Rechargeable Electric Plasma Lighters (Single & Dual Arc)

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Home Reuse Rechargeable Electric Plasma Lighters (Single & Dual Arc)

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Rechargeable Electric Plasma Lighters (Single & Dual Arc)

Best USB Rechargeable Electric & Plasma Lighters

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Are you tired of rebuying plastic lighters that never work when you need them? Then a futuristic-looking plasma lighter is the perfect eco-friendly solution.

With a reusable electric lighter, you can light candles, kitchen stoves, fireworks, BBQs and more. Plasma lighters contain no flame or fire, have no sparks or smell and are safe to use. You only hear a high-pitched soft noise when you use the lighter.

Recharge your USB electric lighter over and over again within a couple of hours with a USB cable. When charged, your plasma lighter can be used around 300-500 times before you need to recharge it. Besides, electric lighters are convenient and super cool looking, they are also much more eco-friendly than disposable lighters. We really like this RONXS plasma lighter.

Top 10 Reusable Electric Lighters

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Top 10 Electric Lighters

Rechargeable electric lighters come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. One important feature to look carefully look out for is the type of lighter, such as single arc, dual arc, or coil lighter. In our guide below we tell you more about these lighter types.

Our team created a comprehensive list of our 10 favorite reusable plasma lighters, based on our requirements and on customer reviews. The selection contains long-neck electric lighters and Zippo-style plasma arc lighters.

#1 | RONXS Upgraded Plasma Arc Lighter

The Guru of Rechargable Electric Lighters


#1 Best Seller

This USB lighter is considered to be the Guru of electric lighters. The rechargeable lighter has a long flexible neck, perfect for lighting candles that are hard to reach. The neck feels sturdy and is made of metal.

The lighter itself also feels durable and it has a nice ‘grippy’ texture. It contains an on/off switch and the LED indicator tells you how much charge is left. You can, of course, recharge the lighter via USB.

It is delivered in a nice gift box with a brush for cleaning and a USB cable. You can choose from multiple colors, we also like this red lighter.

Editor’s note: “I have the same lighter, and it works great!”

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#2 | Tesla Coil Single Arc Lighter

Cool and Attractive Looking Lighter


Cool looking ‘Zippo style’ rechargeable lighter with a single plasma arc. This lighter is available in multiple colors and styles. Great for lighting candles and cigarettes, but not cigars.

To ignite the lighter flip it open, just like a classic Zippo. Press the button to ignite the plasma. Fully charged with a USB cable it can be used 100-300 times.

Comes in multiple colors and is safe and easy to use by pressing the button.

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#3 | RONXS Electric Arc Lighter

Longer Flexible Neck for Camping, Cooking, and Fireworks


This plasma lighter has a long flexible 360° neck, designed to be used in any direction. The RONXS lighter is a perfect tool for lighting candles or cigarettes in bad weather.

LED battery display shows how full the battery is, a full charge can be used up to 500 times. The safety switch is designed to keep your fingers away from the flame.

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#4 | RONXS Travel Lighter

Portable Travel Lighter with Safety Cover


The RONXS Travel Lighter is an extra safe to use rechargeable electric USB lighter. To generate a spark you have to firstly remove the safety cap, then slide the on/off switch forward, and lastly you ignite the plasma with the switch button.

The 7 inches long lighter is more compact than other electric lighters, which makes it easier to carry around while traveling. The lighter is wind and splash-proof.

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#5 | Sleek Electric Dual Arc Lighter

Compact Electric Lighter with Modern Look


A sleek simplistic modern design with the same dimensions as a butane lighter. With the upgraded battery a full charge can be used up to 600 times.

The small LED indicator shows how full the battery of this dual arc lighter is. To ignite the lighter open the safety cap and push the blue lighter button.

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#6 | Freedom Goods Electric Lighter

Electric Lighter with Sleek Design and Safety Feature


This Freedom Goods lighter is an affordable, rechargeable plasma lighter that comes in a sleek design and has put safety as the priority. It has a safety switch that needs to be engaged when igniting and a powerful battery that lasts up to 800 charging cycles making it the sustainable option against refillable and disposable lighters.

It’s designed to be splash-proof and windproof, making it a perfect tool for hiking and outdoor use. It also comes with a weather-proof bag and micro-USB cable.

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#7 | Saberlight Plasma Beam Lighter

Awesome Torch Lighter Great for Cigars


Dual arch plasma lighter for lighting cigars, bowls, pipes, and cigarettes. The plasma wave is hotter than fire. Fully charged within an hour and can be used 300 times per charge.

The brushed metal lighter is fun, easy to use, and looks cool and unique.

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#8 | RONXS RX01 Single Arc Premium Lighter

A Simple Lighter with a Premium Feel


Simple single arc electric lighter with a long flexible neck. A small LED display shows how much charge the lighter has. It comes in a nice box with a tool to clean it, a charging cable, and a loop for your wrist.

The ignition lighter has a special sensor so it doesn’t turn on accidentally.

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#9 | TG Plasma Lighter

Dual Arc Lighter for Camping and Survival


The TG Plasma Lighter is a flameless electric lighter with a rugged and cool design. The case is made of silicone rubber and the lighter is covered with a locking mechanism.

The plasma is windproof and waterproof, and the electric compartments have built-in short circuit protection. This makes the lighter ideal for people who like camping.

When the lighter is fully charged you can use it 300 times before you need to recharge it via the included USB cable.

