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Top trash can & recycle bin brands

Which brand do you need to choose when purchasing a new trash can or recycle bin? Each brand has its perks. Simplehuman is known for its great warranty terms. While iToucheless is a brand that is specialized in automatic motion sensor bins only. If you want an excellent plastic bin, you can’t get around Rubbermaid.


Popular and recommended trash can brands:

Simplehuman Trash Cans

Simplehuman is an American company founded in 2000 by Frank Yang. The company is based in Torrance, California. Simplehuman produces multiple high-quality products, and they are mostly known for their high-quality stainless steel trash cans and recycling bins. These high-end recycling bins are designed in California, where Simplehuman has made a wide variety of recycling bins to suit a broad audience. But Simplehuman also produces other products such as soap pumps, sensor mirrors, bath tools, and kitchen tools.


Types of Simplehuman recycling bins

Simplehuman has a wide variety of trash cans and recycling bins. Simplehuman bins are often used in the kitchen, but the company also produces smaller trash cans for bathroom, restroom, or office use. Most of the trash cans and recycling bins made by Simplehuman are made of stainless steel. In addition to trash cans, the company also produces liners that perfectly fit the bins.

Check best Simplehuman bins

  • Sensor trash cans
  • Step-on cans
  • Touch-bar cans
  • Dual compartment bins
  • In-cabinet bins
  • Open trash cans (no lid)


The primary target audience for Simplehuman is consumers. But they also have commercial trash can solutions that can be used in, for instance, canteens, restaurants, and office environments.

This is what Simplehuman stands for:
  • Design tools that help people become more efficient at home
  • Streamline the simple day to day tasks
  • Use the best materials so trash cans will last for years
  • If something goes wrong with a product they help to solve the problem
  • Efficient customer service

Simplehuman warranty terms and support

Each trash can made by Simplehuman has a unique warranty period. This period can vary per trash can and retailer. Some bins have a product warranty of up to 10 years. Read more about Simplehuman trash can warranty or learn more about Simplehuman’s trash can support.

Simplehuman customer reviews

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Check Simplehuman bins (at Amazon)


Brabantia Trash Cans

Brabantia is a family company with Dutch roots. The company was founded in 1919 in Aalst, a small Dutch town known for houseware products like waste bins, laundry racks, and food storage containers. Most of the Brabantia trash and recycling containers are made of steel, which is their prime material. But they also use high-grade plastics for manufacturing trash cans and recycling bins. The Dutch trash can company has offices all around the world.


Types of Brabantia recycling bins

Brabantia makes all kinds of garbage cans and recycling bins. Most bins are pedal bins, touch bins, and wall-mounted bins. The trash cans are suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and office use. And most of the containers are available in different colors and shapes.


  • Pedal bin
  • Touch bin
  • Push Bin
  • Built-in bin
  • Flip bin
  • Wall mounted bin


This is what Brabantia stands for:
  • Great design and user-friendliness
  • Enrich lives with beautifully designed products
  • Cares about the impact products have on people and the planet
  • A family company with family values
  • Design with recyclability into all the products
  • More about Brabantia’s responsibility

Brabantia warranty terms and support

Brabantia provides excellent warranty terms. When something is good, they like to keep it that way, is what they say. The warranty terms are different for each product and can be found on the packaging. Read more about guarantee and warranty or learn more about repairs here.

Brabantia customer reviews

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Check Brabantia bins (at Amazon)

iTouchless Trash Cans

iTouchless was founded about 20 years ago and is known for its products with advanced sensor technology. The brand is the creator of the touchless trash can, which eliminates cross-contamination of germs. But iTouchless also manufacture touchless faucets and soap dispensers with a sensor. The products are designed to make the daily life of people a bit easier. But the products also provide a fresher and cleaner home.


Types of iTouchless recycling bins

Most of the recycling bins made by iTouchless are equipped with a motion sensor. Therefore it isn’t necessary to touch the bin or the lid while you want to throw away trash or recycling. A small motor will open and close the top for you after you’ve activated the sensor.

