Start a successful shredding business

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Start a successful shredding business

Collect and shred confidential materials professionally
Author: Pim Brouwer

When you want to start a shredding company, you need a reliable, robust, and safe-to-use shredding machine to securely shred confidential documents from your clients. You can use a mobile shredder or a permanent shredding machine to shred and destroy confidential documents or digital media devices, such as hard drives or mobile phones.

Most shredder companies offer on-site shredding for their customers, such as local companies, by providing their service with a mobile shredding truck or shredding van. These vehicles are equipped with a generator for the power supply and an industrial-grade shredder that can be used directly on location for destroying documents and/or media devices on-site.

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What type of shredder do you need?

As a shredding company, you want to offer your customers fast, professional, and safe shredding services. Your clients rely on your equipment and expertise for securely destroying their confidential data, such as paperwork or hard drives.

This means you need to invest in high-quality and durable shredding machinery that shreds fast and continuously without jamming or other problems.


What is the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your shredding business?

We don’t recommend using an entry-level office shredder that is meant for light or medium commercial use. These shredding machines are not meant for the bulk type shredding you have in mind.

But we also don’t recommend investing in a top-of-the-line shredding installation with baling press, which is meant for large recycling facilities.

As a shredding business, you really need something in between. A machine that is able to shred high volumes of materials quickly and securely, a heavy-duty shredding machine you can depend on, and that can keep up with your service.

Also, it needs to be a shredder that can shred basically everything you throw at it, such as documents with paper clips and archive boxes full of hard ring binders.

Shredding paper only? Or also hard disks and other media?

Do you plan to buy a shredder for destroying confidential documents only? Such as business documents, tax records, financial records, medical records, school files, and other paperwork. Or do you also want to offer media destruction as an extra service?


Since 1988 we offer off-site shredding services to our own customers, and the trend is that a lot of customers hire us for shredding digital media devices too. Think about devices such as internal or external hard drives, SSD drives, flash drives, server disks, CDs / DVDs, tape drives, and even old floppy disks. But also think of company smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.

You can really expand your shredding services when you are also able to offer digital data destruction, besides regular paper destruction. But it is important to know that a machine for shredding hard drives and other media, is a different type of shredder than an industrial paper shredding machine.


Shredding machines for destroying paper

Shred business archives, financial records or residential paperwork.

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Shredding machines for destroying hard drives

Shred internal or external hard drives, SSDs, and other media.

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Starting a mobile shredding company


Mobile shredding is a service where you collect and shred confidential material from your clients on-site. You make us of a shredder that is installed inside the back of a small van or in the back of a box truck.

With this mobile shredding solution, you can serve local businesses or residents in your area.

Mobile shredding service where you collect and shred directly on-premise.

The main advantage of mobile shredding is that your customer can actually see that their materials are shredded. This gives your clients peace of mind that their data is really destroyed. A perfect solution for shredding materials in front of office buildings, schools, or government buildings.

A disadvantage of mobile shredding is that the device installed in the vehicle has a maximum capacity it can shred. This could mean that certain requests, such as archive clearouts, are too much material to shred on-site.

Right security level of destruction

Use a shredder that shreds documents in accordance to DIN 66399, which is basically a cross-cut or micro-cut shredder that shreds at level P3 or higher.

Starting a pick-up shredding company



You can also choose to shred off-site. This means you install a shredder permanently inside of a secured building where you shred materials from your customers.

You can use the location as a drop-off spot where businesses or residents can drop off their documents and other media for destruction.

Shred larger volumes of documents or media in a secured environment.

You can also of course collect materials from customers in your area and transport them to your shredding facility where the material gets destroyed.

The advantage of a shredder for a fixed plant location is that this shredder can be bigger than a mobile shredding machine. You are able to shred higher capacities of paperwork for your clients and also at a faster pace.

The downside of off-site shredding is that this requires a higher investment. Because you need to invest in a building, a shredder, and a vehicle to collect the materials that need shredding.

Sign your clients up for a shredding subscription

A lot of businesses, such as insurance companies, lawyers, and administrative offices, require regular shredding of their confidential waste streams. They are looking for a reliable and secure solution to shred materials weekly or monthly. This is a great opportunity for your shredding business.

You can offer these customers a subscription service, where you collect and shred materials on a fixed day of the week or maybe once a month. To professionally service a returning customer it is recommended to offer secured containers.

These lockable shred bins are basically wheeled carts with a locking lid. The lid contains a narrow slot to feed and discard confidential paperwork securely.

Training and service programs

Using a shredding machine correctly and safely requires training. With a training program, you’ll learn how to use the shredder properly and you get a better understanding of how the machine works and what it may or may not can handle.

Most suppliers of shred trucks or shredding machines offer training for you and your employees.

Besides following a beginner’s training, it is also important to look at a service contract. To keep the heart of your business running smoothly, regular maintenance of the shredder and cutting shafts is required and strongly recommended.

The supplier of the shredding machine can offer you a service contract for regular maintenance, so you have peace of mind that you can 100% rely on your machine while offering shredding service to your customers.

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