Less Waste

Collection of touchless devices


Pros and Cons for Touchless Household Appliances


  • Save water, paper, or plastic waste with consistent perfect portions
  • More hygienic than household products that need to be touched
  • Simple to use and fun to try out, especially for kids
  • Consistent in producing identical result/portions every time
  • Are available in a variety of designs to suit everyone’s style


  • Need to be touched occasionally for cleaning or to refill
  • Most work with batteries which need to be replaced
  • They can break, especially cheaper/poor quality products
  • Most touchless appliances are an investment

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