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Tools for scrap metal recycling


reuse-reduce-recycle-iconFor the highest valued scrap metal it is important to make use of the right scrap metal tools.

Equipment for collecting, sorting and cleaning scrap metal

If you handle the highest valued scrap metal, you need to use the right scrap metal tools. These tools exist of heavy-duty equipment, which helps you collect, sort, and clean all your scrap metals in and around your industrial facility or workshop.


Cleaned and sorted scrap metal is better for the overall recycling process and reuse of the material, but the cleaned material also yields more revenue for your business. Besides the heavy-duty equipment to sort and clean the scrap metal, it is also essential to use tools that determine the scrap metal’s current value.

When you sell your sorted scrap metals, We recommend that you have access to weighing equipment to weigh the separated ferrous and non-ferrous waste streams. You also need to know the current market prices of scrap metal before selling it to a scrap collector.

Below we’ve listed useful scrap metal tools, which are essential for your scrap metal operations:


Lifting Magnet


Lift large and heavy ferrous scrap metal with a heavy-duty lifting magnet.

A magnetic lifter is made with strong neodymium magnets and requires no electricity. The manual handle switches the magnet on or off. Please ensure there is always a piece of magnetic metal under the lifter before turning the magnet on with the handle. With the large U-loop shackle hook, you can easily attach the metal lifter to a crane. For instance, attach the lifter to a hydraulic engine hoist, also known as a foldable floor crane. Or attach the magnetic lifter to a heavy-duty telescoping gantry crane. You can also use a hanging industrial crane with a scale to weigh the scrap metal while lifting. The lifting magnet comes in multiple strengths for picking up and moving ferrous metals like steel sheets. For extra stability, we recommend using two lifting magnets.

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Scrap Metal Hopper


Collect and sort scrap metal in a self dumping hopper. After scrap metal collection lift the hopper with a forklift and easily discard the contents in the scrap metal container.

A self-dumping hopper is a relatively small container equipped with two fork pockets underneath the base for a forklift or pallet truck. The forklift lifts the self dump hopper with the forks inserted into two full-length fork tubes. The hopper can temporarily store scrap metal, which can be transported and discarded into a larger scrap container. After dumping the contents, the hopper automatically returns to an upright, locked position.

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Open-Side Self Dumping Hopper


Open side hoppers are V-shaped hoppers with opened sides. This type of forklift hoppers is ideal for transporting and handling scrap metal of all lengths and thicknesses.

Metal pipes and thick heavy steel bars are too long to fit in a standard self-dumping hopper. An open side hopper gets designed to safely transport these types of scrap metal. You can also lift the hopper with a forklift. The angle of the hopper prevents the metal from rolling or moving when in transit. When loaded and unlatched, the hopper will roll forward to discharge its contents, and it rolls back in its upright position when empty.

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Flatbed Self Dumping Hopper


The flatbed hopper is ideal for collecting and transporting large steel sheets with a forklift. The hopper can be lifted with a forklift.

For large metal sheets or plates, we recommend using this flatbed dumping hopper. With a lifting magnet and a hydraulic crane or engine hoist, you can lift large scrap metal sheets on the hopper’s flatbed and use a forklift to transport the load to the desired location. When the dump handle gets pulled down, the hopper unloads the material by tilting forward.

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Pallet Jack With Scale


A pallet truck with scale is an industrial tool to lift and move around heavy loads on pallets and weigh them on the go.

There is no need to weigh scrap metal on a separate platform scale with a pallet scale truck. You can weigh the load directly with the weighing scale located inside the forks of the pallet truck. A manual or electric pump truck is an ideal solution to transit and weigh scrap metal in your warehouse. Pallet trucks with a scale can also be equipped with a printer to label the material. It is essential to know the weight of your sorted scrap metal when selling it. When you place a self-dumping hopper on a pallet, you can lift it with the pallet truck and weigh the contents with the internal scale sensors.

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Pallet Floor Scale


With a pallet floor scale or platform scale you can weigh all of your collected scrap metal. Place the loaded pallet on the scale and read out the weight of the material.

When you don’t want to use a pallet truck with a scale, you can use a separate floor scale. These large and mobile scales can be placed anywhere in your facility. Place a loaded pallet with scrap metal on the platform with a pallet truck or forklift, and the scale shows the weight of the materials. You can also weigh a loaded self-dumping hopper on the scale. A platform scale can weigh your scrap metal more precisely than a pallet scale truck. Place the floor scale on a flat level surface for the most accurate data.

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Pocket Magnet


A pocket magnet is ideal for metal recycling because you can identify and sort ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals quick and easy.

When you perform a magnet test on your scrap metal, we recommend cleaning the metal. Remove any corrosion (which already indicates ferrous metal) and strip away any insulation or other non-metal parts. You can also use a workshop file to clean the surface of the metal. When the magnet sticks to the material, it is a ferrous metal. But be careful. Some types of stainless steel are not magnetic. A magnetic test isn’t 100% reliable to identify all kinds of metals, but it is a great first indicator.

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Bench Grinder


With a bench grinder you can perform a spark test to identify the type of metal. You can determine the metal by looking at the type sparks and the color of the sparks.

Do you have a piece of unknown scrap metal? Then you can use a bench grinder to help you identify it. Hold a piece of metal against the grinding wheel, and this will cause lots of sparks. And these sparks tells you more about the type of metal it is. Some metals produce short red sparks, while others produce a lot of long white sparks. This video shows a spark test done with different kinds of metals and a bench grinder. This book also shows characteristics of metal sparks.

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Handheld XRF Analyzer


Perform elemental analysis with an XRF analyzer. With an XRF analyzer you are able to qualify and identify metal elements within a few seconds.

XRF stands for ‘x-ray fluorescence.’ This phenomenon gets used for elemental analysis, which is a perfect use for identifying scrap metal. The handheld inspection tool is portable and easy to use. Just point the tool at the unknown piece of metal or alloy and let the XRF scan and analyze the material for you. The elemental database inside the XRF analyzer tells you which type of metal it is.

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Cut-off Saw


Use a cut-off saw to cut apart large scrap metal parts which helps transporting and storing the material at your facility.

Let the saw do the heavy-duty work for you when cutting through all kinds of scrap metal. This heavy-duty cut-off saw is recommended when you have to deal with lots of large scrap metal objects, like old car bodies, large appliances, steel pipes, aluminum sheets, trailer frames, or large structural steel from a construction site. It depends on the job what kind of cutting tool is best for ripping through scrap metal.

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Wire Stripping Machine


Automatically strip wires with a stripping machine. Remove plastic and rubber insulation from copper wires.

A scrap wiring tool is an essential tool for scrap metal recycling, especially for copper recycling. We recommend using a wire stripping machine with multiple channels for stripping various round and flat wires. These machines come in multiple variants. You can also opt for an automatic wire stripping machine that connects to a drill (not included) to power the machine. There are also manual stripping machines which get operated by turning a handle manually.

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Wire Stripper & Cutting Tool


Cut and strip wires with a handheld wire stripper. These tools are suitable for various copper wires and cables to strip for metal recycling.

Strip and clean up round and flat copper wires from the plastic insulation. With this tool, you can cut large pieces of wire and strip them on the go. This scrap metal tool is suitable for stripping various wires and cables, but it is recommended for smaller sized insulated copper wires. For large quantities and thicker cables, it is advised to use an automatic stripping machine.

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While handling scrap metal, we recommend using your safety equipment, also known as personal protective equipment (PPE). For instance, use heavy-duty gloves, safety glasses, steel toe boots, and hard hats. Also, read the official instruction manual before using a scrap metal tool for safe operation.

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