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RECYCLE | Confidential Information Destruction

Securely Discard Hard Drives with Confidential Data

Used hard drives contain lots of confidential data and possibly puts sensitive information at risk. This data can be found on all kinds of electronic devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, servers, tablets, printing devices, and smartphones.

Securely destroy data and keep your digital information safe from identity theft.

How can you securely discard old, defective or damaged hard disk drives without the chance of data theft? It is risky to just throw them away or offer them for recycling. Therefore it is advised to first erase or destroy the sensitive data before you discard the storage media. What is the best method to ensure your data is protected and how do you remove data on hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD) without the risk of anyone getting a hold of your data?

Hard drives (HDD) vs Solid-state drives (SSD)


What is a hard disk drive or HDD?

A hard disk drive is an internal or external data storage device that saves and stores digital information on round platters which are coated with magnetic material. These platters contain all the data, such as photos, Word files, and Excel spreadsheets. Hard drives are well-known storage devices that are commonly used in computers, laptops, and servers. But also copier machines contain hard drives to store photocopies.

What is a solid-state drive or SSD?

The recent version of a hard drive is the solid state drive, better known as ‘SSD’. The difference between a hard disk and an SSD is that SSDs don’t contain moving parts like a traditional hard drive and data isn’t stored on magnetic platters but rather on chips. A solid-state drive is a much smaller storage media device in comparison with a traditional hard drive. The tiny flash-based memory chips are able to store a lot of data.

Portable storage devices

Besides HDDs en SSDs there are more storage devices. Examples are USB-drives, (micro) SD-cards, CDs, DVDs, SIM-cards and backup tapes. These flash-based and optical media are relatively small, but don’t let the small form factor deceive since they can store high volumes of sensitive and confidential data. So when you want to recycle these storage media it is advised to destroy the data first. Some paper shredders offer the feature to shred CDs and DVDs so you can shred these media at home or at the office.


Shred before you Recycle

When you want to discard or sell old hardware, such as an old desktop computer or defective laptop, it is important to destroy the data which is on the storage device. You can erase the data with special wiping software or you can remove the hard drive from the electronic device and shred it physically with a mobile hard drive destruction machine. You can shred, shear or crush hard disks and solid state drives yourself with specialized shredding machines or you can hire a data destruction services company which can do the shredding for you. You can read more information about these options below.

Deleting data isn’t enough to completely erase your sensitive data.

Protect and destroy your data before disposing your device for recycling.

Hard Drive Destruction

Physical hard drive and SSD destruction

A secure, fast and cost-efficient data destruction method is physically destroying a hard drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD). This can be done with various industrial equipment or services:

  1. Hard Drive Shredder
  2. Hard Drive Crusher
  3. SSD Shredder
  4. SSD Crusher
  5. SSD Disintegrator
  6. Hard Drive Destruction Services

1) Hard Drive Shredder


Shred hard disk drives into small particles. It will be almost impossible to retrieve or recover data from the shredded pieces which are highly damaged. Hard disk shredders can shred up to 3,500 drives an hour which make these shredding machines very time and cost-efficient.

HSM Classic HDS 230


The HSM HDS 230 is an industrial hard drive shredder. The digital media shredder has solid steel cutting rollers to shred all your hard drives into cross-cut particles. The powerful motor ensures continuous operation and high cutting capacity. With ease, the HSM HD S230 can shred up to 2,000 hard disks an hour. Thanks to the castors this heavy-duty hard disk shredder can be moved around at your company.

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Model 0315HDD-1.5 ENTERPRISE


The SEM Model 0315HDD is a heavy-duty shredder for rotational hard drives, optical media and assorted e-media. The machine is designed for enterprise hard drive destruction and is quiet and clean when in use. The shredder shreds hard drives at 1.5″ particles, these particles are collected in an internal waste bin.

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2) Hard Drive Crusher


With a hard drive crusher or puncher, you pierce a hole into the heart of the hard drive, and thus the internal platter which contains all the data. The hydraulic punchers deliver high pressure to pierce all kinds of hard drives. The crusher destroys the platters to make it impossible to obtain data from it.

SEM Model 0101 Sledgehammer


The SEM Sledgehammer is an automatic hard drive crusher. With this machine, you can destroy all kind of hard disk drives from .65″ to 1.65″ thickness. Place a hard disk drive in the large chamber. A conical punch, which delivers 12,000 pounds of force, destroys the chassis and the internal platter of the hard disk. The destruction of one hdd takes 8 seconds.

