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What does a garbage disposal cost?

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A garbage disposal grinds up your food waste directly under your sink. The food particles are then flushed away down the drain. But what is the average price of a garbage disposal? The cost of a disposal unit depends mostly on the type of disposal (continuous or batch feed), the power of the motor and the built quality.

  • The power of the motor (HP & RPM).
  • The capacity of the unit.
  • The amount of grind stages.
  • The built quality.
  • The type of garbage disposal.
  • The brand of the garbage disposal.
  • The number of operators.
  • Additional accessories, tools and parts needed for installation.

More power results in a higher price

Generally, you can divide garbage disposal units into four categories:

  • Light use at home (1/3 HP): $75-100
  • Medium use at home (1/2 – 3/4 HP): $100-150
  • Heavy use at home or office (1 HP): $150-500
  • Commercial use for professionals (5+ HP): $2,500+

As you can see above, professional garbage disposals are much more expensive than food disposers you use at home. This is because commercial or industrial machines need to be very powerful in order to be able to continuously process high volumes of food scraps and other biodegradable waste.

Comparison of home & office disposal prices

Motor Avg. Price Avg. RPM Class Users Usage Food Waste Examples
1/3 HP $84 1970 Very weak 1 - 2 users Light-duty Soft food Fruit rinds
1/2 HP $112 2070 Weak 2 - 3 users Medium-duty Scraps & leftovers Potato peels
3/4 HP $145 2310 Average 3 - 4 users Medium-duty Tough scraps Small bones
1+ HP $283 2525 Powerful 4 - 8 users Heavy-duty All food scraps Fibrous foods

Price comparison between popular brands

Below you can see a price comparison between three of the most popular brands for garbage disposals: InSinkErator, Waste King, and Moen. We have compared multiple disposers, calculated the average price and compared this to the power of the engine in HP. Also, see our more in-depth comparison between Waste King and InSinkerator here.


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