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Guide for Garbage Disposals

Grind Biodegradable Food Scraps & Flush It Down The Drain

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Garbage Disposal Guide
Tips for buying a garbage disposal

Consult the following pages for information to help you deciding which garbage disposal is the right one for you.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a garbage disposal?
    A garbage disposal is a device that can be installed between your kitchen sink drain and drain pipes. It is able to grind up biodegradable food waste and flush it down the pipes with water.

  2. What does a garbage disposal cost?
    Garbage disposal prices start at around $75 and can range all the way up to $2500 for commercial devices. The price is determined by the power of the motor and the build quality of the device.

  3. What can go in a garbage disposal (and what not?)
    What a garbage disposal can handle depends on the strength of its motor. Never grind anything that is not biodegradable and stay away from grease, stringy foods, and bones.

  4. Types of garbage disposal systems: Motors, mounts and feeds
    Garbage disposals feature different types of motors, feeds, and mount materials. There isn’t one type that is better than the rest. Choose a disposal based on the features that match your needs.

  5. Special garbage disposals for: Farmhouse sinks, dishwashers, and septic tanks
    If you have a deep farmhouse sink, a septic tank or if you want to connect the garbage disposal to your dishwasher, you will need to be extra careful that you buy the right one.

  6. Power of a garbage disposal
    How powerful should your disposal be? This depends on your household size or the types of scraps you want to shred. If you will shred tough foods or have a large household a strong motor is recommended.

  7. How to install a garbage disposal?
    Installing a garbage disposal is something you can do yourself or you can hire someone to do it. If you are doing it yourself it is important to use the instruction manual, but YouTube can also be helpful.

  8. Garbage disposal maintenance and troubleshooting
    Garbage disposals can clog or jam if they are poorly maintained or misused. To keep your disposal working well it is important to only feed it scraps that it can handle and clean it regularly.

  9. Wasteking vs. InSinkerator
    Two leading brands for garbage disposals are InSinkErator and Waste King. Each brand has its pros and cons. Which brand is better for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Product recommendations:

  • Best garbage disposals for home
    There is a wide variety of garbage disposals to choose from. To help you find your future garbage disposal we have made a selection of great garbage disposals from homes.

  • Garbage disposals for septic systems
    If your home has a septic tank and you want to purchase a garbage disposal is it important to buy a specialized disposal that will respect and maintain the equilibrium in your septic tank.

  • Best quiet garbage disposals
    Garbage disposals have a bad reputation for being noisy. However, some have superior noise isolation or more stable mounts which minimize the noise level. See our selection of quiet disposals.

  • Best powerful 1 hp garbage disposals
    If you have a large family or you don’t want to think about which foods can or cannot go in your disposal, a strong 1 hp disposal is the choice for you. See our selection of 1 hp disposals.

  • Best garbage disposals for commercial use
    Are you looking for a heavy-duty disposal for your restaurant or cafeteria? Then a commercial garbage disposal is what you are looking for. See our list of recommended commercial disposals.

  • Recommended garbage disposal accessories
    Do you want to improve your garbage disposal, clean it, or connect it to your dishwasher? Here are some useful accessories that can improve your experience.

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