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How to install a garbage disposal?

This page is part of the Garbage Disposal Guide.

The installation process varies per brand and garbage disposal type, but generally, it comes down to the following steps:

Tools needed:

  • Safety gear – Safety first.
  • Plumbers putty – For sealing the sink flange to the sink drain.
  • Flathead screwdriver – For locking the mounting ring, which keeps the disposal unit in place.
  • Connectors and drain pipes – For connecting the garbage disposal neatly.
  • Tooth saw – For shorting drain pipe outlet.
  • Paint scraper – To remove old plumbers’ putty.
  • Towels – For cleaning possible water leakage.
  • Bucket – For catching water when a possible leakage occurs.
  • Hammer (optional) – For removing the plug from the outlet for connecting the dishwasher.
  • Wooden dowel or steel punch (optional) – For removing the plug from the outlet for connecting the dishwasher.

If you do want to install your garbage disposal by yourself, rather than hiring a plumber or handyman, you should at least think about purchasing an installation kit to facilitate the process by making sure you have all the parts you need.

General installation process:

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Please note that the steps below are only an indication of the installation process. The process assumes that you want to replace your old garbage disposal (which is connected to your dishwasher) with a new one. Follow the steps in the instruction manual of your garbage disposal for proper installation.

  1. Make sure your current garbage disposal is empty.
  2. Make sure there is no water in your sink.
  3. Turn off the power at the electrical panel.
  4. Disconnect and unplug your current garbage disposal as stated in the instruction manual.
    1. Insert a screwdriver into the mount and use it as a handle and turn it anticlockwise to release the unit from the mounting ring. Be careful, the disposal unit is heavy and can fall down. So place something below the unit to prevent damage in the unit and cabinet.
    2. Remove the whole mounting assembly.
    3. Remove the sink flange and old plumbers putty with a paint scraper.
  5. Disconnect the dishwasher hose.
  6. Install new mounting assembly as indicated in the instruction manual. Use plumbers putty to install the sink flange thoroughly to the sink.
  7. Remove the plug from the dishwasher outlet from the garbage disposal. Use a hammer and a dowel to remove the plug properly.
  8. Connect the garbage disposal to the new mounting assembly. Use a screwdriver as a hand to lock the unit into the mount tightly.
  9. Make sure all the connections are secure. Run water to check for possible leaks.
  10. Plugin the power cord and turn the power on and test the garbage disposal.


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