Check best automatic trash cans

  • Automatic sensor trash cans
  • Sensorless trash cans


This is what iTouchless stands for:
  • Make people’s life a bit easier
  • Provide a fresher en cleaner home
  • Easy to use products that promote hygiene at home
  • Ensure that every trash can is made of the best quality
  • Ensure the best customer service
  • Creating innovative products that benefit homes

iTouchless warranty terms and support

Most iTouchless bins have a one year warranty. This is not a very long period. The technology in the bin (sensors, motor) would be more comforting when the warranty period was a bit longer. Read more about the warranty for iTouchless trash cans.

iTouchless customer reviews

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Check iTouchless bins (at Amazon)

Step N’ Sort Trash Cans

Step N’ Sort is a Canadian company part of The Point Gallery, which produces stainless steel recycling bins with dual and triple compartments. The company was founded in 2007 by Jonathan Cohen. He noticed the need for an affordable product for the home that would easily allow everyone to sort their waste. These bins are specially designed for sorting household trash, organics, and recyclables. The trash cans are also perfect for office use. The main objective of Step N’ Sort is to move people towards a more eco-friendly home. Besides trash cans, The Point Gallery is a distributor of products for the home.


Types of Step N’ Sort recycling bins

Step N’ Sort manufactures dual and triple recycling bins and waste units to sort organics, recyclables, and waste. The cans are designed to handle all your garbage, recycling, and storage needs. All the bins are made of heavy-duty stainless steel frames and come with removable inner buckets, so the bins are easy to clean. The recycling bins are all equipped with a hands-free step pedal, and all the containers come with a specially designed sticker pad to mark the bins.

Check best Dual trash cans

  • Double recycling bins
  • Triple recycling bins


This is what Step N’ Sort stands for:
  • Inform users that recycling can be easy
  • Keep waste out of landfills
  • Everyone can make a difference
  • Conserve natural resources and save energy
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Sustain the environment for the next generation
  • Clean space and a clean planet
  • Believe in simple, no-nonsense trash cans
  • Check ‘recycling tips’ by Step N’ Sort

Step N’ Sort warranty terms and support

Please contact Step N’ Sort for more information about their warranty terms and support.

Step N’ Sort customer reviews

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Check Step N' Sort bins (at Amazon)

Rubbermaid Trash Cans

Rubbermaid is a well-known American manufacturer of all kinds of household items, including trash cans and recycling bins. The brand is a subsidiary of Newell Brands, founded in 1920 in Ohio, U.S. Rubbermaid represents high-quality products that simplify your life. Rubbermaid is divided into a consumer part, and a commercial part called Rubbermaid Commercial, famous for the Brute trash can.


Types of Rubbermaid recycling bins

Most of the Rubbermaid trash cans and recycling bins get made of plastic. Therefore the garbage bins are relatively low priced, which makes Rubbermaid bins quite popular. The Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket with a capacity of 13-Gallon is their most popular trash can at the moment. Besides single purpose trash cans, the company also makes recycler bins with double compartments.

  • Step-on waste cans
  • Open trash cans
  • Swing lid cans
  • Outdoor trash cans


This is what Rubbermaid stands for:

Rubbermaid warranty terms and support

Rubbermaid stands for a 1-year limited warranty. Read more about the warranty terms.

Rubbermaid customer reviews

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Check Rubbermaid bins (at Amazon)

Nine Stars Trash Cans

Nine Stars Group is the first company to adopt motion sensor technology in trash cans. The company produces its automatic trash cans in China. Their goal is to bring people a cleaner and easier way to dispose of trash and recyclables. Nine Stars only manufactures trash cans with infrared sensors, so there are no bins with manual lids or foot pedals.


Types of Nine Stars recycling bins

Nine Stars is known for the sensor trash cans and recycling bins. They provide these in plastic and stainless steel variants. The containers are available as a single purpose bin, but double compartment bins are also available to sort trash and recycling.

Check best automatic trash cans

  • Automatic sensor trash cans


This is what Nine Stars stands for:
  • Hands-free, foot free and stress-free
  • The first company that adopted motion sensor technology for cans
  • Products are manufactured using high-quality materials
  • Strength, comfort, ease of use, and a tight lid

Nine Stars warranty terms and support

You get a 1-year warranty on Nine Star trash cans. Read more about the Nine Star warranty return policy or visit the support page.

Nine Stars customer reviews

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