Open Top Trash Cans without Lid

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Home Recycling Bins Open Top Trash Cans without Lid

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Open Top Trash Cans without Lid

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An open top trash can is a perfect waste solution for busy environments because it makes it quick and easy to dispose of trash. Because there is no lid, you don’t have to touch anything when throwing away trash. Below you can find our best trash can picks.

Tip: Reduce trash odors

These trash cans don’t contain a lid, this might result in smelly trash odors. To prevent this you can make use of carbon filters that absorb trash odors. Some open trash can come with these filters included.

Top 7 Open Trash Cans

Below you can find our round-up for the best trash and recycling bins without a lid. These trash cans are perfect for home or office use.

#1 | NINESTARS OTT-50-19BK | 13 Gallon

Best value for money trash can


Our #1 Best Seller

  • The NINESTARS OTT-50-19BK is a budget-friendly and professional looking open top trash can that is perfect for offices.
  • The commercial grade stainless steel has a fingerprint-proof coating, this helps to keep the trash can clean. The garbage bag ring keeps the bag hidden and into place.
  • Capacity: 13 gallon
  • Compartments: 1

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#2 | simplehuman Slim Open Top | 13.2 Gallon

Durable trash can made of commercial grade stainless steel

  • The simplehuman trash can is a very solid recycling bin that will last in tough environments for years.
  • Because of the slim and narrow shape, this trash can fits nicely into tight spaces. It can be used in commercial areas but also at home.
  • Capacity: 13.2 gallon
  • Compartments: 1

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#3 | iTouchless Oval Trash Can | 13 Gallon

Open trash can with dual-deodorizer

  • This iTouchless is a large capacity stainless steel trash can that is ideal for (busy) home, restaurant or office use.
  • Smelly trash odors belong to the past thanks to the dual odor filters. The body of the oval-shaped bin is fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant.
  • Capacity: 13 gallon
  • Compartments: 1

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#4 | simplehuman Bullet Open Top Trash Can | 16 Gallon

Trash can with 9-inch wide opening for easy waste disposal

  • The round simplehuman Bullet is a beautiful large capacity trash can made of commercial-grade brushed stainless steel.
  • It is designed for commercial spaces, such as hotels, coffee shops and restaurants. The wide opening and large capacity makes it a convenient recycle bin to use.
  • Capacity: 16 gallon
  • Compartments: 1

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#5 | Simplehuman Dual Compartment Recycler | 17.4 Gallon

Best commercial open top trash with two compartments

  • This simplehuman recycler is a large capacity dual trash can, this makes it ideal for separating waste streams in commercial spaces.
  • The semi-round shape is space-efficient and you can also place the bin against the wall. Changing liners is easy and the side handles make it convenient to move the can.
  • Capacity: 17.4 gallon
  • Compartments: 2

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#6 | iTouchless Rectangular Dual-Deodorizer | 21 Gallon

Slim open top trash can for home, office and hotels

  • This rectangle-shaped iTouchless open top trash can is a slim but very large capacity bin that fits perfectly against walls.
  • Included are two carbon odor filters, this helps to absorb and neutralize any trash odors. This is ideal for commercial areas, such as hotel lobbies or restaurants.
  • Capacity: 21 gallon
  • Compartments: 1

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#7 | simplehuman Office Bin | 6.6 Gallon

Small deskside trash can for office use

  • The simplehuman Office Bin is a neat and relatively small open top trash can that is ideal to place around your office desk.
  • This boxy brushed stainless steel bin is available with one compartment, but there is also a two compartment variant for separating two waste streams for recycling.
  • Capacity: 6.6 gallon
  • Compartments: 1

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A recycling bin is the most essential tool for sorting waste streams at home or at the office.

Advantages of an open top trash can

  • Perfect for busy or public environments with high traffic. Such as busy homes, offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants and coffee shops.
  • It is quick and easy to dispose trash. Not having to open a lid makes disposing trash more easy, convenient and hygienic.
  • More convenient for kitchen areas, because it makes it easy to scrap off plates or food trays.