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#10 | SUPRUS Electric Arc Coil Lighter

Long Body Stainless Steel Electric Lighter


The SUPRUS Electric Lighter is durable and safe to use reusable lighter. To ignite the lighter you need to push the safety lock and then press the ignition switch.

Extra safe is the fact that the spark will auto stop after seven seconds of igniting. The Single arc’s lighter head can be retracted into the body of the lighter, to protect the head.

The body shows its battery volume, where 4 LED lights mean that the battery is fully charged. The lighter package includes the lighter, a charging USB cable, a user manual, and a 1-year warranty card.

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reuse-reduce-recycle-iconPlastic pollution in the ocean frequently appears as seabird guts filled with cigarette

More about Plasma Arc Lighters


What is an electric or plasma lighter?

A plasma lighter or electric arc lighter is an electronic lighter with a single or dual arc of plasma between two or four electrodes. There is one exception to this rule, namely the coil lighter.

It is also an electric lighter but not a plasma lighter. In all-electric lighters, you ignite the plasma or coil by pressing a button, the plasma is then maintained by a lower voltage, or the coil heats up.

These electronic lighters are rechargeable via USB, which takes up an hour on average. You can use the lighter about 200-300 times before recharging it.


Disposable plastic lighters are one of the most common marine debris found in our oceans. By replacing your disposable lighter with a non-disposable and rechargeable electric lighter, you prevent plastic waste because you can reuse this lighter over and over again.

Advantages of electronic rechargeable lighters:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No more need for lighter fluid refills.
  • Windproof, so easy to use outdoors.
  • Economically, no more buying disposable plastic lighters.
  • For smokers and non-smokers.
  • Light candles, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, fireworks, BBQs, and campfires.
  • It looks cool, stylish and fashionable.
  • Great for and emergency kit or camping and hiking.
  • Durable, rechargeable, reliable and long-lasting.
  • Some are waterproof or have a flashlight.
  • No spark, no smell, no noise.
  • Very good safety features, thus very protable.

Types of electric lighters

When you are buying an electric lighter, there are a few different types that you can choose from. This choice should be based on what you intend to use the lighter for most. Below you will find explanations to help you make the right choice.

What is the difference between a single arc or dual arc lighter?

A dual arc lighter has twice the power of a single arc lighter. We recommend the dual arc lighter over the single arc lighter for lighting cigarettes, cigars, and candles faster and more quickly.

Though, a single arc lighter will be more energy-efficient than a double arc one.

Which kind of electric lighter is best for candles and stoves?

Do you want to light candles, kitchen gas stoves, grills, bbq’s or start a fire while camping? Then it is recommended to buy a long neck plasma lighter. These USB rechargeable lighters have a long neck, making them perfect for lighting hard-to-reach candle wicks.

But these are also great for lighting the gas stove or bbq. It is much safer than using matches or a small lighter. Besides that, the long neck arc lighters are flameless, splash and wind-proof.

Some long neck lighters have a flexible neck. These lighters can be turned, bent, and rotated in every way, which is very handy.


Which kind of arc lighter is best for cigars?

For cigarettes, you can use pretty much any electronic plasma lighter. But for cigars, especially for the larger ones, not every electric arc lighter is convenient to use.

For cigars, we recommend at least a double arc lighter with four upwards-facing electrodes. Double arc lighters are used to light flat surfaces. Additionally, if you smoke a cigar regularly, you may want to consider an electric coil lighter, ideal for cigars.

Plasma lighter review and test videos

Below you can check out some videos in which YouTubers unbox, review or test specific electric lighter models. These videos may be interesting if you want to see and hear what an electric lighter looks like in action.

  • SPPARX Dual Arc Electronic Lighter Review
  • Plazmetic X Arc Lighter Unboxing
  • Tesla Coil Lighter Test

Refillable lighters instead of rechargeable lighters

Maybe an electric arc lighter isn’t the lighter you like or are looking for. An electric lighter needs to be charged via USB, so outdoor people who want to camp or hike might not be useful. Another great alternative for plastic disposable lighters is refillable lighters, such as a Zippo.

Zippo’s are one of the most popular and stylish refillable lighters you can get. We recommend going for a refillable metal lighter instead of a plastic refillable lighter. Please note that refillable lighters need to be refueled with lighter fluid.

Tip: | Zippo All-In-One Kit

Refillable lighter starter kit

This Zippo All-In-One Pack includes one Street Chrome lighter, one fint dispenser and one 4 ounce can of Premium Lighter Fluid

  • Flame type: Fire flame
  • Color: Grey
  • Rechargeable: No, but refillable with lighter fluid

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See all Zippo lighters on

Rechargeable plasma lighter manufacturers

Here are some companies that manufacture electric arc lighters. The links below take you to the official websites:

Shocking quotes about plastic lighter waste

  • “Plastic pollution in the ocean frequently appears as seabird guts filled with cigarette lighters …”
  • “… beach cleanup crews discovered almost 1,000 butane cigarette lighters in the debris.”
  • “If you wonder where your … cigarette lighters go after you trash them, here’s your answer: many end up in the ocean.”
  • “It’s a sight that one perhaps wishes to have never seen, and certainly never forgets: the carcass of a Laysan Albatross, its stomach filled with disposable lighters…” (Warning: The following picture may be disturbing to some viewers)

Why spend money on disposable lighters that harm the environment while electric lighters are an eco-friendly, money saving and more stylish alternative?

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