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PD-4 Physical Hard Drive Destroyer


The Garner PD-4 crusher bends, breaks and mangles your hard drives. In the process of crushing the PD-4 destroys data platters which prevent data recovery. The heavy-duty machine can destroy multiple drives at a time. With a rugged stainless-steel crushing wedge, the hard drives are crushed. The PD-4 is quiet in use and thus office-friendly, it also is compact and light.

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3) SSD Shredder


Standard hard drive shredders produce a relatively large shred size, which is good enough for destroying rotational hard disk drives. But the shred size is too large for solid-state drives because the flash memory chips are small. It might be possible that a memory chip slips through the cutting blades undamaged. Therefore it is important to shred SSDs with an SSD shredder. These shredders are specifically designed to produce tiny shred particles so each and every chip gets shredded during the shredding process.

SEM Model 0303-.375


The SEM SSD shredder can shred up to 750 solid-state drives per hour. The unit is small enough for office use. Besides SSDs, this shredder can also destroy smartphones, memory sticks, CDs, DVDs and SD cards. The shredded material is collected in an internal waste bin.

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Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder


The Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder is a multimedia shredder. The machine shreds your SSDs into really small particles. But besides SSDs the shredder is also able to destroy cellphones, CDs, DVDs, USB drives, old floppy disks et cetera. It is important to remove batteries first before shredding a storage media device like a smartphone. It takes up to 30 to 60 seconds to destroy an SSD drive.

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4) SSD Crusher


An SSD crusher is a destruction device that crushes SSDs with a hydraulic press mechanism. A metal plate crushes the internals of an SSD or other flash storage device. All data storage chips are fractured after the crushing process.

Verity Systems Crunch 250


The Verity Systems Crunch 250 is a compact hard drive and solid-state drive destroyer. The machine can crush 3.5″ and 21.5″ hard drives up to 1.66″ in height. With this hard drive crusher, you can also destroy SSD drives in 21.5″ size. The crushing time per disk is 9 seconds and you can crush your storage media continuously. Per hour the Crunch 250 can destroy 250 pc hard drives or 500 laptop drives.

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SEM Model 0101 with SSD Kit


The SEM Model 0101 with SSD Kit is a hard drive and solid-state drive crusher. You can crush hard drives up to 1.85″ thick. The SSD Kit converts the Model 0101 into a system that can securely destroy the chips in solid-state drives. It is also possible to crush phones, tablets or other flash memory devices.

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5) SSD Disintegrator


An SSD disintegrator is a high-security solid-state media destruction device that shreds the drives into particles with sand-like texture. It is impossible to recover data from the shredded material because the particles are extremely small. When high data security is a priority it is recommended to use a disintegrator. Please be aware that these shredding machines can’t shred standard rotational hard disk drives.

SEM Model 2SSD Solid State Drive Disintegrator


The SEM 2SSD Enterprise Disintegrator is specially designed to shred solid-state drives only. The heavy-duty disintegrator produces a final particle size of 2mm² or 0.003in². The two-stage cutting system is designed to destroy large and small solid-state drives. The housing includes a custom sound enclosure for discrete office shredding. Air is filtered through a HEPA air filtration system.

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MediaDice SSD Disintegrator MD-SSD/D


The MediaDice SSD Disintegrator is a heavy-duty machine that disintegrates SSDs at a rate of 360 drives per hour. This means you can shred 1 SSD every 10 seconds. The disintegrator is designed for professional use at data centers or large offices to destroy large volumes of solid-state drives on-site. A powerful knife mill chops the SSDs into small particles of 2 mm or 0.003 inches or less. With an optional auto-loader, you can shred up to 25 SSD’s automatically in a batch.

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6) Hard Drive Destruction Services

When you don’t want to invest in wipe software or a data destruction machine you can opt for hard drive destruction and disposal service. In this case, a data destruction company collects your old storage media and takes care of the hard drive destruction process for you. Whether you want to destroy a couple of hard drives or a storage room full of old storage media. Most service providers will shred your hard disk drives with an industrial shredder machine or grinder. The shredding can be done on-site at the destruction facility or off-site with a shredding truck.

Choose a shredding company which is NAID AAA certified to be sure of safe en secure destruction of your media.

Old hard drives ready to be shredded.

NAID AAA certified shredding company

NAID is the standards-setting body for the information destruction industry. Destruction providers which are NAID AAA certified are checked by the NAID auditors regularly for mobile and/or plant-based shredding operations. The program checks and rates, for instance, the quality and safety of the process of collection and destruction of storage media, the screening and hiring of employees and other security factors.

It is recommended to hire a NAID AAA certified data destruction company to securely destroy all your storage media permanently.

NAID requirements:

  • Locked and secured vehicles
  • Locked and secured storage containers
  • Secured plant or facility
  • Destruction is performed by professionals
  • Certificate of Destruction after data shredding
  • Read more
Secured data container to protect your data during transportation.

How does it work?

  • Find a NAID AAA certified shredding companies near you.
  • Choose for on-site or off-site data shredding.
  • Schedule an appointment with the shredding company.
  • A service representative of the company collects the material.
  • The material is securely transported in secured storage containers.
  • All the storage media devices are destroyed according to NAID standards.
  • Receive a Certificate of Destruction after each service.

Register of collected storage media

Some data destruction companies offer the possibility to register all hard drives, solid state drives and other storage media devices that needs to be destroyed. Each media device gets labeled and the serial number is recorded before the device leaves your company. The full service record is provided to you by the service representative so you know exactly which storage media devices are collected for shredding.

SIMS Recycling Solutions – On Site Digital Data Destruction

On-site or off-site hard drive shredding

It depends on the data destruction company if they offer on-site or off-site shredding.

  • On-site hard drive shredding is a mobile shredding service. The storage media gets destroyed in a fully equipped and secured shredding vehicle in front of your office building or facility.
  • Off-site hard drive shredding is a shredding service where all the hard drives and other storage media is collected in secured storage containers. These containers are transported with a secured vehicle to a shredding facility where the storage media is shredded.
Removed hard drive before shredding.

Video: On-site data destruction services

Hard Drive and SSD Destruction Services

When you have various end-of-life IT assets that needs to be collected and destroyed you can hire a certified destruction services company which can do the data destruction for you. You can destroy small or large volumes of magnetic drives, solid state drives and optical media. It is also a reliable alternative when you don’t want to invest in a hard drive or SSD shredder machine. Find data destruction services near you.



Recycling options for end-of life computer equipment

When you want to dispose defective, old or end-of-life computer electronics with data stored on it, it is your own responsibility to protect and remove the data before you recycle the device. It is recommended to destroy or erase confidential data before discarding the hardware.

Computer recycling programs from vendors
Consumers and small business

Manufacturers of computer electronics offer their customers recycling options for their end-of-life equipment to lower their environmental footprint. Such as drop-off points for used electronics and trade-in programs. Find official product return and recycling pages from the worlds largest computer vendors:


Computer Recycling
Large businesses

SIMS Recycling Solutions offers a global solution for electronics recycling for large businesses and electronics manufacturers.

What is data recovery?

The opposite of data destruction is data recovery. With data recovery, you can recover data from corrupted or crashed hard drives.

Data destruction destroys data while data recovery recovers data.

The fact is, a hard disk failure always occurs suddenly and when it happens it is important not to restart or reboot your pc or laptop, this makes it even more difficult to recover your data. The safest option to recover data from a crashed hard drive or SSD is to hand your defective drive over to a professional data recovery company. These specialists have the right knowledge and equipment to recover and retrieve your lost data. After data recovery, it is recommended to destroy the defective hard drive or SSD.

Data recovery company
Consumers and businesses

Kroll Ontrack offers data recovery services for consumers and businesses. Besides data recovery, the company also offers data erasure services of all IT assets. Such as servers, computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Step Up: Recycle, Reuse & Reduce

The three arrows of the recycling symbol represent the three main stages of the recycling process: recycling, reusing and reducing. Together the arrows form a closed loop. Step up and implement eco-friendly replacements in your daily life.


Join the movement! Step Up the waste hierarchy together to a goal of Zero Waste.

Zo werkt het:

1. Inzamelen

Ophalen van oude datadragers en hardware. U kunt uw materiaal ook brengen.

2. Vernietigen

CA+ gecertificeerde datavernietiging binnen 24 uur. Al het restmateriaal wordt gerecycled.

3. Certificaat

Ontvang uw garantiecertificaat als bewijs van vernietiging en recycling.

Wat wilt u laten vernietigen?


Harde schijven & datadragers

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  • USB-sticks en flash drives
  • CD’s en DVD’s
  • Backup tapes en cassettes
  • Diskettes en geheugenkaarten
  • En andere opslagmedia

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Computers & ICT-apparatuur

  • PC’s, thin clients en Mac’s
  • Laptops, netbooks en tablets
  • Servers en RAID
  • Smartphones en telefoons
  • Printers, scanners en faxen
  • En andere hardware

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